10 Facts (Reposted)

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Re: 10 Facts (Reposted)

Post by Kitsa Stormeyes »

Time to come clean! *cough*

1. Kitsa and Aiden's original player, Lisa Chavez, never existed. I actually made her up to test my acting/role-playing abilities and see if I could be convincing as a completely different person. However, it became too much effort to carry on this seperate persona, so I had her leave and I took over "her" characters.

2. Kitsa is originally based on a character concept I had when I was younger. She was inspired by a Native American Barbie.

3. Kitsa's color shifting eyes were something I threw in to be slightly munchkinish and be somewhat out of my style. Not that color-shifting eyes are unnatural, in fact, mine are known to do it, but it's not really based in emotions. I think it has to do with blood circulation in the eyes. Since Kitsa's eyes shift in one range of color (gold to red), it's more natural than, say, blue to red.

4. Kitsa and Aiden's father was born before the fall of Kastuul and I was inspired earlier tonight to write a little about him.

5. I'm not sure if Kitsa and Aiden will meet in the game...at least not any time soon!

6. While most of the time, she's almost as flighty as Luria, she can become very mature and focused if the mood calls for it.

7. In the Chaos Wars, Kitsa was to have a short fling with Naclia's long lost older brother, Terin. This resulted in a daughter, Natu, in the Children of EKD spin-off game.

8. Kitsa has four images, and two of which were drawn for her. The first image served as the inspiration for her outfit, and is called Black Angel, by an artist called Asagi. Zatch edited the image to remove the wings. Kitsa also has a drawing by me, and one by Naomi Ainslie who did a couple requests for group members. The fourth image was a picture by Amy Brown that seemed to look just right for Kitsa.

9. Lisa served as a guide to other players in a subtle way. When I wanted people to do something, she was always the one to follow my directions to almost a T.

10. I gave Lisa the birthday of May 12th, since she sort of felt like a Taurus. It turned out that that's Jamie's birthday too. Sorry Jamie, no twin for you.
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Re: 10 Facts (Reposted)

Post by Mana Link »

10 facts about Jet

1. Jet is my first truly irredeemable character.

2. He is true evil, and never has regrets about anything he does.

3. He never speaks with contractions, although I do all the time.

4. Although he has a sword, he rarely gets the chance to use it. He relies, instead, on his purse and his intellect.

5. J. Alastair Silverstein was the name of a decendant of the original Midau.

6. Jet is one of those people who would take to bed almost any woman who showed some amount of class.

7. Jet has no respect for women at all.

8. Jet wants to get revenge on Malak for something Malak's father did.

9. He "succeeded" in his revenge when he impregnated Sophia with Lilly.

10. Inspiration for his character came from one of my favorite passtimes: playing strategy games.
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Re: 10 Facts (Reposted)

Post by Zira »

1. Zira was the first Lodoss character I made, originally started as a doodle in class.

2. Zira was originally Pirotess's cousin and was supposed to look like her in structure. I've since removed that detail for the new game.

3. I gave Zira a mysterious healing power inspired by Blake's Reiki healing before I understood it. That too was removed.

4. Zira's history with Kiran was vaguely based on my ordeal breaking up with Blake. At least emotionally, Blake didn't cheat on my like Kiran did to Zira.

5. I played her in a couple other Lodoss RPGs before EKD. Her first RP lover was Lance, a very emo dark elf who was basically the avatar of his player, who I dated for a couple months. Lance is still in her history, but I think I changed him to a human.

6. Zira's lover in the Chaos Wars plot was Blaze, Gale's dragon-kin character. Later on, when he wasn't posting much, I was so frustrated because Zira was constantly with him, and I couldn't do much with her until he posted.

7. Zira and Edwin will probably hook up if Zira has anything to say about that, and if he falls in love with her, she will be true to her nature and bolt sooner or later.

