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A sub-plot of the Chaos War set in a small Kanon village that is in the process of being rebuilt when the darkness of the Chaos War falls upon them.
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Character Profiles

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All character profiles for characters in the Silver Creek sub-plot.
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Ankira Katumas aka Nuij Velg'larn

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Name: Ankira Katumas aka Nuij Velg'larn
Age: 26
Birth Year: NRC 502
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Dark Elf, Half-Human
Homeland: Kanon
Physical Description: She owes her looks to her elven heritage but her build to her human heritage. She is slightly taller than an average half-elf and her long black hair has a pair of silver streaks down her bangs. Her eyes seem shadowed over, as if something about her has left her with some inner demons she cannot defeat. She has a tattoo on her rear left shoulder of a black scimitar through a blood red skull and a tattoo of a black rose along the outer side of her right thigh. Her features are fine though and she is of a more athletic and medium build, with a body she loves to show off with somewhat revealing clothes. Other than that she carries a scar on the left side of her neck from a fight she got into when she was younger.
Clothing and Armor: She wears enough clothing to cover herself up enough decently, often seen in a short sleeve black top that reveals a majority of her chest and loops around the outside edge of her shoulders. Her pants are a dark green in color and secured with a blood red belt that has a silver clasp in the shape of a demons claw, one carved from demon bone itself. She wears a pair of soft soled black boots in a tabi design but made of very thick leather that prevents most items from piercing them, her daggers sit on a thigh sheath on her right leg which wraps around it with about a dozen throwing knives in it. Her dwarven steel saber sits at her left side ready to draw at first signs of a fight, and her clothing is designed to allow her maximum mobility while proper coverage. Her pants are tucked into the top of her boots which are tied off with blood red ties. She also wears a red leather vest which the inside is lined with a dozen more throwing daggers.
Weapon: Her dwarven steel sabre belonged to her father, it's blade is etched with a dragon up each side and the hilt is made from the same metal with a black leather wrapped handle that has a chunk of jet onyx in the pommel.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 142lbs
Build: Medium/Athletic
Hair color: Black with silver streaks down the middle of her bangs
Eye color: Shadowed Gray-Blue
Skin Tone: Tannish-grey
Occupation/Class: Mercenary/Apothecary (Demon hunter if needed on occasion)
Weapons: Throwing daggers (one dozen visible, another dozen hidden), Dwarven steel sabre
Armor: None
Non-Magic Items: Her money pouch which is at front right of her waist, and a worn leather pack with her gear and hidden pockets that conceal vials of poison and anti-toxins.
Magic System: Shamanist
Shamanist Level: 3
Elemental Affinities: Fire, Dark, Spirit, Light, Water, Earth, Air
Special Summons: None
Magic Items: None
Enchantments: None
Special Abilities: Poison Making
Affinities and Proficiencies: Nuij is best with Fire elementals, followed by Dark, Spirit, Light, Water, Earth, and Air.
Demonblight - She can turn the energies of darkness upon demons/fiends of unholy origin so that it causes them to slow and weaken in battle. This only affects demons and their kin, a result of the energies they tried to instill in her and the growing light inside of her which developed this unique gift.
Notes on Abilities: Poison maker - She can brew and properly distill many poisons, a skill she learned from her mother which her father frowned upon. She makes extra income with this ability selling her products on the black market. She can also make anti-toxins to most poisons too.
History: Born in Kanon in 502 her mother was a dark elven apothecary who fell in love with a knight from Flaim, they married and lived in peace for twenty-two years.
When she was twenty her family was taken by demons on the road in Marmo, taken captive and held by them as a slave for close to a year she formulated an escape plan. In her time of slavery she was mostly forced to work in the kitchen, though when she did not cooperate they would torture her for a day. Also in this period she was beaten and almost raped by her masters who only got as far as touching her and no further. Upon executing her plan she managed to subdue the guard and take his weapon, after making it to the front gates of where she was held she found herself trapped. Alone, and her family dead she vowed they would not take her alive again, she was recaptured but instead of slavery she was manipulated into accepting their help. For the next two years she toiled under them learning the dark arts of assassination and how to work with the energies they were using to corrupt her. One day before he twenty-fifth birthday she found out their ulterior motives, they were going to use her as a pawn in their games and then decided to escape so that she would not become a weapon. A few days later she had located an abandoned tunnel and her fathers equipment, making her way into the tunnel she travelled for days with little food and water but pushed on nonetheless.
After a week she came out near a small village that had a dock, after explaining what was going on to the village elder she got shelter and after she was healed she managed to get a boat to the mainland, returning on the southern coast she made her way home.
During her trek home she tried to avoid the wars between Lodoss and Marmo, while seeking to redeem herself for the past and to assauge her guilt at letting them get to her she assisted in defending small villages in exchange for supplies and shelter. After the war was over she made it home and returned to her birth place. Settling down she made a small business out of selling cures to most poisons, when the chaos war started she shut herself inside her home and has not emerged since. It has been long speculated she has been training in there, as the sounds of weapons on wood have been heard. Following the attack on Kanon she came out of her house and has since been helping in the rebuilding efforts, as well as reopened her business to help with the problems that have arisen amongst the populace. She has come far from her brush with darkness and now feels that her personal sojourn is almost over.
