10 Facts (Reposted)

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Re: 10 Facts (Reposted)

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Xanin Erran

  1. Xanin was a character created to fill a void, since no one else was creating characters for the Marmo Republic. >.< I created him to give Thane and Kisten someone to interact with.
  2. His name came from a name generator, and I wanted something unique. I liked Erran, but we needed to fill a void in X names, so I took Xanin when it came up. Erran became his last name.
  3. Physically, he is based on my friend Dan. He's a very unique looking person, being 6'8" with curly red hair, and such a handsome face. Sometimes my friends can be a good inspiration for a character's appearance without me having to put much thought into it. I did the same with Mudan and Olula. These characters are only based on what the person looks like though. I don't use aspects of their personality. I need to learn about the character's personality on my own.
  4. I worry that Darthvegeta might be offended by the fact that I made Xanin taller than Thane, after I insisted that Thane be shorter than 5'9". However, I felt that since Xanin isn't a leader, it wouldn't be so bad. Xanin tries to slouch and appear shorter than he is though.
  5. He's a rather anti-social character; he doesn't like crowds for various reasons; partially because his height makes him uncomfortable and partially because most people he knows know he's a werewolf and are uncomfortable around him, or they sense that something isn't quite right about him.
  6. He doesn't ride horses. Besides, his legs are long enough to keep up with most horses.
  7. When I was trying to figure out how much he should weigh, Dan told me that the last time he weighed himself he was 180lbs, but that was a few years ago. I had to figure out Xanin's weight on my own. After all, he should be more toned than Dan.
  8. I like agility based fighters, so that's what Xanin is. Again. :P
  9. I've never played a werewolf (at least my own. I RPed Krisatris for Brian, but that doesn't count), so that's why I made Xanin one.
  10. Xanin has been a werewolf for most of his life, so he has good control over his transformations during the full moon.
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Re: 10 Facts (Reposted)

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1. The name came from the name Sazon I just replaced the O with A.

2. She has white hair because I generally like characters with white hair.

3. She has blood red eyes in tribute to my favorite and best female character ever RANKO!

4. She likes Marfa for allowing the sun to shine on Marmo.

5. She wants revenge on the people of Kanon as much as Sweeney Todd wanted revenge on that Judge for taking his wife and daughter away after locking him up for false charges (and if you have no idea what Sweeney Todd is then you are a n00b!)

6. She loves her Marmo! She loves Marmo lots!

7. She likes to do things by herself when at all possible.

8. She's a lesbian in denial.......... (whistles)

9. She doesn't like it when men touch her, she really doesn't like it when men touch her.

10. She's eager to kill things.
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