Looking for Firewood

Mage Jereidon Thappis sets out on his quest to find his long-lost little sister.
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"Ooo, sounds romantic." Brynn says in a wimpy girlish voice, at least as girlish as he can manage. "Sounds like a bard's tale come to life. In any case, I'm glad that they got together as well, just for the opportunity to have met you."

Brynn starts to head towards the trees again. "Now off to find those pesky sticks. Those other two are probably eating the meat raw by now." A big toothy smile spread across Brynn's face at the thought of the scholarly Jereidon and the youngster Aquila gnawing hungrily at the bones of the rabbits.

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Katela snorted a giggle at Brynn's jest, but she felt her sickness return as he talked about eating the rabbits raw. While he continued his search for sticks, Katela wasn't sure what made a good spitting stick, so she just looked for more firewood.

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