Eliamn's History!!1!1

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Eliamn's History!!1!1

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I was going through my PM inbox when I found this. I figured I should probably share the lols with everyone else. :P

Eliamn wrote:History:

Eliamn is the highest level daughter of the top nuker in the elven village. Her family has ebayed for a long time, so, their offspring often start with free, powerful magical items from the moment they are created. Eli, after being twinked, was led around in an XP group with the powerful nuker bot Seri and they did AoE nuking to help raise the former's level quickly.

However, since her account couldn't be payed for when there was the big GM event called "War of the Demon King", she wasn't there and couldn't get the extra XP Aiden and Naclia got - this is how the two others caught up in levels.

Eli's player has two lower level alts, Featarel and Kanil, but they only end up being XP leeches in parties because Eli is the main character and had some uberness rubbed off from Seri and on her. Because of the power leveling, Eliamn was able to reach a high enough level to access epic level zones like the 'Glassy Woods' and 'Spirit Realm' after doing enough fetch quests for the 'Ancient Tree' NPC.

When she was high level enough, Eli tried to confront the Level 125 Raid Boss 'Ento' so she could get the ultimate summon rare book drop, but ended up being totally PWNed in combat and had to abandon her tank - a unicorn summon - so she could log out and avoid being killed and get a xp penalty.

For a powerful twink like Eliamn to fail to defeat Ento was very lame, so, more power leveling was in order. She joined a group of drop farmers whom were leaving her newbie zone so she could gain more levels, upgrade her summon spells and improve her gear before she would come back and get the coveted drop in the 'Spirit Realm' zone.
Also: Adriel, Aiden Silvermoon II, Ailil, Anisa Amri, Barbarian Barbie, Bella, Centauress Cissiria, Ciprian Tremas, High Elf Seri, Granite Stoneheart, Katela el'Baran, Kiran, Kitsa Stormeyes, Lady Kavryn, Meridian, Mia, Midwife Lien, Mudan Jasil, Myrela, Naclia, Natasi, Olula, Permanent Tears, Pirate Kreoss, Priestess Elohssa, Priestess Jenesis, Priestess Lianora, Priestess N'shara, Priestess Sairina, Priestess Sura, Priestess Thalia, Princess Elianna, Sevrina, Silvia, Vampiress Ileta, Vanaia, Werewolf Xanin, Y'ezela, Zaole, and Zira.

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