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A group of mismatched adventurers are conscripted into the defense forces of a Mossian village.
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Character Profiles

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All character profiles in the Moss sub-plot.
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Rashid Al-Yusuf

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Name: Rashid Al-Yusuf
Age: 46
Birth Year: NRC 480
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Homeland: Storm and Fire Desert, Flaim
Physical Description: Rashid is a tall and very stocky man. He has a large pot belly and is quite hairy. But don't be fooled by his fat, he used to be a skilled mercenary and underneath that fat there are still strong muscles, although age and retirement has made him weaker. He has messy brown hair like Kashue's but a bit shorter, and there are patches of grey hairs sprouting about. He has a thick bushy beard and mustache, the beard just seems to outline his cheeckbones and continues all aound the chin. His nose and cheeks look more sunburned with a more reddish tint, while his eyes are a deep, dark green color. He has a number of scars, most of which are small and nothing too obvious, most are either hidden under his clothing or hair, or even under his beard. He does have one large scar though, it begins around his upper right ear and continues diagonally on to his cheek and then onto his lip, hidden by his mustache.
Clothing and Armor: He wears his armor only when travelling (travelling only at night while in the desert) to protect himself from bandits. He wears white garments, a long-sleeved shirt and pants. A blue and purple sash is hung around his waist where he keeps his 2 daggers. It also serves to keep his pants from falling. Around his neck is a leather string with a ring on it; this is Ishtari's Memento . His bracers are attached to his forearm overlapping his shirts sleeves. His leather sandals (greek in style) tuck his pants in at the top. And over everything he wears a dark blue abaya (like a middle eastern cloak), and a white head scarf.
Weapon: Cresent Howler - It is a medium sized scimitar, that is curved more like a Falchion, but isn't as thick. It's shaped like a cresent moon, as it's name implies, it also can create a small burst of sonic energy (3 times per day) similar effect as if a banshee opened it's mouth and shouted. It also glows a bright red under moonlight only. He keeps it in a finely decorated box, in his sack, and hardly uses it, as of his retirement from fighting.
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 275lbs
Build: Fat, plump-bellied
Hair Color: Short, messy brown hair, he has a mustache and beard
Eye Color: Green
Skin Tone: Reddish-Orange tan
Occupation/Class: A Merchant who travels across Lodoss. He was a former mercenary.
Weapons: 2 Small Iron Daggers; Scimitar "Cresent Howler"; Iron Half-spear
Armor: Studded Leather vest; 2 Leather Bracers
Non-Magic Items: A sack of food, maps, bedroll, waterskin, torches. Usually he is not carrying it, the camels of the caravan are the ones holding everything and all the wares to be traded.
Magic Items: Ishtari's Memento
Enchantments: None
Special Abilities: Diplomacy; Intimidate; Craft (Items, and Weapons)
Notes on Abilities: Diplomacy - as a merchant it is easy for Rashid to engage in negotiations. Intimidate - Rashids large size and rugged look makes him quite intimidating to "weaker" people. Craft - Rashid has learned the trade of making his own items and weaponry, using exotic materials that he found on his journeys when he was younger or gotten through barter.
Notes on Items: Ishtari's Memento -The ring was her wedding ring; It is not actually magical but more symbollic, as he believes it gives him good luck as if she was watching over him.

