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Set in the modern world, this RP explored what our Chaos War characters would be like as normal humans in the real world.
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O'Connor, Ryan

Post by Bloodshield »

Counterpart: Gale Bloodshield
Name: Ryan O'Connor
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 20
Birthday: May 5th, 1983
Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Bellmawr, NJ
Physical Description:
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 196lbs
Build: Medium
Hair color: Dirty Blonde
Eye color: Hazel
Skin Tone: Lightly tanned
Ryan is built like a typical fighter. His training in hand to hand, fire-arms, and swordsmanship have earned him a build befitting of the trials he's collectively undergone in his life. I guess you could say he's attactive. His hair is cut short; used to be long. A light beard covers his chin. His mustache connects with the beard, neatly kept short, or shaved completely off. It depends on the mood. There are few scars, but the few visable, if barely, are result of wounds recieved while fighting. One being the mark inches off from his left lung; a bullet wound. A single ear piercing in his left ear. A tattoo of Vash the Stampede's head with wings, biting a donut on his right arm. The Space wolf emblem on his right.
Clothing Style: He likes wearing dark clothing, as it helps him blend in. Normally wearing black cargos, a form fitting black shirt, fingerless leather fighting gloves, black hat, and boots.
Items Usually Carried: He carries a concealed Beretta Vertec Auto Pistol. Three clips of ammo are usually held in his cargo pockets. (A liscence to carry is in his possession). He has a katana, red sheath. The two-hundred folded blade was a gift that has been well cared for and used. A Celtic cross necklace and an Egyptian Anhk necklace.
Vehicle: He is normally seen driving a military grade hum-vee. The conversion from active duty use to civilian comprised of little more than removing the 20mm machine gun. It's plated side and under carriage with bullet proof glass. It's color is the Raven Black with the Space Wolf logo painted on the Driver side door and the rear.
Occupation: Student at UCLA, Bouncer at Dante's Inferno (soon to be)
History: Ryan was born at 2:13 am on May 5th of 1983. It was apparent at birth that he was a problem child, having kept his mother in labor for over 18 hours. He spent his early childhood as any child would, ruining furnature, scribbling on the walls, making messes, and harassing the family dog, named Shadow. He was a hell raiser.
At age 10 he found that all his TV watching and movie marathoning gave birth within him. He grew very interrested in weaponry and artwork. He drew constantly; be it on paper, walls, or couches. It didn't matter. When he was 12 he was allowed to take up Kendo. He grew to love it. He was already mastering the style by the age of 16. He took up independant study. School passed quickly as his voratious appetite to learn gave birth to a new passion; history.
Ryan was not the typical kid. He was always something of a loner and seemed happy with it. He had friends, few, but close knit. His three passions meshed together. He began designing armors and weapons, often with plans to make them, often never happening. When he graduated college he was already known as a master swordsman, be it with a boadsword, claymore, wakashashi, or katana. His lust for history, art, and weapons, drove him to seek the life of an archeologist. He made it into UCLA, to his parents delight, as mush as his own to be free of them.
But all his skills as an artist would be lost in this profession, casting some doubts on his course. Ryan wants to follow his dreams, but can deside where they lay. The Sword, the Pen, or the Shovel?
Personality: Ryan's a bit of a shy person, but he hides it behind a careful wall of toughness. Make no mistake, he's tough, but would rather not get angry. He can be hot headed. He's normally happy-go-lucky and rather funny person, if a tad sarcastic.
Good Points: Loyal, defensive, highly disiplined
Bad Points: Easily riled, stubborn, hot-headed, ignorant, sarcastic, sadistic
Likes: Swords, guns, cash, girls, anime, anime conventions, armor, role playing, writing, ranting, WarHammer 40k, drawing
Dislikes: Mean people, people who think the world owes them, the stoicism of the Catholic church, terrorists, being embaressed, singing in front of people, his sister, losing money.
Strange Quirks: Can intimadate people easily. Can charm people sometimes. Deep meditative states.
Habits: Trains with his sword every day. Enjoys getting lost to be by himself to think.
Hobbies: Annoying his sister. Plotting ways to exact revenge on the Yahoo corp. Painting 40K miniatures. Role Playing. Cooking. Polishing weapon. Avoiding people who annoy him. Pissing off people who annoy him. Getting out of Jersey. Finding love. Playing guitar.
Quotes: "JESUS TAP-DANCING CHRIST ALMIGHTY!!!" ".......................Fuck you." "If I DID do that, then it would be in a pool of blood." "You wish I gave a shit." "...What the fuck? I'M TELLING THE TRUTH, DON'T WALK AWAY!!!" "Oh my God...he's/she's whacked..." "So what? I didn't do it, you didn't do it. They didn't do. Leave it and let's go." "...I like swords." "For the All-father and Russ! Kill everything and leave nothing unburned!!!""You sucker punched me you little bitch! ...Fuck you, men can be bitches too. And you just made the top of my list."
Theme Song
Imagination from the Other Side by Blind Guardian
Where are these silent faces/I took them all/they all went away/now you're alone/to turn out every light so deep in me/hold on, to late//Will I ever see them back again/or did they all die by my hand/or where they killed/by the old evil ghost/who had taken/the ocean/of all my dreams/which were worth to keep/deep inside my heart/I wish I/could get them back/from the everflow/before they'll fade away//Imaginations from the other side/far out of nowhere/it got back to my mind/Imaginations from the other side/far out of nowhere/it got back to my mind/out of the dark/back to the light/then I'll break down/the walls around my heart/Imaginations from the other side//Where's the ocean's daughter/was Peter Pan in Mordor/no one's there to keep alive/all these fairy tales/may I return to Oz/will I meet the "Tin Man"/"Coward Lion" where are you/without brain the scarecrow's lost/in the middle of the lake/stranded in the real world/left in a world/no place for daydreams/serious life/I fall into/I fall into a dark hole/and I can't come out//do you know if Merlin did exist/or Frodo wore the ring/did Corum kill the gods/or where's the wonderland/which young Alice had seen/or was it just a dream/I knew the answers/now they're lost for me//I hope there is a way back/with my talisman/so I look into myself/to the days when I was just a child/come follow me to wonderland/and see the tale that never ends/don't fear the lion nor the witch/I can't come back/I'm lost but still I know/there is another world
Ryan's tattoo
Ryan's tattoo
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Smith, Lara Lee

