Introductions: Cid Warrington

Set in the modern world, this RP explored what our Chaos War characters would be like as normal humans in the real world.
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Introductions: Cid Warrington

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I brush back my hair as I head to fencing practice hoping that at least this time I'll do better than I did last week. As I walk I almost trip over the edge of the curb, lucky thing for me the light's red. Course I stop and pull my nose out of the novel I've been reading just long enough to see I'm nearly at school.

Some people think I'm a bit nerdy, some girls think I'm cute, I'm just an average guy.

I suppose if I wanted to I could worry about the in crowd, but I don't bother keeping myself busy with school, track and fencing is enough for me. I have a few friends here and there, and we pal around now and then.

Sigh...then there's girls...haven't found anyone yet. Then again I haven't really been looking, mom always used to say I'd someone would snatch me up sooner or later. I suppose she was right, now and then I've seen a few heads turn in direction. That's fine by me, but between everything else I've been too busy to really notice.

Then there's dad, he's still taking it hard. So am I for that matter of fact, cause I won't admit it to myself. So I workout, I work a part-time job after school. Run track and fence. All to keep me busy, it helps me deal with it. I do my best to support dad, we'll make it's just gonna take time.
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