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 Post Posted: Tue Jul 11, 2006 1:28 pm 
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Eiyuu Kishi Den is a fast paced and controlled RPG. We don't just let people do whatever they want with no regard for other players, or fade into the background when they're lost. We do the best we can to keep everyone active.

The game is rated R. There is some sexually suggestive content and occasional gore, as well as language. We strive to keep the game as realistic as possible. We have structure, and these rules must be followed if you wish to stay in the game. Posts that break rules will be deleted or you will be asked to edit them. Continuous rule breaking will lead to removal from the game.

  1. Leave of Absences: If you need to take a leave of absence for five days or longer, post a message on the LOA board. If you do not leave a message, you might risk holding up the entire game, in which case a moderator will attempt to contact you. If you don't respond in the necessary amount of time, your character may be controlled as needed by the moderators. You may opt to leave your character in control of a moderator or a trusted player in the event of long absences, however your character must be dealt with some how.
    Guidelines for the LOA Board
    • Do NOT notify moderators of your leave through email or IM unless there is no other way to get your message through! We might not remember.
    • Please post your own message if at all possible. Using your own screen name is more likely to catch the eye of people in your thread.
    • It is a good idea to check the LOA board whenever you see a new message icon.
    • When you return from your leave, post a reply to your thread to state that you're back.
  2. Personal Conflict: Do not allow personal feelings about another player to come into the game. Keep those feelings personal and don't let it interfere with your character's actions. If you cannot do this, discuss your situation with the moderators for guidance.
  3. Posting: Post as often as needed in your scenario. It is suggested that you post at least once every two days to keep up, but there should be no more than a five day wait between your posts in an active thread. If you can't post because you're waiting on another player, you won't be held accountable. If you cannot post for five days or longer, take a LOA. Characters not posted for at a reasonable pace may be controlled by moderators or written out.
  4. Obscene Language: Cursing isn't much of an issue so long as it is used for only dialog, sparingly and is fitting for the time period.
  5. Lodoss Continuity: Stay true to the Lodoss world and story line. Please don't introduce foreign elements to the game taken from other anim├ęs, fantasy series, games, or mythologies. If you are uncertain about something, discuss it with the moderators.
  6. Character Moding: Do not control, injure, or kill another person's character unless you have their permission. This rule does not apply to moderators in situations where it may be necessary to deal with a character whose player is unavailable and holding up the story. In situations of a member who has left the game, or has been gone for an especially extended period of time and considered gone, the fate of characters is left up to the moderators, unless the player has left us with their wishes for their character. In these cases, characters that have been abandoned may be taken over as a character by another player (approved by the moderators), used as an NPC by a moderator, or written out as the situation permits. We do not simply drop characters as if they never existed, except in cases of a character having only a fleeting appearance in the plot.
  7. Sex: If someone is going to have sex in the game, just leave off at a point where it's suggestive as to what they are going to do without giving too much away. Do not go into detail! (Note: We have a section of the forum dedicated to adult RPGs. If you're interested, and over 18, you may join this section by applying through The Perverts usergroup. Go the User Control Panel, then to the Usergroups section, and find The Perverts group on the list. Apply to join and a moderator will approve you if you are of age.)
  8. Power Moding and Add Ons: Do not make any major plot twists, gain powerful items or powers without a moderator's permission. Any additions or revisions of abilities and magic must be approved by the moderators before it can be put into play. Post any updates or revisions of your characters on the Character Updates board.
  9. Assumption: Do not assume any physical or magical attacks you make on another PC or some NPCs hit. Make your move, then leave it up to the other player to decide if it hits or not, and be reasonable. All players should be willing to take some hits if it's plausible for the character's abilities or situation. For any fights with NPCs, the thread leader will let you know if you can deal with NPCs on your own or if you'll be dueling with the controller of the NPCs.

Role-Playing Suggestions
  • Love and Relationships
    It's quite common for romantic relationships to develop in an RPG between two characters, but many people go about this in the wrong way, or seek to make the relationship ideal. One thing that is far too common in RPGs is love at first sight. Often times a character will suddenly fall in love with the first member of the opposite sex they meet, or at least the first attractive member. Sure, it's one thing to be attracted by good looks, or become infatuated to believe it's love, but love takes time to grow. Don't seriously go about this love at first sight, your character may believe they're in love, but would be more truly infatuated.

    Relationships are not easy, not in the real world and they simply wouldn't be interesting in a story if a pair fell in love and lived happily ever after. Don't try and make your character be the perfect mate, or give them a perfect relationship, but give them flaws that could either make or break the relationship. Let them grow, be it together or apart. Drama is encouraged. So don't go trying to start a perfect soulmate-found happily ever relationship in this RPG (I would suggest that you not do that in any RPG). Let your character develop as they will, and if they find love along the way, great.
  • Reading Minds
    Some people will read another character's thoughts in a post, then reply and try to improve their characters image to what the other would like to see, even if it might go against their characters personality. You character generally isn't a telepath! Ignore what the other character thinks and only focus on actions.
  • OOC Knowledge/Metagaming
    Try to keep separate what you know out of character from what your character knows. For example, if a character introduces themselves with a false name, your character will assume that is their real name and that name should be used in text and dialog. If you know something about the plot that your character doesn't know, don't slip up and play your character into that knowledge.
  • Too Much Information and Too Many Actions
    Some players tend to cram as much possible information and interaction into a post to make it long, because long is always assumed to be good. Long is good when it includes thorough descriptions of actions and thought processes. Long is NOT good when one tries to interact with as many characters as possible. If there are multiple things you want to say to different characters, hold it back and address ONLY the first character you want to interact with. Complete the interaction with the other player BEFORE interacting with the other characters, or doing an action that would move your character away from the one they just interacted with.

    If you have to reply to multiple characters speaking to yours, go ahead and combine responses to all of them. It might help if your character feels frustrated with so many people talking at once.
  • IC =/= OOC
    In character does not equal out of character. What happens in the game to your character has nothing to do with you personally. If your character gets into a fight with someone else's, it does not mean that person is angry with you. If another person's character wants to have a romantic tryst with yours, it does not mean that character's player has a crush on you.
  • ICA = ICC
    In character actions equal in character consequences. If your character does something to offend another, there will be consequences. Just like in real life, there are consequences to your actions. However, don't be afraid of these consequences! It only adds more flavor to the story!

Also: Adriel, Aiden Silvermoon II, Ailil, Anisa Amri, Barbarian Barbie, Bella, Centauress Cissiria, Ciprian Tremas, High Elf Seri, Granite Stoneheart, Katela el'Baran, Kiran, Kitsa Stormeyes, Lady Kavryn, Meridian, Mia, Midwife Lien, Mudan Jasil, Myrela, Naclia, Natasi, Olula, Permanent Tears, Pirate Kreoss, Priestess Elohssa, Priestess Jenesis, Priestess Lianora, Priestess N'shara, Priestess Sairina, Priestess Sura, Priestess Thalia, Princess Elianna, Sevrina, Silvia, Vampiress Ileta, Vanaia, Werewolf Xanin, Y'ezela, Zaole, and Zira.

Yes, I am crazy.

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