8. Zira and Blaze had a son for the Chaos Wars plot, Gabriel. And she passed her estrus cycle last year, so there won't be an unplanned half-elf in this game. ;)

9. I gave her history a big overhaul a few months ago that I was very proud of. :P

10. I've kind of lost my feel for Zira. I need to find it again. Blame Gale!
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Re: 10 Facts (Reposted)

Post by OokeStoneskull »


1. Ooke was originally my Cleric/Necromancer character in DnD
2. I choose to make Ooke a cleric of Kardis as a balance character. Good on the inside but evil by practice.
3. It wasn’t until after I watched the ROLW DVD that I realized Ooke is meant to be like Carla with out all the power.
4. Ooke Blackskull of the Stoneskull clan. I gave him a clan because I feel all dwarves should have one.
5. Ooke has no eyebrows because he is a bit touched and enjoys shaving them.
6. He has a fascination with grassrunners. Just because it adds character
7. He is supposed to be very tribal, that why I gave him Celtic tattoos.
8. Ooke has a bit of an inter demon that he fights with out loud.
9. Ooke was meant to through people off with his bright and clean appearance as a dark worshiper.
10. I have a few twist and turns for this character to deal with over time.
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Re: 10 Facts (Reposted)

Post by Wolf »


1. He's been in almost every fantasy RPG I've played.

2. Usually an aeromancer, has been a werewolf once.

3. Always a swordsman.

4. Is one armed now because I thought a handicap would be interesting to play.

5. Name means "(sword)edge" [刃].

6. Likes to always be on the move, to be free like the wind.

7. Has had a gay incarnation.

8. I figured a first born son in line to succeed anything (even minor nobility) wouldn't have any reason to leave but someone futher down the line would have a chance. His heritage will probably never come up in-game.

9. The last few incarnations have been based around a picture of a character from a Korean RPG (Magna Carta).

10. I've run out of facts, my characters arn't that deep.
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Re: 10 Facts (Reposted)

Post by Mudan Jasil »

1. Mudan is a rip-off of a friend of mine, appearance wise. His avatar is an edited pic of Anthony.

2. Mudan Jasil is Anthony's Star Wars name. Mud from his last name Mudrick, An from his first name, of course. Ja from whatever his mother's maiden name is, and Sil from Silverton, his hometown.

3. I want to make Mudan's outfit, then have Anthony wear it, take a picture and use it for Mudan. :P And he thought it was a great idea too. XD

4. Personality wise, I couldn't base him on Anthony, and he needed a more screwed-up past. However, I keep trying to play him as Anthony. It's been hard to "find" Mudan. >.<

5. Mudan doesn't have a loyal bone in his body.

6. He wants some sweet lovin' from Ursula. XD As if that much wasn't obvious!

7. His mother died of Syphillis.

8. He has low luck, which was shown when I introduced him playing dice with Tornalin.

9. I had him leave home with a slight intention of finding his father, but I don't think he'd give a damn.

10. I'm really having a hard time creating a personality for him. ^_^;
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Re: 10 Facts (Reposted)

Post by Zatch »

Pretty late but I guess I can post for former characters.


1. He's the first character I've played in this or any other PBEM and there fore has had the most time to evolve.

2. When I created him I gave him a unique magic system. The only reason Zira let me get away with it was because I started it when the game was much more lax about giving your own characters special abilities, Zatch's magic was sort of grandfathered in.

3. I've tried playing him in other games with little success, which is why I generally don't play the same character in two games.

4. He was originally going to be a true neutral allignment with no concerns beyond his own safety or amusment.

5. He started out with a battle scythe, when I decided to make him just a little more realistic I gave him a rapier.

6. I admit it, I had Zatch fall in madly love with the first female he encountered in the game.

7. As a part of an abandoned storyline his birth name was Crassus and he changed it to Zatch shortly before his first appearance in the game. Originally I was going to have his long lost brother hunt down and try to kill Zatch (thinking that he was a seperate person) and then have a big reunion when his brother found Zatch/Crassus. The idea was scrapped when I started to play it out and realised that it would only add confusion.

8. At first I thought him as a geeky younger brother of Ashuram in appearance (I even used those exact words in the first draft of his profile.) I later found a picture of Vincent from FF VII on a bishi site that worked well. I still feel dirty and paranoid that someone saw me save the picture on a school computer.

