Babysitting in Moss

A spin-off RP set twenty years in the future when the heroes of the Chaos War reunite, but become victims of their old enemies. The children of the heroes must solve the mystery and save their parents. RPed from unknown-2004, ended at the same time as the Chaos War.
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Babysitting in Moss

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Falia was feeling anxious for her family. She couldn't figure out why, maybe it was just because she missed them. They had only been gone for a few days to a ball. Falia was starting in the academy for young ladies and her parents didn't want to take her out of school for a week.

Falia was staying with Lord Verildan and his wife Lady Vallina. Her close friend, Cisa. Well, was close friend. Cisa was really starting to get on Falia's nerves with her questions about elves and dragons, as if simply by being both those things gave her all the answers about them. Cisa also seemed to believe all these things made Falia completely unique among her classmates. Falia always thought of herself as just another kid, but her classmates had proved her wrong. Some girls completely ignored her and sneered at her because she was different, most others were like Cisa, trying to be nice and do the right thing, but ending up as coming off as completely ignorant.

" what will you look like when you're a hundred?" Cisa asked.

"The same as I looked when I was 90," Falia growled back. She was staring out the window imagining her parents and Terin walking up to the porch to come and take her home.

Cisa giggled, oblivious to the anger in Falia's voice. "Hey, it's fun to have you here. Can you do any tricks?"

Falia's eyes widened incredulously. Tricks. Like a dog. "No," Falia replied brusquely.

"C'mon! Show me a spirit!" Cisa insisted. Falia saw the reflection of her in the window bouncing in the chair. Her nearly-black brown hair was in big shiny curls that bounced with her, almost with energy of their own.

Falia ground her teeth. "No." she replied, gruffer this time.

"Pllleeeaassee?!" Cisa begged.

Falia clenched her jaw so tight, she thought it might break. "NO!" she shouted as she swung around. "Leave me along you stupid brat!" With that, Falia rushed out of the room. She quickly navigated the back halls and avoided as many servants she could.

Finally, Falia burst through the back doors and ran through the backyard. She headed straight to a tall tree and quickly scurried to the top and sat on a branch large enough to support her. Then, drawing her knees to her body and hugging them, she buried her face in her skirts and cried softly. Cisa meant well, but she was incredibly rude. All the girls were at school. Falia wished her brother was around, but he went to Alania too. Falia wished more than ever that she could have gone too.

Something felt wrong though, something with her parents. Maybe she would go to Alania...she could sneak back home, take her horse. Her mother taught her enough about surviving on her own, she could make it Alania with a little money and a horse.

* * *

It had been a long walk home, but Falia made it. The doors were locked, but she was able to sneak in through a window and made it to her room. There, she packed the drabest clothes she could find and changed into one of those outfits as well. She tried to cover everything, extra clothes, food, water. She had a belt knife of her own, but she also snuck into her parent's small armory (which was basically just a closet) and took a long dagger of her father's that would work as a short sword for her. Hopefully she wouldn't have to use it to defend herself. Reminded of her aim with rocks, she found her sling and packed that as well.

With everything she thought she could use, she climbed out of the window she crawled in and went to the stable. Her horse was the only one there. He was a small Krisoon gelding, just barely small enough for her to ride. Her parents bought him so she could sit in the saddle, yet also have room to grow. Their butler was off while they were away, but he still stopped by daily to feed the animals and collect eggs from the chickens.

He was sleeping though, so Falia gently woke him by stroking his neck. Feynnri whickered, then sniffed her hair. Once he recognized her scent, he gently nuzzled her. Falia cooed, then summoned a little salamander spirit just long enough to light one of the lanterns in the stable. Feynnri shied from the sudden light, then calmed with a little help from Falia.

Falia brushed him down, cleaned his hooves and was happy to find that his shoes were still secure after the last farrier visit. She saddled him all on her own, which she usually did with Terin's help. She knew how to saddle her own horse, but the saddle was still hefty and awkward to get on Feynnri's back. Terin always helped her with things like that. Hopefully she would see him soon.

Finally with Feynnri saddled, Falia left a note for their butler, so he wouldn't think Feynnri was stolen. She stuck it between the slates of Feynnri's stall door and opened the door. Then, she walked into the stall, climbed into the saddle awkwardly without a boost from Terin. Feynnri was patient. Situated finally, Falia rode him out of the stall and paused to blow out the lantern before riding Feynnri out into the night.
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