Post by Leaf »

Counterpart: Leaf
Name: Lara Lee Smith
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 16
Birthday: April 28th, 1987
Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Sonora, AZ
Physical Description:
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 100lbs
Build: Petite
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Skin Tone: Fair
Lara is cute and petite. She has big, expressive brown eyes. Her hair is cut short with bangs and held back by a head band or bandana.
Clothing Style: Lara tries to keep up with fashion, she gets most of her clothes at Wal-Mart or Sears.
Items Usually Carried: Lara has a backpack with all her school supplies and she's never without a bandana in her hair.
Vehicle: She's learning to drive, but right now, she rides the school bus or walks to get around.
Occupation: High School Sophomore
History: Lara was born in Arizona, her father was a security guard and her mother worked in retail. She doesn't remember much about her parents because they were killed by a drunk driver when she was 7. After their death, she was adopted by her aunt in Dreanid and she's been living there ever since.
Lara started high school last year and this is her sophomore year. She joined the dance team last year and is new on the cheerleading team too. Her aunt is currently teaching her how to drive.
Personality: Lara is surprisingly outgoing and good-natured despite the tragedy in her life. She has a good self-image and likes to joke about how beautiful she is. She flirts a little, and often snuggles with her guy friends.
Good Points: Resilliant, good natured, outgoing, good self-image.
Bad Points: Clingy, hot tempered
Likes: Dancing, milkshakes, just being a girl.
Dislikes: Snobs, people who are dark and moody
Strange Quirks: Likes jumping on the backs of her guy friends
Hobbies: Dancing, music
Habits: Chewing gum, tapping her feet
Quotes: "When you're as beautiful as me, you don't need make-up!"

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Stone, Genevieve

Post by Granite Stoneheart »

Counterpart: Granite Stone
Name: Genevieve Stone
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 16
Birthday: July 9th, 1987
Sign: Cancer
Birthplace: San Bernadino, CA
Physical Description:
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 110lbs
Build: Volumptous
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Skin Tone: Tanned
Gen is somewhat plain in features, but has the most beautiful blue eyes. Her black hair is worn long with curled bangs. She's very short, and very curvy.
(Incomplete character)
Granite sketches, including Genevieve.
Granite sketches, including Genevieve.
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Sylvester, Megan

Post by Eliamn »