History: Rashid was born the year 480, in the Storm and Fire Desert. He was born from his mother Naam, and his father Jechk into a family of 8, four boys (he was the second eldest boy; 5th to be born), and four girls. The family was part of a nomadic tribe called the tribe of the Jackal and travelled across the desert for a long time, tribes fought each other, many people were killed and so was Rashid's father and mother, and soon after, many of the others. If the battles didn't kill them it was the starvation or thirst that would kill you as tribes fought over wells and oases'. Soon the tribe banded with another, the Sandworm tribe, as their numbers were depleting, only 2 of Rashid's sister him and a younger brother survived, He was about 15 at the time (495 NRC).
At this time was when he and his sibling were treated as slaves of the other tribe used to do their work, cook, carry supplies, gather water, hunt, anything they could think of. Rashid was always a spirited youth, and stubborn and fought against his "masters", because of this he was whipped, and mistreated far worse then the others. soon after his brother and 2 sisters could not handle the work any longer as one by one they pasted away, and for the next 7 years, he would be a slave, and a warrior to the Sandworm tribe.
Age 22 (502 NRC), it was the Sandworm tribe's turn to be weakened their people slowly dying and Rashid was determined not be a slave of another oppressive group. He sought this to be his chance to escape, while they were down. So, one night he gathered up his strength and slaughtered the strongest men in the tribe in their sleep, stole one of their horses and rode off, not knowing which way or where but anywhere far. He had collapsed and then was picked up by the Wind tribe. They weren't to hard on the boy but tested his strength, by feeding him well and making him fight, they saw he was a good warrior. He would stay with them for the next couple of years. When Kashue came they quickly became friends, and fought together regularly.
Age 24 (NRC) Kashue becomes king, Blade becomes the capital. It is here in Blade where he followed Kashue and the Wind Tribe. He didn't want to just stay there he had greater ambitions and set off as an adventurer exploring Lodoss and Alecrast, it was at this time that he fell in love with a woman from Alecrast, Ishtari, He married her in 506 NRC (Age 26). He had a son named Malik, born in 508 NRC.
510 NRC (Age 30), The War of Heroes begun, heeding the call to battle aiding his country's need, and an old friend (Kashue), Rashid returned to Lodoss to fight in the war for Flaim. He stays in Flaim leaving Ishtari behind in Alecrast, as he helps crush the flame tribe in 512 NRC. He returns to Alecrast only to find that Ishtari had pasted away, from illness, his son Malik (aged 4) was taken care by close relatives. Rashid returned to Flaim with his son and decided to live in Blade.
515 NRC (Age 35) Rashid goes to Fire Dragon Mountain too, to stop Shooting Star. this will be his last adventure. It is here that he has a large scar on his face, it was caused by some falling debrise, that was hurled by Shooting star's powerful breath weapon. Although he never got up close and personal with the dragon. The injury caused him he to reitre and he felt tired of fighting, and decided to spend more time with his son. He became a merchant and brought his son along the trade routes. His absence from fighting, eating alot and living a good relaxed life has made him quite large over the next few years.
526 NRC (Age 46) Rashid now resides in Blade and his son has become a soldier in the army at age 18. Although he isn't as good a fighter as he used to, he still has strong accuracy, and a power slashing attack. He spends his time either at home or travelling with the caravan. sometimes though, he wishes to see battle once again..... once a warrior..always a warrior.
Personality: He is a person who generally loves life, and likes to have a good time. He isn't one to shy away from anything, except tht he doesn't talk much about himself, and usually changes the subject, but in quite a cheerful way. He isn't easily angered and is level headed. He is a man who knows how to act at the right time, example when it's time to be serious he's serious, when it's alright to goof off he will, that
sort of chum.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
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Post by nmnmrm »

Name: Smolgar
Age: 54
Birth Year: NRC 472
Gender: Male
Race: Dwarf
Homeland: Kingdom of Stone
Physical Description: He is pretty big for a dwarf, has a small scar on his right hand and three more in his right arm, one of these goes from his shoulder to his elbow. He looks muscled and has a funny looking face.
Clothing and Armor: He wears a leather pants, gloves and boots; over his clothing he uses a chain mail armor with a small gold triangular shaped ornament. He also wears an iron helmet with noseguard.
Height: 4'5"
Weight: 166lbs
Build: Muscular
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Tone: Tan
Occupation/Class: Fighter/Wanderer-Former Blacksmith
Weapons: Dwarven Steel Large Axe
Armor: Leather and Chainmail
Non-Magic Items: Backpack with some bottles of ale, a lantern and a hammer for blacksmithing
Special Abilities: Blacksmithing
History: He was born in the Dwarven Kingdom of Stone, his father was a blacksmith and after he grew up he decided to have the same job. For him, being a blacksmith was a great job, something that would change later. After the fall of the Dwarven Kingdom he went to Raiden and worked as blacksmith in the shop he bought and kept for years, but later he decided he should go around Lodoss in search for adventure and for a better living, he noticed how boring his life was in Raiden, he still loved being a blacksmith, but he couldn't stand doing nothing else; during his life on Raiden he made human and dwarf friends, during his travels he got great experience in battle and some scars that can be easily seen and also made a mate and friend: Terelyn, with which he traveled and and has worked with many times, probably because they have similar lives. Smolgar still owns his shop in Raiden, but he hasn't been there in a long time, before he left he told a friend to take care of it.
Personality: Smolgar is friendly and funny, but he doesn't let people insult him, likes good ale, thinks that he should not waste his life, reason why he decided to travel around Lodoss; he says "he doesnt know how humans can waste their short lives, he is a dwarf and he worries about doing something important with it"; he never refuses a challenge or the chance of joining a battle, he is always proud of himself, even if he knows he is poor, because he doesn't mind that if he can still be a great warrior; his brave attitude often gets him into battles and gets him hurt but he keeps been so. He keeps the hammer he used for blacksmithing as a important personal thing.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Quotes: "Life is like a bottle of ale, to drink it you must first buy it and then try opening it."

