Thiana's Arrival

Two malcontent sons of the dark elf Kiran set out to find him and make him pay for his crimes against their mothers. Meanwhile, Kiran is trying to escape death long enough to meet his youngest son with the dark elf Thiana.
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Thiana had been fortunate enough to have been picked up by a fishing ship, this trip had been rather chaotic so far and she was still in good spirits. Once she had arrived she looked to the captain of the ship, who had been more than helpful.

"Thank you, I apologize if I inconvenienced your trip any. I am grateful for the rescue, I have no way of repaying you however."

She merely got a light nod in reply before they went to work unloading their catch, she had spent the trip sleeping and was well rested. Calling Theros to her side she headed to The Tiger Lily Inn, where she had stayed at on previous trips. Now she had to find information on Kiran, hopefully he had been seen here.
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Re: Thiana's Arrival

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Bumping this thread to clear the archives. Sorry if it ends up in anyone's inbox.
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