Counterpart: Phaelle
Name: Megan Sylvester
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: French Canadian
Age: 24
Birthday: August 25th, 1979
Sign: Virgo
Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Physical Description:
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 120lbs
Build: Frail
Hair color: Raven Black
Eye color: Dark Brown
Skin Tone: Pale
Megan is a young woman graced (or cursed) with an extremely youthful appearance. She doesn't look a year over 16, whichbrings no end of frustrations when she's taken just 'for a kid' when interacting with others.
Her serious expressions and usually drab clothing don't emphasize it much, but Megan is rather cute. She is tall and slender to the point of fragility, with longer limbs than average (and longer supple fingers of which she is especially proud of).
Her straigth black hair is worn simply down to her shoudlers, falling in bangs around her face. She disdains makeup and clips her nails neatly... not much strengthening her feminity. She just doesn't bother about it much.
She really looks worlds better when she is smiling, though unfortunately, that seldom happens.
Clothing Style: Simple comfortable clothes are what Megan likes best. She's kept a few jeans and matching vests from the time 'they' were fashionable and wears them because they are practical and have many pouches.
Items Usually Carried: Her digital watch, a backpack that she mostly carries around carrying her schoolbooks, pencilcase and sketchbooks.
Vehicle: Not afraid of walking, but usually takes the bus. Megan has earned her driver's certificate, though she's loathe of using it though to an extreme lack of confidence in her own driving abilities.
Occupation: Student at the UCLA, part-time teaching assistant at the Westside Kendo Dojo.
History: Born in 1979, Megan Sylvester was quickly introduced to the concept of mono-parental famillies as her mother and father split when she was 3 years old. The mother was feed up with being stuck with a person whom was barely more responsive to her than the nearby wall, and the father seemed to care little. While her custody was never debated, she spent most of her time with her mother, spending week-ends through her youth at her father's place every two weeks.
As a young child, Megan had quite a hard time fitting in. More serious and mature for her age than many, she had a much easier time interacting with adults and was actually surprisingly well spoken. However, that same affinity with adults made her scorn contact with other children.
Needless to say, her elementary school years were quite lonely. Megan had quite a few social problems to deal with, and most teachers were actually concerned about the difficulties she had with other children. Megan picked up a love for drawing (which helped pass her isolation and was actually a way she could express herself) and acquired a love of martial arts and computers from her father, whom was a freelance programmer.
However, despite the great similarities Megan had with her father, she never got to be able to really bond with him. Both where rather reserved, serious persons... but Megan had enough of her mother's more social behavior to feel a gap. Relations between the two deteriorated as she reached High School. That relationship went even more downhill when he married with an especially gregarious woman and had another child, a boy, that he doted on. She felt replaced, as if she had been an accident, and her father never discouraged her from that idea.
In addition to that, her mother eventually worried about Megan's frailty and went to ask Doctors about it. After examination, Megan was discovered to have several birth defects that hindered her growth. Megan was very near to having a osteoporosis (weak bones), was colorblind and completely lacked a sense of smell. That only even set out even further - though Megan wasn't too disturbed by it. Not seeing colors was bothersome for her drawings, but it only set her more apart. She was used to that, and, come to think of it, her birth defects could have been worse.
Megan continued going to private school. Her mother was not particularly rich, but she doted on her daughter and wanted to give her the best there was. Megan did rather well in her classes, though her teenage years bought no improvement to he relation with others of her age. Still withdrawn, she did find a few more expressive outlets.
She picked up reading as her english improved. A dreamy girl, she had always liked science fiction and fantasy (Star Trek and Dungeon & Dragons were her favorite topics). She also pursued further her martial arts training, becoming proficient with Judo, epee fencing, archery and kendo. However, her kendo classes were discontinued, so she was left searching for a new teacher and ended up practicing Atarashii Naginata - at which she excelled and even placed herself 3rd in a national tournament.
The years beyond high school were for the most part rather aimless. Megan tried classes in electronics and industrial drawings, but came up with blanks : while she was good, she really hated it. Finally, she tried out a new Multimedia Productions program at an expensive private college.
It proved a sound choice, as it blended well her love for drawing with her affinity with computers. She got high grades (though she could swear it shaved years off her life) and once her collegial program was over, she decided to hunt for more advanced computer imagery classes.
Scouring the web for classes she could pick, she found out a program at UCLA that was right next to several dojos in which she could continue practicing the Naginata and perhaps hope for a part-time job as assistant-teacher. She made a few inquiries, got positive results, and, with her familly's approval (on her mother's side), she left for LA.
Personality: Life has led Megan to be rather moody and withdrawn, though she prefer calling it 'reserved'. She's actually quite able to communicate her ideas if need be, but knows other usually find her strange and just doesn't bother.
She has a lot of pride in her sense of self-identity and her convictions are not easily shaken off. She's very willing to take up a stand for something she beleives in. However, that very same pride and the knowledge that she knows she smarter than most people makes her a bit sly in her dealings with other people.
But, for someone whom tries at all to see you she really is, she turns out to be a very good natured girl who just doesn't open up as much as she could because she's mistrustful of others seeing how she is inside and thus be able to hurt her feelings. She is very generous and thoroughly hates injustice. She also puts great passion into the thing she loves, which are right now her drawings and her Naginata.
Megan acknowledges that the world she lives in is a generally ugly place and realistically accepts that she can do little about it. However, her dreamy nature has her believe that in her drawings, she can show the world what it really can be.
Good Points: Fair minded, patient, polite. Very dexterous and agile.
Bad Points: Sly, lacks ambittion, a bit of a perfectionist. Colorblind and physically weak.
Likes: Drawing, Computers, martial arts, cholocate fudge brownies and milk
Dislikes: Injustice, bullies, stupid people, parties and amusement parks. Anyplace particularly crowded or noisy. Hates wearing makeup. Can't stand Cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.
Strange Quirks: Able to adopt a role easily if she gives herself a chance. Doesn't gain fat even when she tries to. She's also a very good judge of character.
Hobbies: Practicing with her Naginata, drawing, playing D&D, watching anime
Habits: Keeps clean, cracks her fingers and often crosses one leg over the other. Has no eating order.
Quotes: "If life went the way we wanted, it'd be pretty dull."
Theme Song
Aura by See-Saw from .Hack//Sign OST
If you are near to the dark/I will tell you 'bout the sun/you are here, no escape/from my visions of the world/you will cry all alone/but it does not mean a thing to me//knowing the song I will sing/till the darkness comes to sleep/come to me, I will tell/'bout the secret of the sun/it's in you, not in me/but it does not mean a thing to you//the sun is in your eyes/the sun is in your ears/I hope you see the sun/someday in the darkness//the sun is in your eyes/the sun is in your ears/but you can't see the sun/ever in the darkness/it does not much matter to me
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Townsend, Bay