9. I traced his lineage back before the fall of Kastuule because an abandoned storyline (I have a lot of those.) that involved one of his ancestors. One of which was named Allucard after the main character Castylvania: SotN. I didn't realize then just how the popular the game was or how many people would be able to call me on it so I went back and changed it. If you've played RPGs for any amount of time then you know how hard it is to come up with 17 fantasy names on the spot. Sometimes you have to cheat.

10. Zatch is probably the nearest and dearest to my heart. Kai was better liked by other players and even more fun to play, but Zatch is still the only character I've truly breathed life into. When something bad happened to him it burned me out, when things were going his way it gave me a charge. When the Chaos War was abandoned I took it hard because I knew I would never be able to make the same Zatch in another game.
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Re: 10 Facts (Reposted)

Post by Priestess Sura »

I'm going to bump this back up.

  1. Sura was originally an NPC in an old Chaos War plot. She was a slave of sorts to Aelis, who was a bandit leader. He also owned a woman named Daeira, and his underlings brought him Katela who he planned to sell.
  2. I wanted to make Sura insane, and I settled on an extreme case of bi-polar. I'm already slightly bi-polar, so it provides a good base.
  3. She is sort of a replacement for Sevrina. I'm done playing her, but I needed a new crazy dark elf, I suppose.
  4. Sura wants children, even though she knows that she wouldn't make a good mother. The next time her estrus rolls around, she'll probably try to get pregnant.
  5. She hardly ever summons spirits other than dark spirits.
  6. Usually the sexual characters are tall and curvaceous. Sura is not.
  7. Sura's metabolism is faster than normal, even for an elf. She's much like Penna in this respect. Neither of them can carry a pregnancy to term because their bodies can't support them and a growing child.
  8. Her hypersexuality is not for me to get my kinks out, or anyone else's. I'd probably be offended if anyone suggested that. It's a part of her condition.
  9. I've got a good feel for her right now, I guess. Hopefully I don't lose it.
  10. I felt really rushed at the end of her history.
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Re: 10 Facts (Reposted)

Post by Adriel »

Adriel wrote:1. Adriel was originally the son of Kiran and Moryssa from the Children of Eiyuu Kishi Den. He had a twin sister, Zo. Adriel had his father's physical structure and Moryssa's coloration while Zo had Kiran's color and Moryssa's structure.

2. I don't remember where Adriel's name came from, because my memory sucks, but it was chosen between Mory and me, and I think one of us got it from babynames.com.

3. Adriel's mother, Nehen, got her name from a Stonehenge poster on my wall. I was looking at the word STONEHENGE, saw Nehen in it, and decided it looked like a cool name to use somewhere.

4. I was inspired to bring back Adriel when rewriting Kiran's history. I felt that with his promiscuity and the lack of contraceptives, Kiran had to have a kid. There was also the fact that I didn't feel Kiran's banishment had enough of a serious reason behind. I wanted to stick to the original story of breaking the clan elder's daughter's heart, so what could hurt her more than tricking her into loving him, tricking him into knocking her up, then cheating on her. That'd piss daddy off for sure!

5. It was easier to stick with Adriel's original appearance since I have a small (crappy) picture of him from CEKD. So, Nehen has the same coloration as Moryssa.

6. Adriel wants to kick Kiran's ass. Like just about anyone whose met him.

7. I am too distracted to finish.

Now I have a few things to add...
8. Adriel often slips back into the dark elven tongue because it's so much more natural to him. Most of his conversations among his dark elven companions should be in dark elven, though some times I'm in a rush and forget.

9. Because the common tongue is not is first language, Adriel speaks without contractions and colloquialisms.
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Re: 10 Facts (Reposted)

Post by Little Knight »

Got bored, figured i'd try it out to.

1. Fenix originally got his name from a hero from Starcraft, although their personalities, fighting styles, and even race were totally different.

2. Fenix, well, is basically a play on words of 'Phoenix', in the game, it was a bit of a running joke, as Fenix dies, then comes back as a dragoon. In the first EKD, chaos war, Fenix did dissaper from the plot, briefly replaced by his alter ego, before making his reappearence as well

3. I've never put much thought into his parents, primarily because in the initial plotline, Fenix had no contact with them before he was sold to Wagnard, and even in the new plotline he was to young to remember them.