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Terelyn Iktar

Post by Alera Tai'var »

Name: Terelyn Iktar
Age: 37
Birth Year: NRC 489
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Homeland: Iktar Ranch, Alania
Physical Description: Terelyn is a youthful looking woman for her age. Her body is in near perfect shape. She bears scars across her back, legs, chest, and arms. But most to all are never visible when wearing normal clothing. She has a noticable tan street look. She is a slim but muscular. Her muscles are obvious if shown bare, but never an other way, especially with her baggy clothes. She appears to be at least 5 years younger than she is. Most people mistake her for someone in their twenties. Terelyn normally has her hair put back in a pony tail and ruggedly cut short. When glammered for a preformance, her hair seems to shimmer and reaches her shoulders. Her pony tail is tied with a small peice of rope into a tight knot.
Clothing and Armor: Terelyn is, for the most part, poor person. She wears a simple ragedy tunic, but with long sleeves. Thumb holses are cut out of the sleeves, since the shirt itself is too long. She wears pants that have been ripped off at the bottom, perhaps a man's. But very flexible they are. Simple, worn leather travelling boots are on her feet without any such socks. Her clothes all seem raggedy, perhaps even a man's, just made to fit her slim form.
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 154lbs
Build: Slim, muscular
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Skin Tone: Tanned Lightly
Occupation/Class: Bard/Vigilante/Actress/Singer/Mercenary
Weapons: Throwing needles
Armor: None
Non-Magic Items: Needle Pack. Several charms, rings, and other such things bearing symbols on which to prove her connections to high up people.
Magic Items: None
Enchantments: None
Special Abilities: Elemental Transformation and Merging
Notes on Abilities: Transformation: Her true magic lies in the fact that she can turn into elementals of the elements. Merging: Merging is a halfway between transformation and staying human. Her body changes some, but does not leave human form. Ex: If she water merged, her skin would turn blue, as would her hair and eyes, but she would not turn to water. Merging gives the user somewhat of the traits of the element: IE: If used earth element, her skin would become more difficult to peirce, but it would still be like skin. Just reinforced skin...
History: Terelyn grew up on the Iktar ranch, an adopted baby. She was brought up in harsh conditions, as the ranch was not doing well. She grew strong doing manual labor. Her father believed that found children should be gotten rid of immediately, by any means nessicary. The only thing stopping him from doing so was his wife, who demanded she live and grow up as their child. So it had come to be that high respect went to her father and love to her mother. Her father often beat her, leading her to the strong personality she became later. Her mother tried to stem feelings of hatred in Terelyn by pouring in all the love she could. Although her efforts were valiant, in the end, it didn't change much. Terelyn disappeared at the age of 20 and they never heard of their pain in their rear-end or loving daughter again.
During the next 7 years of her life, not much is known. She disappeared off the face of Lodoss, it seemed. No one recognized her or perhaps even saw her during that whole time. At the end of that seven year's time, a retired worker from the ranch noticed her and identified her to be Terelyn. That was the first sighting after that. But, it was noted, that she had changed so much. By the time she was a teenager, the ranch was flourishing, and she had all she could ever need. Fine clothing, nice food, and a good home. But when he found her, she was run ragged, working where she could, without a home, and with little to eat.
He took her in for a short time. She ran off again.
Terelyn began to make a name for herself in the preforming arts world. She ensured only the casting people and entertainment providers knew of her true financial state. Terelyn had made several other names for herself as well as a vigilante and mercenary of sorts. She found that earning money through fighting competitions and for "jobs" by high officials got her enough money for food and an inn room for a time. So she gained more traits, raised the bar on her fighting skills past that of most anyone who could fight with their hands, and practiced her mystical powers hard.
People around Lodoss may sometimes claim to have seen "The Walking Spirit". A spirit disguised in a human who is actually a powerful elemental spirit. Truth be told, Terelyn's magics convinced them of their sight. Although it wasn't true, they couldn't think of a way someone could do that without being a spirit themselves. So the legend grew. Urban legends and rural legends alike told of a walking spirit who hunted whoever it pleased.
For the last years of her life so far Terelyn has been travelling aimlessly, hunting for a job and a way out of her poverty she had fallen into. Still as poor as ever and without a job, she seems to lose hope for her own life.
Personality: Terelyn is many things. A good listener, a moderator, a gung-ho fighter, and yes, even a feminist. She believes women are treated unfairly and never wastes a chance to act on those beliefs against a man who thinks otherwise. Terelyn is a very neutral person, usually letting other people make group descisions, since she was never a group player to begin with. She likes to show some superiority and enjoys joking on people.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Quotes: "Look, if you want to be a butthead about this, I'll have to put your head in your butt, where it belongs." " think you are better than me...huh? Well, at least I'm not driven by my sex drive." "Yes, Ket, If I was a super hero...I can see it now. Full blown fancy armor or cloak. And there is an initial on it in red...'PG'. Stands for poor girl, idiot! I'm no super hero. I'm the neighborhood beat-em-up gal."
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Post by Zaole »