Post by Berry! »

Counterpart: Berry
Name: Bay Emily Townsend
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: European-American Caucasian (French, German and Scottish heritage)
Age: 14
Birthday: December 9th, 1988
Sign: Capricorn
Birthplace: Detroit, MI. Moved to Bend, OR when she was three
Physical Description:
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 96lbs
Build: Slight
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brilliant Green
Skin Tone: Fair
Small, frail-looking and awkward but cute in an "elvish" sort of way. Her build is slight and fragile looking but suprisingly wiry and tenacious. Her straight, inky black hair is in a one length bob that falls just past her chin with her hair usually held away from her face with either a barette or elastic band. Very fair and hence, considering California, usually in some stage of mild sunburn if she forgets her sunscreen.
Clothing Style: Eschewing stylish pop fashion trends in favor of more utilitarian, or at least less mainstream, styles Bay typically resembles a make shift advertisment for some cross between REI and a thrift store. She usually wears jeans or military style cargo pants, boots or sports sandals and a single color t-shirt. Not that she isn't feminine. She has a dress. A dress. Somewhere...
Items Usually Carried: She would be hard pressed to be seperated from her Leatherman Squirt P4 (a small, bright blue pocket multi-tool) and can usually be found carrying.
Vehicle: Trek mountainbike with dreams of a small pickup to call her own
Occupation: Student (HS freshman)
History: Well, when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much and they feel they're ready to be responsible for their actions... that's how the story was intended to run and they were able to keep up the illusion for a while. It fell apart on account of two shortcomings, 1) they weren't really that much in love as they were in a mutually convienient lust and 2) they weren't ready to be responsible. Determined to push forth despite reason, an out of work junior high art teacher and an auto engineer began a family and got married... in that order. It was on their daughter's tenth birthday that she commented how odd it was that there was only a three month difference between their anniversary and her birthday. But that doesn't happen until she's ten. When she was three, her father was laid off from Ford but managed to find a job working with a consulting firm. They would have to relocate to the other side of the country.
He would be working with foreign auto companies. He would be making almost twice what he made at Ford. Dad swallowed his pride and they moved.
Several years passed in what would appear to be relative stability. They were all quite good at presenting an image. Her father felt handicapped by his family, her mother felt oppressed by her father and Bay discovered the joys of escaping conflict by going away. Her wanderings grew from beyond the backyard into weekend backpacking trips. It was all for the best, her mother says, "I tried so hard to protect you from him, you know." "Yeah mom. I know. I gotta go. I'm late for [class, my ride, my appointment]."
Her father started the affair when she was nine. He was working with a Japanese auto design facility. She introduced him to sushi and he showed her the unabashed joy for life that only an American male entering a mid-life crisis can possess. Her mom knew. It wasn't hard. They managed to keep things together for a while, "For our daughter."
"Of course, for her." It certainly wasn't because they were too scared to admit failure or to face the reality of their lives.
They weren't abusive, not in the usual sense. Emotionally neglectful, possibly. Selfish, definitely. As sad as it is, life improved dramatically when she was eleven and they finally split up. He went to Japan with what's-her-name and Bay stayed in Bend with her mom. He was never really there for her very much to begin with. It wasn't like very much had changed. It's ok. She's fine. There's nothing to talk about. "I'm going for a [walk, hike, bike ride] mom." "Ok, dear. Have a good time."
Things were left to be. No more pushing. No more tension. Things were getting better.
They were getting better until her mom decided to apply to be an art teacher at a private school in California. "Things were fine. Why did you have to change it?" "I wanted to have my own life, not just live off of whatever...he built. I wanted a better standard of living. Don't you want more?" They moved that summer. Not that she was leaving very much behind. Friends were a commitment she never got around to making past a cursory degree and family was a joke. "But California? Near LA?" *sulk*
Personality: Growing up in Bend, Bay has proper Pacific Northwestern liberal sensibilities: outdoors is good, corporate America is bad and her morning soy mocha is the very reason for living. By virtue of being 14 years old, a freshman and a recent transplant, she is quite shy and insecure. However, she has learned how to use cynicism and avoidence to cover her insecurities. She is, in fact, extremely non-confrontational even to the point of walking out on people if things become uncomfortable for her.
Regardless of anything else, Bay has a good heart and, eventually, will act towards what she sees as the greater good.
Good Points: Tenacious, inquisitive, strong willed
Bad Points: Tenacious, inquisitive, strong willed
Likes: Soy mochas in the morning, taking clandestine glances at girls, being left alone, being included in groups, trees, wilderness/undeveloped areas, tabloids and other evidence of the inherently corrupt nature of society.
Dislikes: Having to sit in chairs (she starts to uncontrollably fidgit), stupid people - though her definition is constentially changing to apply to whomsoever currently bothers her, feeling guilty for taking clandestine glances at girls, California, pop culture, being 14 years old, commercial media, being cooped up, being left alone, being included in groups...
Strange Quirks: A little bit scattered with a short attention span but otherwise quite intellegent, Bay is an undiagnosed ADD case with mild dyslexia. This doesn't bother her as much as her beginning to suspect that she most likely is queer and, because of this, the thought of having to go to the guidance counsler for any reason terrifies her.
Hobbies: Biking anywhere, hiking, camping, exploring, getting self-rightously irritated at people, flute lessons (love/hate relationship with the instrument), getting hopped up on soy mochas.
Habits: Tucking her hair behind her ears, playing with the tips of her ears, scratching her nose... an assortment of fidgits and nervous behaviours that manifest when she's not left to her own devices.
Quotes: "No talk. Need mocha."