4. I always liked Fenix, although the current incarnation is a bit more realistic... and surprisingly enough based off the hentai version of them in the short lived hentai game. The initial concept was more like Niklas, but not naive and he was a bit more self-loathing

5. Fenix's appearence remains relatively unchanged, although he no longer sports his red eyes. Rather, he still has the same colored as when he split from his alter ego.

6. Fenix's motivations include getting laid, and the part that is still roughly loyal to Cha'za wants him to seek a bargain. Most of his actions are self motivated, although generally good natured.

7. Fenix is actually athletic built, although probably on par with most people his age.

8. Fenix's personal preference to get laid is hormone driven, and as you've seen in the vampire thread and mercenary thread, he'll indulge or make decisions based on it.

9. Fenix is an easy toon to play, primarily because he's pretty basic all around. The only hard thing is to put in brief bursts of intelligence he occationaly gets, although basicly he is very much personified in a wheel of time character named Matrim

10. Fenix is probably one of the few characters I wouldn't kill off, and probably the only one who would probably fully survive a novel if put in. Poetic justice is on a lot of my toons, but Fenix hasn't done anything totally unethical or unspeakably evil in his lifetime, except for maybe Niklas.


1. Silemria's name comes from, at least partially, from the Valkyrie Profile characters 'Silmeria"

2. Her name means nothing, but it did sound fantasyish at the time, and i've been using it for some time.

3. Initially, Silemria was going to be a character in a novel I was making called 'Calamity Affection', which is where the Bloody Rose mercenary guild comes from. In it, she was still burned, but completely blind. However, through the blindness, she was unmatched in melee combat, and had hightened reflexes that would put anthros and elves to shame. When I made her in a pbem called 'Raven's Keep', she was burned, but still retained the use of one eye. Her motivations, and history still remained the same.

4. Sil's personality is based off the typical female mercenary, but has undergone a few changes in her incarnations. Initially, she was semi-quiet, and silent during missions. This was due to her trying to 'hear' her surroundings, similiar to a bat's ability to fly in the dark. As such, she didn't drink, but was a terrible braggart. At the end of the series, upon rushing the Black Knight, and mortally wounded, she told him Death's love is eternal, and that Grim had given her enough strength to take him with her.

5. Sil's appearence has remained the same, although initially she wore a blindfold around the upper portion of her face, or a cowl. Since she is not fully blind anymore, she wears an eye patch now. Also, her weapon of choice has changed. Initially, it was a sickle she dubbed 'Soul Taker', and actually had an unholy enchantment on it that caused the wounds she infliced to fester and puss in a matter of seconds.

6. Silemria has become a bit less fatalistic, and far less motivated by revenge. She enjoys her job a lot more than her first incarnation, and if anything would put her off from trying to kill the killers of her family, it would definately be her career. In the lodoss game, she seeks magical artifacts, and probably would have searched for items like the Sceptor of domination if she had heard of it.

7. Sil's built has remained unchanged, she is athletic and toned, although not busty. She is slim, not leggy. In her initial incarnation, her appearence was not the cause of any attraction; rather, it was her unwavering will. In the current incarnation, her eye is considered piercing, and her most drawing feature.

8. Sil's actions are generally based on her own will, and what she believes is the right response. As such, all incarnations have always been considered stubborn, and at times, anti-social. At the moment, she follows Zira for no other reason than that the dark elf does things the way Sil would. The only time she is terribly swayed is when revenge, and a quick way to get it appears. In the novel, she quit a mission because the object of her revenge had made himself open. While her fellow mercenaries did aid her, in the end she was still mortally wounded by sheer numbers, although did end up succeeding.

9. Silemria can be hard to play; Since her personality is semi blood thirsty, she actually becomes easier to play when she fights. Outside, since she can act stubborn, and at times unpredictable, sometimes I end up rolling a dice to see her action.

10. Silemria is a character I would kill off if the storyline warrented it. As with what was stated in her question and answer sheet, she 'has killed more people than the plague'. Since this is an unspeakable act, in the end she'll probably die, although it might not be in the game, but mentioned outside of the game.

