Return to Kigan's Inn

Just like his father, Nat too has a pregnant lover coming to find him! Amara Amaria sets out to find her beloved Nataniel the bard in the hopes that she can marry him and please her family.
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Re: Return to Kigan's Inn

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Natasi's attention wandered toward Amara from Jeren and her eyes settled on the girl's belly as she lovingly rubbed it. The thought of pregnancy still provoked mixed feelings in the mercenary, but Amara's wanderings struck a cord with Natasi. What would her child look like anyway? Boy or girl? Just as beautiful as Nat? Green or gold eyes? Can I even be a mother? This girl is young, but she seems to have it all down... I worry more about whether or not I can raise a child, and less about what it looks like, Natasi thought to herself.

"Hey, don't worry, either way it's still your kid," the mercenary piped up, trying to offer a bit of support to the mage.
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Re: Return to Kigan's Inn

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Amara looked up at the woman and stared at her for a few seconds. "You're right!" The girl said as she smiled at her then looked back down at her stomach. She stared at it for a few more seconds, then covered her mouth as she yawned. "Hmm... Maybe it is time for bed," the mage said as she looked at the group then continued to talk. "I know I'm tired."
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Re: Return to Kigan's Inn

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"I think I will retire as well," Thalia added, smiling gently to Amara. Then, then blonde priestess looked to Natasi. "Will you be all right with arranging your own accommodations?" she asked the mercenary.

"Oh yeah, it's fine," Natasi said, giving Thalia a dismissive wave.

With a nod of acknowledgment to Natasi, Thalia turned away from the table and headed upstairs.

Natasi was not quite prepared to turn in yet though. She was eager to speak with Jeren more, and now that the distraction of the two other women were heading off to bed, the mercenary turned her attention back to the dragon rider. "So, where is your wyvern right now?" she inquired to Jeren.
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