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Ulrich, Mia

Post by Mia »

Counterpart: Mia
Name: Mia Ulrich
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian-of German and Russian decent
Age: 24
Birthday: May 3rd, 1978
Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Portland, OR
Physical Description:
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110lbs
Build: Slender, toned
Hair color: Pale blonde
Eye color: Jade Green
Skin Tone: Golden toned
Mia is attractive, but she doesn't concern herself much with her looks. She has blonde hair which is cut very short, like a boy's, because she was frustrated with it. Her skin is a golden shade that tans well. Mia's face is delicate featured, but also has an underlying hardness. She keeps herself in very good shape and has a toned stomach that she usually shows off. Mia also has her nose pierced and usually wears a tiny stud in it.
Clothing Style: Usually jeans or another style of pants with a shirt or tank top that exposes her stomach. For work, she often wears glitzy, girlish tops with sequins or colorful prints, she also wears heeled boots to work. Mia would rather just wear sneakers and a tee-shirt most of the time.
Items Usually Carried: Wallet in back pocket. She doesn't like to carry a purse.
Vehicle: 83' Toyota Pickup, manual, beige. It's a dependable little truck.
Occupation: Bartender at Smoke Screen
History: Mia was born in Oregon and spent her first ten years there until her parents had to move with her father's work to California. They lived in the suburbs of LA and that were Mia did her most crucial growing. She dated through high school of and on, but she really prefered to be single. She barely graduated high school, since she spent most of her senior year partying--where she intially learned how to mix drinks. After a close brush with nearly not graduating, she shaped up and pulled through at the last minute.
After she graduated, she drifted about Southern California for a few years until she decided to attend bartending school. It wasn't the grandious plans she once had as a child, but it was a cheap, quick course and it got her a good job. She graduated and moved back to LA with a boyfriend. She found a job at the Smoke Screen, a strip club. Her boyfriend didn't last, but she got the apartment, and that was fine with her. Now she works at the club for a living, officially the bartender, unofficially, a bouncer. Mia kick-boxes and is also taking classes in Tai Chi.
Personality: Independent, stubborn. She knows how to take care of herself, and usually prefers to do so on her own. When it comes to relationships, she generally loses interest in a man after a couple months and hates to be tied down by a guy. She's admittedly a bad-ass and she has very dominant personality. Judging by her personality, many people think she's a lesbian, but she's only bisexual and more for the fun of it than for a genuine attraction to women.
Good Points: Independent, honest, down to earth, strong willed, tough, social
Bad Points: Stubborn, easy when she's drunk
Likes: Drinking, socializing
Dislikes: People with little will power, abusive men, women loosing their dignity
Hobbies: Mixing drinks, playing pool
Habits: Smokes
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"Falis, I need to quit drinking..."

