Infiltrating the Slave Market

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Re: Infiltrating the Slave Market

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The walk down the rest of the way to the docks was for the most part uneventful. Riff raff and ruffian alike took a moment to scope out the little group as they walked passed. Small talk was avoided by everyone in case they would have a slip of the tongue and give away their true intentions. The slave house tended to get busier at sunset because it hid small imperfections on most slaves to be sold. As well the fading sun glinted off their skin and tended to give most of them exotic looks.

As they approached the front door, it was up to Edric to knock and show the coin Alleria had given him.
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Re: Infiltrating the Slave Market

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OOC: Modding Edric for now. Not sure what's up with his player, but we need to move on.

The grassrunner led the way, flipping the coin in the air as he was told. When the reached the slave market, they found a pair of double doors guarded by a pair of thugs.

"What's yer business?" one of the thugs said, jerking his chin toward Alleria, as she seemed to be the leader. "Got some merchandise?"

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