Personality: She is a healer, though still trained as an assassin she seems total redemption for her past. She has a strong hatred of slavery and will not hesitate to go after any demon that manages to escape to Lodoss from the underworld. She is somewhat emotional and when confronted with her past she either gets very upset or very angry, depending on the point of her past. She will however fight all evil for she knows it's true face, and hates it with a passion. She tries her best to help and will not make garauntees that she can, she just tries.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Quotes: "There is time for reconciliation and time for redemption, perhaps this war is the chance I have been waiting for. Now I can find what I seek, I just hope that this war will not be the end of me..."
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Name: Cian
Age: 13
Birth Year: NRC 513
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Homeland: Cian's family was very nomadic, they rarely stayed in one place for long
Physical Description: Cian is somewhat small and undersized for his age, he's a handsome young boy. Cute would be an apt descriptor. More than once his deep grey eyes and innocent smile have won him Ahlms on the street, he has a kind face which is very emotive. Because of his brown skin tone and curly black hair, he has been mistaken for desert people stock. While this may be true, Cian certainly has the look of survivor for one so young, life on streets and given his occupation have kept him with a slender, svelte build. He is a bit under nourished but not apparently so to the eye.
Clothing and Armor: While Cian can't afford the best clothing, he has fashioned his clothing to be not only comfortable, but functional. He wears a smiple, sleevless dark blue jerkin and brown long pants, and two leather armlets which he wears they hold most of his theives tools in special pockets. (no more than 4 lockpicks, two to an armband) His shoes, are simple but padded in cloth strips to help him move more quietly. He wears a simple cloth headband (he always keeps a few coppers there) And he has a very small, and worn leather backpack.
Weapon: Cian carries two daggers, sheaths included, well made and decently balanced for throwing. And he carries a simple leather sling, a strip of leather cloth with a larger partition in the middle, with 8 stones for ammo.
Height: 5'
Weight: 85lbs
Build: Slender
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey
Skin Tone: Light Chocolate brown
Class: Theif
Occupation: Pickpocket/Rogue/Thief
Weapons: 2 daggers, 1 sling with about 8 stones he carries
Armor: None
Non-Magic Items: Cian's possessions are few, but what little he has he carries in a small backpack. Those items are: a small blanket, 1 grappling hook, and 25 ft rope, a small bag contains 4 trail cakes (biscuits and 2 peices of beef jerky) 1 old leather wineskin (contains water). A well made very old, wooden flute, 4 jugglers pins, Red, blue, green and yellow. He carries a pouch with (4 coppers in it) in his pack. His real cash, is hidden in his shoes and his headband, a few pieces of jewelry(perhaps a sapphire or two) and 2 to 3 gold pieces.
Special Abilities: Theiving, Picking Locks, Spotting Traps, Perceptive, Flute playing, juggling
Notes on Abilities: He's terrified of magic. However, Cian is a very talented thief. He's very dexterous, adept at climbing, jumping and dodging. While not as accomplished as former "teacher" Emir, he is very good at picking locks and spotting traps. Cian has very good manual dexterity, he is a talented knife thrower. He is somewhat skilled in knife fighting, though not as accomplished as a fighter, and knows where to strike to do damage. He has very light fingers, and knows the tricks of the pickpocketing trade. (Guard, your money bags!! Around this kid.) Cian is very perceptive, he doesn't have enhanced hearing or anything but he tends to notice things, imperfections and oddities others might not. (He's always darn curious.) The only talent he has apart from his theiving skills is at playing the flute and juggling, while it's a bit rough. He's quite good, and has learned a few tunes apart from the others his mother taught him. He's a very good juggler, and uses this talent to drum up cash. Cian was trained by Emir to move quietly and go unnoticed, he taught him to use his small size to his advantage, when moving through crowds. The better to pick pockets and to notice things around him.
History: Cian was born in the year 513, a chaotic time for his parents. Cian's father Arlic, Suria his mother and little sister, Linette were all part of a group of traveling performers. A band of no more than 15 to 25 individuals, the closest thing to a traveling Circus you can get in Lodoss. Arlic was an accomplished acrobat and his mother was a musician. A simple people, most of the children were raised to follow in the footsteps of their parents, peaceful and freedom loving they owed no alligence to anyone or any nation. Nomadic by nature, they travelled constantly. The only name they used was "Han'eel" (Pronounced HAN E IL), which in their small clan's language meant "Those give joy, and share laughter." Many of these individuals consisted of artists, musicians, acrobats and performers, they usually would camp outside of a town and setup their tents and perform for food, money or items. Even though, at times some settlements regarded them with suspision or harshness.
For the most part, Cian's first six years were peaceful he travelled with his family and clan. Until, the Han'eel were attacked by a large group of mercenaries. The reason for attack was unclear, but they were definitely searching for something. Arlic and several other men were killed, Cian, Linette and his mother were taken as slaves, to be sold as were several other women and children.While traveling to their desitination Suria and some other women, devised a plan to escape. Unfortunately, for Suria and her companions one of their captors got wind of the plan, and those involved were severely beaten. Suria was never the same after that, she became ill and soon died afterwards. Cian and Linette were left in the care, of some of the other women, since they would still catch a good price on the market.After reaching their destination, Cian was separated and sold seperately from his sister. To this day he doesn't know her fate. Cian was purchased by an individual named Emir, a rouge who had a penchant for raising urchins and using them to fill his coffers as thieves. Emir, took the boy and raised and trained him in the thieving ways, he noted the few skills that they boy had from his upbringing with the Han'eel.