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Valentine, Kai

Post by Zatch »

Counterpart: Kai Kar de Raul
Name: Kai Valentine
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 28
Birthday: April 14th, 1975
Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Long Beach, CA

Physical Description:
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220lbs
Build: Muscular
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Grey
Skin Tone: Tan
Could very easily pass for a professional athlete, despite his vices Kai is a pillar of health. He is tall with broad shoulders and very well built. He has a handsome face with a strong jaw and usually keeps a 5:00 shadow, he also has the same stone grey eyes as his brother.

Clothing Style: Depends, he isn't above shopping at Wal Mart and when he isn't on duty or out clubbing he tends to stay lax with his clothing. Usually just jeans, a T-shirt and light jacket to hide his gun. When he dresses to impress he'll break out the $150 silk shirt and gold chain.

Items Usually Carried: LAPD Badge, 9mm cop issue Baretta concieled in a shoulder holster and a back up revolver in his ankle holster. Aviator sunglasses, cell phone, expensive watch, and his 'lucky' bullet necklace.

Vehicle: Cherry red Ducati 998 Superbike

Occupation: Cop for the Los Angeles PD

History: Kai was 13 the first time he was arrested for vandalism. When he saw how much it pissed off Raul(his dad) most of his energy went into deviance. Throughout his adolescence Kai has wrecked a car, been caught naked with a girl in his bed, and fallen off a water tower drunk among many other things. During his senior year of highschool Kai finaly managed to make Raul snap by getting into a fight and landing in jail. He was then kicked out of his home.

Kai lived on his trust fund until he graduated and having no interest in college he got a job as a bouncer at the Smoke Screen, a strip club in southern Los Angeles. Again this was mainly to get to Raul, few things are more embarrasing for a respected business man than to have his oldest son work in a skin club. And then one day he got a call from his mother, Raul was arrested for making some shady deals, alot of shady deals that would keep him in prison for the next thirty years. Kai went to the hearings but never spoke to his dad. About a month later he got another call saying that Raul Killed himself in prison. The family went bankrupt but Kai wasn't effected since he had been financially cut off for years.

After that it seemed pretty stupid to spend all your time getting on someone elses nerves. The Smoke Screen was a cool place to work, but by then Kai wanted to see what else was out there for him. His best friend, Ethan, was training to be a cop at the time and talked Kai into checking it out as a carreer option. Kai had always had a problem with authority and flat out shuttered at the idea, but he decided to humor Ethan and talk to recruiting officer. The meeting went terribly, at the time Kai had six piercings on his face alone (and many more that couldn't be seen), and Hair grown down to his ass with red streaks. He was wearing a spiked motercycle jacket and spiked wristbands, he looked like he just came back from Ozzfest. The officer took one look at him and assumed that Kai was either a drug dealer or that it was all a practical joke. Kai took the slanderous looks for all of ten minutes before he thanked the officer and headed out with a back pocket full of glossy pamphlets.

A week later he got a call from an ex-girlfriend, whom he still kept in touch with. She sobbingly told him that she was beaten by her boyfriend, her face was so swelled that she could barely talk on the phone and she had trouble walking. Kai grabbed a baseball bat and went over to his apartment with every intention of beating the shit out of him, but he promised her he'd think about not killing the bastard. When Kai got there he saw cops putting handcuffs on the boyfriend, Kai wasn't going to beat him up in police custody but he gave serious thought to making a solid whack to the skull. Kai wanted to be the one to slap the cuffs on him, he wanted to take away that guy's freedom the way he took away his girlfriend's health and security.

When he got home from the hospital Kai fished out the pamphlets from the garbage. He enrolled in the police academy and has been a cop ever since.

Personality: In highschool Kai was one of those people who demanded to be the center of attention and went to any length to gain it. Weather it was stealing a rival mascott's head or running outside during a hurricane watch stark naked on a $20 bet. Those who didn't know him very well thought he was insane, and those that did flat out knew he was insane. In his job he's a hotdog, demoted for recklesness one week and promoted for bravery the next.

He's a sweet guy at heart and goes through more trouble to help out the hard luck cases than most cops would. Like Zack he isn't incredibly fond of wealthy people, though he's much less verbal about it and it stems more from animosity towards his father.
Good Points: Strong character and wiser then he lets on
Bad Points: Can be immature, sometimes fails to look before he leaps
Likes: Pretty girls, fast cars, cool guns. Nuff said
Dislikes: People that take life way too seriously
Hobbies: Snow Boarding, Surfing, Cars, Martial Arts
Strange Quirks: He's a closet fan of Neil Diamond.
Quotes: As he's chasing a perpetrator "Boy you just don't want to do anything the easy way do you."