Name: Zaole of the Wind Tribe
Age: 32
Birth Year: NRC 494
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Homeland: Storm and Fire Desert, Flaim
Physical Description: Zaole is tall, slender and hard-bodied, given her life in the desert. She has a handsome angular face, dark of skin and hair with yellowish-amber eyes that stand out starkly. Her long, straight black hair is kept pulled back in a high ponytail with grown-out bangs framing her face. In no way does she appear gentle, she has the look of a hardened warrior. On her left arm she has a tattoo of blue ink in the style of a tribal armband.
Clothing and Armor: Zaole wears a skimpy leather outfit. A short top that laces up the front and ties behind her neck and a knee-length skirt, split up each side and laceing a little ways along her hips. Her sandals' ties wrap up her calves to her knees. On her arms, she wears leather bracers. Over it all, she wears a pure white cloak with a hood, perfect for traveling in the desert.
Weapon: Zaole's three spears are about five feet long, two feet of that length are the double-sided blades. She carries three in case she were to lose one in battle or one would break. Her buckler is well-worn and made of goat hide with a plate from a giant scorpian. The horn bow is small and made of the horns of a bull, but packs a punch. Especially since her arrows have been dipped in the poison of a giant scorpian.
Height: 6'
Weight: 145lbs
Build: Slender, Toned
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Amber
Skin Tone: Dark bronze
Occupation/Class: Hunter, wanderer
Weapons: Three spears, small hide buckler, Horn bow
Armor: Giant scorpian plated bracers and buckler
Items: Giant scorpian venom for arrows, bow strings, small pack with water skins and food rations
Magic Items: None
Enchantments: None
Special Abilities: Desert survival, endurance, stealth
Notes on Abilities: Growing up in such a harsh environment, Zaole has proven to be suited perfectly to it. She can go with out water much longer than any "wet landers"; she can run for miles without breaking a sweat, she has even been known to out run horses in the desert. As a hunter, stealth is important. She knows how to walk without making a sound and lightly enough to hardly shift the sand. However, the wet lands may prove a greater challenge for her than she lets on. She is not at all aclimated to the cold and such large bodies of water that are present frighten her. The humidity may also cause her problems, the only heat she knows how to deal with is the dry heat of the desert.
History: Zaole was born deep in the Storm and Fire Desert into the Wind Tribe. Her clan is one of the deepest desert dwelling peoples of Lodoss, and they take pride in this. A strong people, they can withstand the most trying hardships. Life in the desert is harsh and demanding, those who are soft do not last long. The people of Zaole's clan are much more distanced from the other clans of the Wind Tribe and follow their ancient codes much more ridgidly. Water is sacred to them, spilling even a drop is a punishable crime. Children must grow up fast and by time they are 15, most have found their life's goal, either as a hunter, craftsman, or at the hearth.
Most girls in Zaole's tribe were content to marry young and start a family at the proper time, but Zaole was one of the few girls who preferred to take up the spear. Her family did not stand against her goal, but accepted it. On the battlefield, women who have it in them to be a true warrior are highly respected. Those who are too soft are weeded out before it's too late through rigerous training.
Zaole has spent most of her skills going on hunts for larger desert creatures, but when she was 18, she got her first taste of war. The Flame tribe came into possession of an efreeti and raged war against Flaim. Zaole and her fellow warriors went to battle and fought against the Flame warriors. Much to Zaole's chagrin, the greater portion of the battle was elsewhere. She and her comrades only fought the warriors of the Flame Tribe who were dispatched to put down the Wind clans. Zaole proved herself and protected her clan bravely.
Yet when the war was finished, Zaole found her life becoming increasingly dull. She went on hunts for huge, mysterious monsters in the desert, fought against young Flame warriors who, like her, ached for real battle. Finally, she has decided to leave her hold and travel Lodoss in search of greater challenges in this incredible time of the Chaos War.
Personality: Zaole seems outwardly cold, and is a proud individual with a deep-rooted code of honor. She has an odd sense of humor, and sometimes will shock her friends by suddenly breaking out into laughter at something they don't quite understand. Zaole takes pride in her abilities, such as the ability to keep pace with a horse, and her amazing endurance. She will not betray her friends and allies. Her purpose now is the search of challenges to better herself and prove herself to greater standards.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Quotes: "I came out here looking for a challenge. So far, the only challenge I've encountered is the mud!"
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