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Out-of-character discussion for CEKDII. Development, concepts, planning, etc.
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I'm excited now to come up with all these new ideas and figure out what (may) happen to our characters in the future. It's also good to resurrect some old characters that I had to leave behind.

Why is this Children of Eiyuu Kishi Den II? Well, several years ago, before some of you were even around in EKD, we did create a game with a similar premise. It was sent 20 years in the future from that plotline (which occurred in 526). However, that game was a little more closely bound as the Chaos War plot united more characters. CEKD mark 1 began with a reunion of those heroes, which set off an adventure for the kids when their parents were turned to stone at a ball.

I'm not entirely sure how I'll pursue plots in this game, but I'm sure we'll figure something out. At the least, we'll fly by the seat of our pants.
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