Theme Song
Kick Some Ass by Stroke 9
How many people wanna kick some ass?//I used to be a nerd/Grew up in the suburbs/Nothing there ever went wrong/I made it up in this song//I talk about the hood/I say stuff like it's all good/Tell people I'm down with all the cool kids downtown/When I've never even been there//How many people wanna kick some ass?/I do I do/And how many people sick of holding it back?/I am /Well I am too//So don't lay another finger on her/She's mine and I still want her/If you put your hands upon her/You're a goner goner//And how many people sick of holding it back?/I am I am/And how many people wanna kick some ass?/I would if I could//But I'm really just a sensitive artist/Perpatrating like I am the hardest//So spin your cap around to the back/You think you rhyme but you can't rap/Loosen that strap a little more/Till your axe hits the floor//Flip off your fans/Make em cheer/Try to look sincere/Anger today's fashion/So sing another song about bashing someone's head in//How many people wanna kick some ass?/I do I do/And how many people sick of holding it back?/I am/Well I am too//So don't lay another finger on her/She's mine and I still want her/If you put your hands upon her/You're a goner goner//And how many people sick of holding it back?/I am I am/And how many people wanna kick some ass?/I would if I could//But I'm really just a sensitive artist/Perpatrating like I am the hardest/Acting like I'm not the smartest/I'm really just a sensitive artist//Awwwww Yeahhhh//So don't lay another finger on her/She's mine and I still want her/If you put your hands upon her/You're a goner goner//And how many people sick of holding it back?/I am I am/And how many people wanna kick some ass?//I said how many people wanna kick some ass?/How many people wanna kick some ass?/Whatcha gonna do when your sick of holding it back?/I think I kick some ass/How many people wanna kick some ass?/I would if I could//But I'm really just a sensitive artist/Perpatrating like I am the hardest/Acting like I'm not the smartest/I'm really just a sensitive artist/Honest
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Valentine, Zack

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Counterpart: Zatch Kar de Raul
Name: Zack Valentine
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian; of French and Russian decent
Age: 22
Birthday: June 21st, 1981
Sign: Cancer
Birthplace: Long Beach, CA
Physical Description:
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145lbs
Build: Slight
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Grey
Skin Tone: Pale
Zach is the somewhat skinny and almost frail looking intellectual type. He was never endowed with great athletic ability so he relies mostly on his intelligence. Although he is stronger and more resilient than he appears (just not much). He has jet black hair in a simple cut. He can almost always be seen wearing wire frame glasses, Khakis, and a plain T-shirt with a long sleeve button shirt over it.
Clothing Style: Laid back and casual, usually T-shirt and Khakis but he'll don a turtle neck and blue blazer in formal events, he even has a tuxedo if the need arises. He still owns some designer clothes but they're a few years out of date.
Items Usually Carried: Sketch pad, pens, pencils, whatever book he's reading at the time, wireframe glasses and an anologue watch. If he's going to or from class he can be seen with a large portfolio and a backpack stuffed with books.
Vehicle: 1987 Firebird bought used, the paint is faded and there's some rust along the tail light but it runs ok, at least well enough to make the daily commute to LA.
Occupation: UCLA Art Student
History: Zack was born just before his father's carreer as a lawyer began to take off. He doesn't remember the small apartment in Long Beach or the brief time he spent in a public school. As far as he can recall he's lived in Newport in a five million dollar house with the other trust fund babies. He never fit in well.
For a long time his art was the only thing to keep him company. Zack quietly scetched in his pad while life went on around him. It wasn't until his junior year in highschool that he got the nerve to show off his work and gained some positive feedback. To this day some of his paintings are mounted in the halls of Fairmont High.
Zack did well for himself academically, in fact he was accepted into Harvard and enrolled in the fall of 99' while his family paid his way completely. But in the middle of his second year his father was caught embezzeling money from his clients and sent to prison. A month into his sentance Raul killed himself. Their Newport home was foreclosed and Zack's mother was forced to declare bankruptsy, but she did manage make sure her children still had their trust finds. She's now a highschool Spanish teacher.
Raul couldn't pay Zack's way through Harvard anymore, so he moved to back California and enrolled in UCLA the same way as everyone else, by working his ass off. The switch from an Ivy league school wasn't as bad as he though it would be in part due to his distaste for rich society, for the first time in his life Zack was really earning his keep. Plus he found that he prefered beer and pizza with the guys over putting up with snide comments from rich kids.
Like Kai he gained a sizeable trust fund when he turned 18, but it was geared towards tuition, books, housing, and living expenses. This ate up almost all of his trust but still left him a couple thousand dollers for a used car. He currently lives in a modest house with four other roomates.
Personality: Like many artists he likes to observe more than interact, this has given him an 'outsider looking in' lifestyle in which he tends to shy away from strong advances. He used to be rich but now he's poor(ish) and could never really click with either, such isolation would lead one to wonder if he's a virgin, Zack refuses any and all comments. But on the upside he's allowed an outsider's perspective, able to see the whole picture where most people see only one part at a time. He probably would have made a better Psychologist.
He greets the world with a sarcastic tone and tends to come off as a little cynical, but it's usually masked by well intended humor. Lacking any real physical prowess he defended himself from bullies by using large words to confuse them and muttering intellectual remarks under his breath, insulting them without them knowing what he's talking about. This usually resulted in a thorough beating anyway, along with constant grunts such 'fag' or 'queer'. This taught him early on the world measures your worth only by things beyond your control, such as your score in the genetic dice roll or the social status of your parents. For the most part life has been good to him, but it hasn't been very nice.
He knows that it's very difficult to live off of non-commercial art, but he still wants his work to be purely expressive and not have to spend his time working graphic design for advertisements and such. But with graduation not far off he knows he may have to swallow his pride and work for a design agency.
Good Points: Well read and intelligent. He tends to look at the world through a creative perspective, this allows him to see beauty in almost anything.
Bad Points: A bit shy and withdrawn. He has trouble initiating a conversation and has more trouble asking a girl out.
Likes: Jazz, Robert Frost poetry, Michael Crichton books, and Starbucks
Dislikes: Smoking, drunk people, the type of guys who played keep away with his glasses in high school.....or the DMV.
Hobbies: Skiing, reading, painting
Strange Quirks: Flat out refuses to carry a cell phone, he likes to speak to people face to face.
Habits: Cracks his knuckles
Quotes: Kai: "What'cha watching?" Zack: "The decay of american entertainment standards.....better known as Fear Factor."
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Warrington, Cid