For the next few years Cian learned the trade as a pickpocket and thief, at times suffering under the lash for not being as profitable as Emir thought he should be. One day, Cain snuck into Emir's quarters and found a few items from his past, his mother's old backpack and some of the juggling pins on of the performers had owned. It was then he made up his mind to search for his sister and be free, waiting for the right opportunity he gathered a few possessions and left Emir. Cian vowed never to be owned again, and to help any other urchins he found by using his skills as a thief, and of course find his sister.
Currently, Cian travels light and making a living in his "occupation" here and there, Hoping that Emir will never find him and that he can find Linette.
Personality: Cian has a street smart sense of the world, and is a free spirit. Life's harshness has hardnened him to the realities of the world. In many respects he is quite mature on things, and in other things he is still a child. Cian has a good heart and cannot stand to see anyone mistreated or hungry, mostly children like himself. He'll do whatever he can to help them, and worry about the why's and how's later. He doesn't like rules, and prefers to follow his own way. He sees thieving as a legitimate way of life, provided you take from those who can afford it. He has a sense of honor and refuses to take from those who have little. (Meaning if you're rich or seem well off, you'll loose your purse to this kid.) He belives in sharing with others who aren't as fortunate as his "givers" (those loosing their purses) and gives freely to the young, the sick and the old.
Cian can be overconfident of his abilities at times and this gets him into trouble. He has a hard time trusting adults, and is suspicous of them. Because of his small size, he's not much in a straight fight, he prefers to attack by stealth or not at all if he can find other ways out of a sticky sitution. Depending on others is something, he doesn't do easily and finds asking for help difficult.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
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Ciel Starwind

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Name: Ciel Starwind
Age: 21
Birthyear: NRC 505
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Homeland: Valis
Physical Description: Ciel has rather taller figure unlike her younger sister Aiyanna, giving a grandeur aura about her. She is also pale skinned unlike Aiyanna and Erias. As a priestess she wears a smile always, it seems like natural for her to smile.Wears the usual garb worn by priestess of Marfa, her hair is straight and black and is worn loose down to her knees. She also dresses very plainly, a difference from luxurious clothing she used to wear when younger.
She is pretty, almost could have been twin of her mother when she was younger. She has no blemish on her skin, despite a lot of outdoor work. Her eyes contrastwith her hair the greatest, they are also heavily lashed like Erias
Clothing and Armor: She wears the usual white dress and over dress worn by a priestess of Marfa. With the crescent circlet on her head and wears no armor what so ever. She also carries around when ever outside the temple a small pouch of many useful things.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130lbs
Build: Slim
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Skin Tone: Pale
Class: Cleric
Occupation: Priestess of Marfa
Weapons: None
Armor: None
Non-Magic Items: Traveling gear (towels, a change of clothing and utensils), Healing herbs and a small harp and bedding
Horse: Everna
Magic System: Holy
Patron God: Marfa
Magic Items: Marfa Charm, Starwind pendant
Enchantments: None
Special Abilities: Singing, Dancing, Playing Harp
Notes on Magic: Ciel is best at healing, she loves to heal people, especially the poor. She also performs any rituals of cleansing of bad spirits and incase of harder ones, she also asks a higher priestess to help her. Ability to defend is the only way she can survive an attack, since she has no attack abilities at all.
Notes on Abilities: She has good dancing and excellent abilities to sing. She plays her harp to everyone and anyone who needs comfort and calmness. It's her favorite part of work as a priestess. She has lovely singing ability which soothes and calms those who listen to her. Even if she wasn't born with innate magical abilities like Aiyanna it seems that music seems to run through the family and their love for it. She will never go out anywhere without her harp.Sometimes she will teach younger kids in the poor districts in Alania and entertain them as well.
Notes on Enchantments and Items: Only enchanted items she carries is her silver necklace and the charm of Marfa given to her by her superior. Silver necklace of Starwind is basically enchanted to indicate if her siblings are alive, there three drops of each sibling's blood and is keyed to each one of them, so if one dies the glow on the blue gem will dim. The charm of Marfa is just a small enchantment made by her superior because of novice status and is worried about her when she almost goes out daily to attend to the poor people and may get attacked if coming back late.
History: Ciel was born as Ciel Starwind-Irisis, second child in the house. She was also shunned from her mother's side for she was also born without magic like her brother Erias and her mother was even more treated worthless than before.
Though growing up this was also carved deeply into her heart as she saw her mother and father being treated badly by her mother's side. Most of the time they banned her father's business entering their land or surrounding lands, did not talk to her mother, pretending they never known her. Ciel seemed to have inherited her father's knack for business, she would follow her father every were long as sheis permitted to go. Her father was a little dismayed that it was her who was intrested in business then her brother. But he allowed her learn anyways, better then being a pretty sitting doll. She was envious of her younger sister who recieved adoration from her mother's sister when she was born with magic.
