Day at the Port Market (Archive Repost)

Rescued from a life of thieving and slavery, a boy is offered a second chance at life as the squire of a knight, but first, he must confront the man who forced him into a life of crime.
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Re: Day at the Port Market (Archive Repost)

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Cian was overjoyed and followed along as he looked from the Apothocary back to Cip. He remained silent watched the streets, a few people moving through here and there he spotted as amateurish but potential theives. The young man shook his head and continued on as he listened to Cip and the dark elf speaking.
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Re: Day at the Port Market (Archive Repost)

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"So you'll take care of him while we fetch Carianna?" Ciprian asked for confromation. Kylia had been rather vague. He worried about her safety, but he had to remind himself she was an assassin beyond an apothecary.
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Re: Day at the Port Market (Archive Repost)

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Kylia grinned, she had been trained to use these sorts of things. She did not want to ever use them, though now was the time.

"I'll handle him and have him neatly packaged up for you, personally I think we should all hear what he has to say. Just come to the inn as soon as you've found her, you'll find me pretty easily."

She would not have her way with such a man though, to her one such as him would have his throat slit before anybody could stop her. Death was the only real punishment for their kind.
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