Who would play your character?

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Who would play your character?

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In Livejournal RPs, it's pretty common for players to chose a "PB" for their character. PB stands for "played by", and what they do is chose an actor whom their character should resemble and use that as their avatar for posting.

But I'm just curious, who might you cast in the role of your character(s)?

Thalia - I don't know for most of my characters, but there was a Revlon model I saw on TV once who struck me as Thalia, but I have no idea who she was or a picture. I suppose any number of pretty blonde actresses could play her. Maybe Scarlet Johanson?

Ciprian - Paul Walker (from The Fast and the Furious--the only movie I can think of off the top of my head) would totally fit into the role of Ciprian. Or maybe William Moseley (Peter from Narnia) when he's older.

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