Her father hoped that she will be the one to look after his business after he passed away, though outwardly he hardly ever expressed it. She has looks of her mother and brains of her father. She was better at hiding her feelings then her younger or older sibling and had no qualms in doing work. But it all fell apart when she was 10, her town fell victim to rather large band of Goblins.
Ciel, after being separated from her younger sister, she walked by herself until she could reach the next village she could find. Only if she walked the opposite direction, at least she would have been with Erias. In the attack she dodged and blindly ran at times to get past the goblins.Her mind only set on trying to find her younger sister and escape.She didn't have luck at all finding Aiyanna or even Erias, so she walked out of the village as the survivors were gathering the last of the goblins.But she didn't cry, she was 10 years old and mamanged not to throw up at sight her town was left in. She simply walked out, trying to leave the memeory of this town behind.
In the next village,she was wondering around, looking lost until she came upon a scene where a priestess of Marfa was teaching young people of the village of how to use simple herbs. Ciel was fascinated. She loved learning from very young age, and later afterwards, she inquired later, and after traveling around withe priestess a little more, she was placed in care of the temple of Marfa in Alania. Whilst she was with the priestess, she travelled to further south in Valis and to Alan then to Tarba. It was an eye opening experience for her.
She studied diligiently and hoping one day when old enough she could find her siblings after going through inquiring through many temles. She knew her younger sister would be a sorcereress so it wouldn't too hard to find. She was rather patient then most, she was glad to have been in such lucky situation. She also developed an interest for music after hearing her fellows learning how to play instruments. More then any other abilities as a priestess, her ability to sing and dance developed rapidly. So far she is being sent to Kanon to help rebuild it's country after Marmo's previous occupation.
Personality: Ciel is an enthusiastic person, rather jolly and is willing to help at any given time and would devote her free time to playing her harp or playing it for someone. Because of her noble birth, she would stick with the lessons her mother taught her as a little girl. She enjoys teaching her music or playing harp to anyone willing for free, absolutely no charge or money. For she thinks music is one of the highest form of art.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Name: Everna
Gender: Mare
Age: 3
Breed: Krisoon
Appearance: Chestnut with black mane. She has white socks around her legs, giving a slightly odd appearance in terms of color. As Krisoon breed it's much more tougher then saddle horse and it's sinewy body shows it.
History: Provided by temple of Marfa for Ciel's travels.
Temperment: Slightly jolly but also stubborn due to it's tough breeding nature. But with good master it can be handled without much problem. Being young it still can be conditioned to one person such as Ciel. Everna likes Ciel for treating her kindly, never used any whip or what so ever on her as well.
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Ciprian Tremas

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Name: Ciprian Tremas
Age: 23
Birth Year: NRC 503
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Homeland: Lesmoa, Valis
Physical Description: Ciprian is an attractive young man, ideal for a knight. Cip is in very good shape, toned and strong, but not bulky with muscle. He has a handsome face that is a little more than ordinary, but enhanced by his deep, moss green eyes and sun-bleached blonde hair. Traveling has given him more of a rugged appearance and he hasn’t shaved for a few days, which has only improved on his good looks. An old training accident has left him with a thin scar across the bridge of his nose that stops, and then continues on his left cheek. He didn’t allow it to be healed and kept it as a sort of badge. It gives his handsome face just a little more character.
Clothing and Armor: His armor is standard issue armor for the Holy Knights of Valis, which is fine, white-lacquered steel tempered in the best forges of Valis. His armor consists of a breastplate that is trimmed with gold around the edges and emblazoned with a steel patch with a cross, a symbol for Falis. He has shoulder guards, bracers for his arms, a waist band which the plates to protect his thighs hang from, and shin guards that start from his knee and end at his toe. Over his armor, he has taken to wearing a drab gray cloak instead of the bright white cloak with the symbol for Valis on the back. Under his armor, he wears a white shirt and breeches and well-made leather boots.
Weapon: Ciprian’s sword was issued to him by the knighthood and bears no significant markings, but is finely crafted for a knight of Valis. The blade is simple and unadorned, ending at a plain bronze cross guard and pommel with a leather wrapped hilt.
Height: 6'
Weight: 175lbs
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Sunbleached blonde
Eye Color: Green
Skin Tone: Tan
Class: Knight
Occupation: Knight of Valis; Order of the Braver Might
Weapons: Broadsword, dagger
Armor: Valisian Issue Armor; Breastplate, Shoulder guards, waist guard, thigh plates, shin guards, arm bracers.
Non-Magic Items: Traveling pack with various essential items; food, extra clothes, whetstone, oil for sword, razor, flask of whiskey, etc.
Horse: Agel
Notes on Abilities: Ciprian is a talented swordsman, but not by far the best. He has limitless potential that has yet to be tapped, and the determination to reach it, given time.
History: The son of a holy knight and a farmer’s daughter, Ciprian was brought up in the city of Lesmoa. He had five sisters, two older, two younger, making him the middle child. His father was often gone for months on missions, but would come home to his wife and children as quickly as was allowed. Cip admired his father and dreamed of being a knight like him and King Fahn, the Free Knight Parn and all other knightly heroes of legend from the crib.
