A Personal Delivery (Forest of No Return)

A spin-off RP set twenty years in the future when the heroes of the Chaos War reunite, but become victims of their old enemies. The children of the heroes must solve the mystery and save their parents. RPed from unknown-2004, ended at the same time as the Chaos War.
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A Personal Delivery (Forest of No Return)

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Seri and Azala's letter was personally delivered by Deedlit herself. The High elf Queen of Alania had ridden with a small entourage to her homeland, since no humans could enter. Her guard had been left to camp outside the forest while they queen entered alone. Though there were protests, Deedlit had ordered them to stay behind and there was nothing they could do otherwise. Very loyal, but not very bright.

Seri and Azala's home was separated as most high elves were. Two tree houses, connected by a sky bridge made up their home. On another nearby tree, an expansion was being grown out. It was strange to the human eye, Parn had been awed by it when he first visited her village. The houses weren't built, but grown. Shamans had been able to coax the trees to grow outward and provide the elves shelter. It took years for such a thing to occur, though time didn't matter much here.

Deed was happy to be home and she wished she could stay here. Away from the nobles who smiled to her face and gossiped behind her back. Away from her daughter who despised her. Away from King Kadomos VI. Yet her duties called. She was becoming more human by the year.

Seri greeted her with open arms, glad she was home again, and alone. Her niece, Aluina seemed relieved that Ailil had not come as well. Seri and Deedlit sat in the foreroom with cups of tea. She missed the smell of the home-brewed tea. She could never seem to make it like her mother, or Seri or anyone else.

"So, why have you come?" Seri asked over her small white porcelain cup. Aluina came in, her tunic stained from climbing trees and dirt smudges on her cheeks, then folded her legs beneath her and sat at her mother's feet. Seri started picking pieces of leaves and bark from her daughters hair absently, like habit. Deedlit had never been able to do something like that for Ailil since she was a babe. Even something so simple. She envied Seri and Aluina.

Deedlit smiled though and replied her cousin. "Parn and I wanted to hold a ball to reunite our old companions. To see where everyone has come in life. Messengers have been sent out across Lodoss to those who we still can find." She handed the official invitation to Seri. "For everything you need to know," she added, still holding on to her smile.

Seri nodded and carefully broke the seal of the Alanian throne to read the letter. "Tell me, Deedlit," she said and set the letter aside. She combed her fingers through her daughter's pale hair. Aluina's bright eyes studied Deedlit. "How is your daughter?" Seri asked. She was probing, she knew what was going on with the girl. Aluina's face developed a smirk. Last time she saw Ailil, she took the princess on an "adventure" and got the girl lost. Aluina and Ailil did NOT get along.

Deedlit didn't want to talk about her daughter. It hurt to see the child you carried and bore, loved and gave so much of herself for, detest her and disregard her. Deedlit ran her finger around the rim of her cup anxiously. "Ailil is..." she tried to say something good, or at least not so bad. "I don't know how she is," Deedlit replied. "She never talks to me, she...despises me..." She glanced down at Aluina, comfortably resting against her mother, looking at her with the respect and love she deserved. Never once had she seen that in Ailil's eyes. Deedlit put her cup on the table and sat back, resting her knuckles on her brow. "She wont listen, I try and I try, but nothing gets through. All her love is for her father..."

Deedlit sniffed as she started to cry. "And now, the people are crying for an heir," Deedlit was choking on her tears and Seri looked at her with sympathetic eyes. "They say either I have another child, try for a son, or Parn take a new wife. He...he doesn't want to, but I am not willing to have another baby. I don't want another, I don't want another Ailil. It'll be two years yet until I can have a child. Besides, what if it's another girl? It will be another ten years until I can have another. He'll be 65!"

Seri sighed and set her own cup down. "You should have chosen Estas. I think he will still wait. Parn cannot live forever, like us."

Deedlit looked up with reddened eyes. "No! Do not remind me again!" she cried. Seri's penetrating gaze never shifted.

"Be calm child," the dark-haired elf replied. "You must accept it."

Deedlit sniffed again and wiped away the tears. "Wil...will you be coming?" she asked, changing the subject. She needed to leave. Now all she needed was to see Estas himself to make her day.

Seri nodded, "We shall. I would like to see some of our old friends."

The two elves said their good-byes and Deedlit left in a hurry. Outside the forest, she was greeted by her entourage of worried knights. To them, she had been gone two days, yet to her it was only an hour or two. She ignored their protests and rode home in silence. Maybe Seri was right...Maybe they all were.
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