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Counterpart: Cian
Name: Cid Warrington
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian, African American mix
Age: 15
Birthday: May 25th, 1988
Sign: Gemini
Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia
Physical Description:
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125lbs
Build: Svelte, Athletic
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Grey
Skin Tone: Light Brown
Cid is a handsome young man, having gained the grey eyes of his father, and the curly black locks of his mother. He has a svelte build, while not a body
builder he has a sleek muscled runners build. Cid usually likes to wear his hair short, but has only recently started to let it grow longer. Being active in
track and fencing have kept him in very good shape.
Clothing Style: Cid likes to wear sport shirts and jeans, he’s extremely fond of tennis shoes and often sports the latest in current fashion. Provided
they’re functional.
Items Usually Carried: Cid usually carries a black duffle bag that holds all his Fencing equipment and track gear. The only other things he commonly carries
are his wallet and keys which he keeps in his front pockets. He wears a locket which holds a picture of his mom, his most prized possession.
Vehicle: The only vehicle he has right now is a sports bike, he can’t afford a car. And his dad uses the family vehicle, for work. So it’s the bike, the bus
or the foot to sidewalk shuffle for him.
Occupation: High school student, Track team member and Fencing student. Cid has a part-time job, working in a Borders bookstore.
History: Cid was born to Alan and Mary Warrington in Atlanta, Georgia. Cid’s father worked as a contractor with several Architect firms in Atlanta and met
Mary during a business trip. Well…after the trip Cid was the result, and the two continued to see each other and finally were married.
For the most part Cid’s life has been pretty boring and uneventful, his family has had to move from Atlanta to a few other places since his father excepted
contracts with other firms across the country. This placed stress on Alan and Mary’s Marriage and several heated arguments were the result but he couple
never divorced. About a year ago, Cid lost his mother to a car accident, he and his father are still dealing with the loss. One way Cid has chosen to deal
with it is throw himself headlong into physical activities such as track and fencing.
Personality: Cid is a basically a nice guy, he tends to keep to a small crowd, preferring to leave large gatherings of people alone. Sometimes he comes off
as very bookish and almost nerdy, except when he’s during track practice or fencing practice. While quiet, he can take care of himself as a few bullies have
found out the hard way. As for dating he’s a bit shy around girls, but then he hasn’t been actively looking. Given his warm personality and looks he’s caught
the eye of a few here and there.
Good Points: Warm personality and fun loving nature.
Bad Points: A bit withdrawn at times, not much experience in dating
Likes: Extreme bike riding sport, working out and Chocolate shakes
Dislikes: Large crowds, intolerant people
Hobbies: Fencing, Track and Reading
Strange Quirks: Always is prompt, he hates being late, keeps a daily regiment of working out.
Habits: He’s always reading, magazines, newspapers. Has a tendency to drum his fingers a lot when he’s nervous.
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