Ciprian’s father was a good man, and a wonderful father for the time he was around. He treasured his daughters and gave them only the best and looked to his son to carry on his name and do him honor. At the age of ten, Ciprian’s father enrolled him in the knighthood as a squire. Ciprian trained diligently and absorbed everything he was taught. During his time as a squire, Cip’s father had been killed in a battle against the Marmo. This fueled his desire to become a knight and continue his father’s legacy. At the age of sixteen, he was raised to the first order of knighthood, at eighteen, the second order, and at twenty one, he choose the Order of the Braver Might, which was mainly dispatched across Valis and Lodoss if so needed.
Ciprian had been dispatched to Kanon after the War of the Destroyer’s Resurrection and was there until the fall of Roid. He learned about the destruction from refugees and regrets that he wasn’t there. He made a journey to see the remains of Roid and check on his mother and sisters in Lesmoa, then returned to Kanon where he felt more work needed to be done.
Personality: Ciprian is a good man with a strong code of honor. He does what he always believes is right, and looks out for the people. Beyond his knightly personality lies the young man who wants to enjoy life. Every so often, he may get drunk to celebrate. And of course, he flirts, but never comes on too strong to make a girl uncomfortable. Often, he’ll flash a tired barmaid, or overworked mother one of his charming smiles, just to cheer her up. You’ll never find Cip trying to grope a barmaid’s rear; he can’t stand the men who do that with no respect for the lady. With him, it’s always a smile, and if she makes a move toward him, then maybe something could happen. He grew up surrounded by women, he knows at least a little about how they work.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Name: Agel
Gender: Gelding
Age: 7
Breed: Warhorse
Appearance: Agel is a tall bay warhorse. He has socks on all four feet and a thin broken blaze down his nose.
History: Purchased from a breeder three years ago by Ciprian.
Temperment: Intellegent, slightly high strung, obediant, proud
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By Chris Cagel
Daddy's belt, mamas drapes/Standin' tall on the backyard shed/Lookin' cool in my superman cape/I told the neighbourhood girls/Said hey y'all, watch this/My fate was a broken arm/And my reward a one day kiss/When daddy asked me why I did it/I made him laugh out loud when I told him/Cause the chicks dig it//Scars heal... glory fades/And all we're left with are the memories made, oh yeah/Pain hurts, but only for a minute/Yeah life is short so go on and live it/Cause the chicks dig it//Black top road, learner permit/Thought I was Earnhardt/Drivin' fast, but I didn't see the ditch/Took out a mailbox, then a fence, then a barn/The police came and called my father/But I met the farmer's daughter/And when the judge asked me why I did it/He threw the book at me when I told him/Cause the chicks dig it//Scars heal... glory fades/And all we're left with are the memories made, oh yeah/Pain hurts, but only for a minute/Life is short so go on and live it/Cause the chicks dig it//Just throw caution to the wind my friend/And then sit back and watch your life begin, cause//Scars heal... glory fades/And all we're left with are the memories made/Yeah pain hurts, but only for a minute/Yeah, life's short so go on and live it/Cause the chicks dig it//Scars heal... glory fades/And all we're left with are the memories made/Pain hurts, but only for a minute/Yeah life is short so go on and live it/It don't matter if you lose or ifyou win it/Hey the chicks dig it/Oh yeah/Chicks dig it
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Scars heal, glory fades
And all we're left with are the memories made
Pain hurts, but only for a minute
Life is short so go on and live it
'Cause the chicks dig it

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Veriss Trelem

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Name: Veriss Trelem
Age: 39
Birth Year: NRC 487
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Homeland: Kanon
Physical Description: Veriss is a very well built person physically. She seems to be gigantic for a human being. Muscles ripple across her arms and legs. Her chest is chisled and her abs as tight as can be. Veriss has a slightly squarish head. Even her face looks a little muscular. There isn't much trace of feminism on her face. Veriss is a little flat-chested. All across her body are battle scars that dot her muscles, although there are none on her face.
Clothing and Armor: Veriss is never not wearing a normal attire of combat clothing. She wears combat leggings and tunic, made of a strong leather. Battle boots and gloves are also on(Kanon usually). In times of prepared war, she wears full armor, including breastplate, metal leggings, arms, and a helmet(These all reside in Kanon. If she is not there to prepare, they are not available). She is completely covered in a full suit. Under travelling purposes, she wears a thick scale mail(normally).
Weapon: The first weapon, her two-handed sword, is a custom made. It is made longer and thicker than most. The reason for this is that, simply, Veriss is able to handle it. This blade is used in normal fighting combat. Its unique designs and custom engravings make this sword look beyond valuable. This blade was found with her when she was found. The other weapon, a rather overweighted and over sized mace, is strapped on her back. This weapon seems unusable by normal warriors. It seems too heavy. Even Veriss has trouble using it in normal combat. But, when a beserking occurs, she instinctively reaches for it, forgetting the sword for the more destructive weapon. A simple Forging hammer can be grabbed from her leg in times of need. It is nothing more than a heat resistant metal mallet made for shaping hot metal.
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 230lbs
Build: Extremely masculine, Muscular
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Skin Tone: Fair
Occupation/Class: Warrioress and trainer for soldiers of Kanon. Also a blacksmith.
