Dark Hearts in the Desert (Archive Repost)

Rescued from a life of thieving and slavery, a boy is offered a second chance at life as the squire of a knight, but first, he must confront the man who forced him into a life of crime.
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Dark Hearts in the Desert (Archive Repost)

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Z wrote:To save all our history for posterity, and boost members' post counts, I'm reposting old threads from the yahoo group and old forum. It may be a long and tedious task, but hopefully it'll be done and we can find all our history in one place!

Meanwhile, on the hot sands of the desert far away from Cian and Ciprian's location, a tent flap opened as two new bargans were led into their new master's tent.

The two youths were found in a village Emir's men had taken great care to ramsack. The few likely slaves that they'd gathered would fetch a decent price, but these two were healthy and would be worth the trouble of getting them.

Rising from his cushions the black bearded figure ran a hand along the neat trim and rounded a finger accross his mustache. Emir was a handsome man, with an angel's smile and a devil's heart. As he stepped around the youths he nodded several times then spoke in their direction.

"Mm good skin, healthy... You girl!! What are you called by?!"

The girl nearly jumped then spoke.


Emir wasn't interested in the boy as much, but the girl was a pretty one. She'd make a some noble or the like happy as a serving maid or bed wench if need be. Either way they would both serve a purpose. As merchandise. Still he was bothered by the fact Cian was loose, and he'd heard nothing from Ranth or his companions. It might have been nothing but.....Emir hated loose ends. And more than that he wanted the boy to pay.. to pay dearly for the scar he'd given him.

Gazing out of the flap, he turned his attention from his two new wares to regard the burning hot sands and thought dark thoughts of a grey eyed youth..

Ye'll pay dearly boy...when we meet I'll scar you as you did me..and worse.

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