Other things I forgot to add about Sil

11. Initially, she had several nicknames that were a bit darker than what she is known as in the lodoss rpg. These include "Silemria the Unscarred", "Lady of Terror", "Death's Concubine", "The Merciless", and more often known as "Blood Seeker"; The final one was not used as an honorific, but generally as a derogatory term, and more of a reference to a vampire or a monster than anything else.

12. Her 'accent' is actually a bit of a play. This is actually self imposed, and if she willed it, would speak without it. However, since she believes it allows her to further fit her role, she goes with many contractions. Even while she was a servant in her father's home, she was taught proper grammar, and what she has picked up is actually from other mercenaries, and low paying clients/slum clients.
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Re: 10 Facts (Reposted)

Post by Zatch »


10. Approved but still stuck in "where do I put him" limbo, I probably won't play him in this game.

9. He and Gabriel (a would-be NPC) were successful characters in Elven Council, a previous game of mine that focused on the lighter side of fantasy RP.

8. His name comes from an often overlooked name generating technique where you smash you palm on the keyboard.

7. I've always thought of his name pronounced as 'ree-en', but I'm pretty sure everyone else read it as 'Ryan'.

6. His appearance was taken directly from the second dungeons and dragons arcade game.

5. His personality was based off of Black Mage from 8-bit theater

4. He made a brief appearance towards the end of the Chaos War plot line as a Falaris priest.

3. I put him in the chaos war because I planned on having him kidnap Sakura with plans to sacrifice her and her unborn baby, forcing Zatch to kill Wryen and himself in the process.

2. I made Wryen incredibly lecherous but also gave him a BBW fetish so he wouldn't disrupt plots by hitting on everything in a skirt

1. I gave him blood magic because I liked the idea of having him forced to slash his own throat for a desperate and powerful spell. Since he doesn't have a self healing tattoo on his neck I was going to use that to confront him with whatever the one thing he was willing to die for.
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Re: 10 Facts (Reposted)

Post by Z »

Zatch wrote:Wryen

10. Approved but still stuck in "where do I put him" limbo, I probably won't play him in this game.

We could put him in the Kidnapped Princess plot now. Some of the characters that were supposed to be in that Alanian Civil War plot have been moved over there. Now it's becoming a taking back Marmo plot.
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Re: 10 Facts (Reposted)

Post by Zatch »

If I find enough time next semester I might run my own storyline with him. I've always wanted to do a storyline that touched on fantastical space like Spelljammer or the Ocean's Unmoving storyline from Sluggy Freelance. Even though its outside the typical environment we could always make it a non-cannon side story.

Modern Life was a failure, but we could still do EKD in space!
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Re: 10 Facts (Reposted)

Post by Z »

If you want to run something like that, I could make you a forum on a subdomain of EKD.
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Re: 10 Facts (Reposted)

Post by Natasi »


  1. Natasi's name comes from that same old story with the huge royal family line. She was one of the earlier queens, if I recall properly.
  2. Natasi is the name I go by in my LARP. I originally played an elf named Seli, but after Blake and I broke up when we were younger, I started fresh with a new character.
  3. In my LARP, Natasi is a half-elf, and since she is a LARP character, it's easier to say she looks somewhat like me.
  4. For EKD, I used a screenshot of a Lineage II character and based her outfit on the intial starting outfit all characters get.
  5. For Lineage II Natasi, I actually wrote a little backstory about her being a half-elf, based on where I started playing her. I was curious about "jailing" in the game, so I asked the GM and he gave a demonstration by sending her (then a level 1) to jail for 2 minutes. When the time was up, she spawned in a village far away from any starting points, so I sent her to the closest starting village; the elven village. You can read it here: http://www.drunkenl2.com/forums/index.p ... #entry2158
  6. Since we had too many half-elves in EKD, I decided to just make her human here.
  7. She's a tough, free-spirited character a lot like Mia or Anisa.
  8. Becoming a mother scares her shitless, but in our LARP, I wrote her pregnancy into the game while I was pregnant. She became a bard instead of a warrior, but I actually haven't played the bard class, just signed in as it. :P
  9. Nat was the father of her child in the LARP as well. :P
  10. She might try to snare Jeren to become a father figure to her child since Nat is completely unreliable. <.< >.>
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