Weapons: Two Handed Sword(Bigger than normal.), Giant Mace, Forging Hammer
Armor: Thick Scale male, battle boots, battle leggings, battle gloves, battle arm coverings, battle tunic, full suit of armor, helmet
Non-Magic Items: Food rations, weapon and armor repair kit, a compass, mapbook, and a bracelet
Horse: Greysoul
Magic Items: Red Crystal that is made to hold a spirit
Enchantments: None
Special Abilities: Berserker
Notes on Items and Enchantments: The Crystal is unused and inactive. No one knows how to activate it.
Notes on Abilities: Beserk: Veriss is a beserker. This is to say that she is possessed by the spirit of rage and anger, Hyuri. This boosts her speed and strength to a whole new level, unhumanly possible without magic. This also blurs her understanding of what is actually happening. The only thing in the mind of the beserker is the need to kill, anger, and the thirst for destruction. Veriss has been toying with this force ever since she got it, training herself to harness it. Although her mind is blurred by the force of the possession, she can still retain a very basic thought or goal in mind. She can force a stop to the power most of the time before she destroys too much or kills an ally. With the already extremely strong nature of Veriss' body, the force of possession and the amount of physical prowess is beyond that of most creatures in the world, minus gods, dragons, and other gigantic creatures. Like all beserkers, something triggers Hyuri naturally. What triggers her is betrayal of nearly any kind. Refer to the history as to why.
History: At birth, Veriss was with a warrior father and a sorceress mother. The mother produced triplets. In this birth, each was, they believed, destined to do much for the world. But, the stress from the birth on her body was too much for her. After the birth, they learned that the children's mother had been seriously damaged during the process. Complications and a lack of a healer of enough reknown to stop the process, the mother slowly and painfully died. Under her last day, she decided that she would cast one last spell. She summoned her husband to her with her tome of Kastuulian spells. She also summoned her three children. the first(Alera, not her original name), she decided was destined to be a sorceress. She blessed the child. The second child(Veriss) she expected to become a warrioress. She blessed the child. The third(Terelyn), she could not envision. She hoped that this child would become something better than the others. She blessed the child as well. She took two amulets. One of blue, one of red, and picked the blue one. Her last orders were to send each child off to be adopted. The amulet of blue, she said, would carry her soul to guide one of them. She chose the first to carry her. The second, the red crystal, would go to the warrioress. She would carry the soul of her father. The third would not receive a crystal. The third, she believed, needed no guide to her life. With her last powers, she sealed her soul into the blue crystal, and died. The first was sent off with a staff and her mother's tome. The second, was sent a month later, red crystal with her and a two-handed sword. The third stayed until she was 1 year and a half. She was sent off a few days before her father died. The crystal of red never recieved the soul it was made for...
Veriss was found at the age of six months. On her was a red crystal and a strange two-handed sword. She was found by a small family in middle to higher class of Kanon. Although the husband scoffed at the thought of bringing in some orphan who came from who knows where, his wife pushed it at him to have him adopt the girl. They already had a son, but the wife wanted a girl. The husband gave in finally and allowed the girl into the house. The crystal was sold off, and it caught a great price, and the sword was put on display in the house, as it's unique designs offered quite a sight.
Sir Trelem, her new father, was a noble and an offical of the Kanon's army. He was one of the most reknowned knights of the time. Although wished to train his son to be a part of the legacy he had created for the family, his son disappointed him. He went off into business and the academies to become another of the scholars of Kanon. But his daughter seemed to grow quite masculinely...
As training commenced one year, at the age of 15, Veriss came to watch. She had seemed to be quite passionate about duels and the like. Combat excited her, and watching soldiers train was one of the best ways to see many matches in a day. She had wanted to be one of them as a child. She wanted to draw a sword and fight evil like the heroes in stories she was told. But now, her passion was more to learn the sword herself, despite the simple brush offs from her father at the request to get taught. But this day, she would get training if it was the last thing she did. She approached a young soldier, and demanded education. He immediately disagreed. So Veriss pulled social rank. She was a noble. He was a commoner. He gave in. She pulled a training sword as did he, and she began to work with him. Her father came later that day, and saw what was going on. His first reaction was to stop it. But he stopped himself and watched. She had quickly learned the basics of fighting. She had learned how to hold the sword. She had learned how to swing it and how to parry. Although she was far from any good, she showed more promise than most his soldiers, who were 18 at the time averagely. The strangest part was her natural muscle to be able to handle a two handed sword, even if it was just training, at only 15.
After the session, she was admitted to an elite combat school with the recommendations of Sir Trelem. Over the years, she studied basic combat. By the age of 21, she had graduated top of her class in swordsmanship, or swordswomanship. By that age, she was fully developed. She was bigger and stronger than most soldiers, and usually more talented. There was rarely a time anyone bested her. Even the more experienced fighters had more trouble than it was worth when fighting her, and most got a loss for their efforts.
On her 22nd birthday, she returned from schools and living on her own to celebrate her birthday and her initiation into being considered an excellent combatant. On this night, they celebrated merrily until late that night. She slept over that night. But this night would be more devestating than any war she could ever experience.
When the moon was full in the sky that night, a rustling could be heard down the hall of her parent's home. She opened the door of her room, nothing but a sleeping gown on. She peered down the hall. Another rustling. It was louder, as if someone was slipping around on a rug... It was coming from her parents room. She snuck down the carpetted halls towards the room. Muffled voices could be heard by then. She knocked on the door. "Mother? Father? Is everything alright?" Everything went deafly silent. In Veriss' heart, she felt something wrong that night...
She slowly opened the door. AS the door swung open, she saw two men in black. On the ground were two dead figures. Her father lay on his bed, a man next to him. Her mother was being held against the wall. Before she could move, a dagger slammed into her side. Next thing she knew, she was in a chair, weakened by the blood falling from her side. She was bound to it. Before her, was her mother. A third man had stabbed her. The man with her mother threw her on the floor and walked up to Veriss, who was wincing in pain. He pulled the hood from his face. It was her brother!
The two bodies that bled on the carpet were servants. Her father lay, unarmed, on the bed, constantly being reminded not to move. Her mother sat up on the floor, shaking in fear, and in tears.
"Happy birthday, sister... You were always worth it... weren't you?!" he yelled at her, dagger in hand. "Always the loved one. You aren't even his blood! You are some worthless mut of a girl. A freak. Some orphan we found on the street."
He balled up a fist in the other hand, brought it to her face, and grabbed it. He stared right into her eyes. "Why are you doing this?!" she asked in shock.
"Because I am a great man and you are a street rat. I shouldn't want to be you!" he yelled at her and smacked her straight in the face. "You took away my family from me! You took everything from me but myself! And I cannot live in a world where you are queen and I am the simpleton! Now, it is my turn..."
The man Veriss knew as her brother turned from her in fury and walked over to his mother. He stared over her, towering over the woman that made him. He grabbed her by the neck and threw her up and slammed her against a wall. She shook with fear and tears fell from her eyes like rain from the darkened sky.
"Stop thi-" his father began to demand, but the blade moved closer to his neck, silencing him.
"I shall show you what it feels like to lose all but yourself!" he declared to Veriss. He slid his dagger around his mother's face gently. "I always loved you... but you never loved me back... You loved your mut of a daughter... I was so much better than her... And you ignored me..." He brought his dagger down, and slammed it right into her stomach. She screeched for a second, before she could speak no more...
"NOOOO!" Veriss screamed, tears rolling down her eyes. "STOP!" her female high pitched voice shreaked at him. Violent forces flowed through her heart. Her fury deepened, an unstoppable rage which was dragging her mind into madness.
"Never! Feel it, sister!" he yelled in his own vengeful tone. He rammed his dagger into his own mother's body mercilessly until his arm ached with stress. He stood up and took a cloth and wiped the blood from his cheek. Her mother's blood, no matter shared with her or not, dripped from his blade. Each drop echoed in her mind as she screamed in pure fury at her brother. No longer did she speak words, but only a mixture of screams of pain and roars of anger.
Her brother then moved over to his father and looked over him the same way he did his mother... No... Please... no...
The two men turned and threw her father against the wall the same. They held him in place, and they together were too strong for him to escape from. The man she once knew began to gently rub the blood stained blade across the man's lips. "Taste it... Taste the blood of your love... Taste the blood that runs through me... Taste the blood that you will never see again!" he yelled at his father.
From that moment on, nothing was heard. Nothing was seen. Nothing... Behind her, standing on his perch, stood Hyuri, the spirit of rage.
The spirit stood and walked to Veriss. At her top point of rage, as he began to lower his blade. The spirit forced it's way into her back.
Her mind was driven mad, her body driven powerful, her soul driven to kill. The bonds shattered. Veriss stood without control. Before they even looked to see her, she was apon them. The men were thrown into walls and out cold. The target was her brother. He was ripped away from her father. As he did, a deep gash was put in his face. the dagger fell, as did her brother. He was slammed into the ground like a rag doll. Before he could react, she was on top of him again. Her giant fists pummeled mercilessly into the chest and face of the young man. He was dead after the first two, but she did not stop. She slammed her head into him and every other limb she had. She was fed up with his body now... or Hyuri was. He was lifted up, a jumble of broken bones, and thrown through the window of the home. Windows shattered and so did the man's soul as he plummeted to the ground below. Veriss' body kept going. She turned to one of the assistants. Visciously, bone after bone snapped in two under the furyful destruction wrought on by the newly crowned beserker. Blood burst across her body and knuckles as the second man died. Veriss grabbed the second man and threw him atop the other man. She then, in anger and need of a weapon, grabbed the room's armoire. She picked it up until it touched the ceiling of the room. She looked down at the two crippled bodies without human thought. She brought the armoire down apon the helpless bodies, crushing them and mingling them with each other. She did this three times, each time falling. Each time, more of their bodies broke off and became a lump of death. She raised it a forth time. But she paused. She felt dizzy... The room began to swirl. The armoire fell atop them, but Veriss fell as well. Hyuri fell dormant to rest, and Veriss fainted from the mighty force and stress on her body. She lay on the floor, with her hair, nightgown, and knuckles stained with blood. The deep gash had worsened from all the bending. Veriss fell to near death. Her father sat on the floor, in shocked amazement. His daughter... What happened...?
The next morning, a healer had been called to care for Veriss. It took days before Veriss was brought back to life, per say. But the healer had mentioned to her father that something about Veriss had changed and it was nothing he could heal. The knights of Kanon could not identify all of the attackers. They took Sir Trelem's word that the leader was his son. But the other two were beaten beyond identification.
Veriss spent the next seventeen years of her life in training of herself, especially in the war effort. In secret, she trained her newbeserking ability. In her dreams, she had dreamt of Hyuri. She had met a preist who had educated her on what she was now. She spoke with elves to learn what she could. She studied and worked hard at control. She did not allow people to know of her beserker ability. Telling people something of that magnitude would be far too dangerous. She kept it a secret, and practiced in fields. Once, she had let loose on a party of Marmo soldiers, who were all annihilated. She wasn't pleased with this, but she did the job that would take seven men to do on her own.
Later, at the age of 32, she began training soldiers for Kanon. She was considered one of the best in the land. She became very loyal to Kanon and it's work to return home. She believed that Kanon did not have a good enough army to take back their home, and dedicated her life to educating soldiers, as that one did long ago, to becoming the best they could turn out to be. Anyone who had the muscle to pick up a sword she could teach, and she did so for her homeland, hoping to return to her roomy home with her father. By this time, she could call Hyuri. But she never used him in battle, especially with anyone on her side around her. She also had forged a giant mace to use in beserking, to be on her back. She trained herself in beserk by always having it equipped and dropping her sword to see the amount of destruction she could cause with it. She was amazed by the devestation she reeped with it.
On the final days of the Marmo war, Veriss was a field commander who led many small victories against the soldiers from the Dark Isle. To her men, she was nothing more than a great friend and leader. She treated them as equals, and they did the same for her. They became close, and it allowed them to trust her that much more. She won several awards for taking out several key groups of Marmo infantry.
Now, Veriss lives with her father. The wound from that night never fully healed, leaving a scar which he believed symbolized the emotional scar caused by his son. Veriss was living out the dream Sir Trelem had planned out for his child. He now has a bad look to the dream, but Veriss keeps him positive. She has recently finished studying war strategy and is still working towards finding the secret of fully controlling the power of Hyuri, like a shaman would other spirits. She keeps her hopes high that she can find the ultimate cure. To be able to control Hyuri, instead of him controlling her.
She is considered one of the most valuable military officers of her time, and holds many medals and honors for service. The king knows her personally and has invited her to his home from time to time for social calls. But most know her as a service to the city, as she spends most her time either training people or doing work around the capitol city, especially with rebuilding projects.
To keep money around herself, she also owns a forge. Veriss spends extensive amounts of time nowadays there, since her training of fighting was about as good as it would get where she was there. She forges weapons for the soldiers and does city metalworking for government reasons. Depending on the task, for the city, she sometimes does things free of charge. These free works are mostly for rebuilding purposes. She has connections with enchanters and can forge with most materials or upgrade weapons. She has a group of expert blacksmiths at her command, who she pays well for their work. Veriss is still learning the ways of these blacksmiths to hopefully live out the rest of her life as, but, for now, she studies their technique and pays their paycheck.
Personality: Veriss tends to be a stoic person. She has worked to keep her temper at a minimum. The warrioress is a strong minded and strong willed person with a knack for being a good person to keep trusts in. She never really shares true feelings on much other than war. She doesn't like romantics or love. She likes to be alone sometimes to clear her mind and keep herself in a good mood.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Quotes: "I don't believe you. Its not the heart of the warrior that drives him. Its the goal that drives him." "No! Don't bother being defensive unless you are about to die! Your best defense now is a double offensive! Stop holding that sword up and attack me!" "I am Veriss Trelem, warrioress of Kanon and blacksmith of the city. And never will I stop serving in it's name."
Name: Greysoul
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Breed: Workhorse
Appearance: Greysoul is basically a highly neutral middle of the way grey, which is where its name derives from. Greysoul is the definition of a muscle horse, with highly defined muscle structure. Greysoul has a long, smooth mane and the normal hair covered hooves. The horse contains an air of strength and warrior's pride that leaves most soldiers unwilling to ride him. His eyes are a deep, cold black that shows the battles that it has seen.
History: Greysoul has seen many a battle. Greysoul's breed was never considered as a battle horse, since it's worth was on farms. However, when Veriss began searching for a new mount, she was immediately drawn to this horse. Its strength of will she could feel, and it had the heart of a warrior hidden inside him. Veriss took the horse under her wing and brought it up as her personal mount from a young age. After the loss of her original, Greysoul matched up better. Greysoul has seen more of the battlefield than most warriors do, and seems to be the only true companion of the warrior, Veriss.
Temperment: Greysoul seems to be a calm soul. His pride seems to be a huge factor in his actions, and will never take second best for either himself or his master. Greysoul was never recorded of having fear or mistrust. Greysoul never relaxes. He always stands tall and strong, no matter the situation. He does not trust anyone on his back but his companion, the warrior Veriss. He is never pleased when anyone approaches him, especially if it is someone doesn't have much bravery to come to him. He tends to act intimidating to anyone who doesn't believe in themselves.
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