Morning in Adan

Just like his father, Nat too has a pregnant lover coming to find him! Amara Amaria sets out to find her beloved Nataniel the bard in the hopes that she can marry him and please her family.
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Re: Morning in Adan

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Thalia laughed lightly. "I think Amara is the only one at risk of that," she replied. "Let's get going," the priestess said, still smiling.

The group went out into the city, each going their own separate ways from the inn; Jeren heading west, Gregory going south, Thalia east, and Amara north. Thalia hoped they would find something, but she thought it might have been a long shot. There was no telling where Nat had gone, she only hoped for Amara's sake that he had stayed true to his word.

OOC: Chris, go ahead and start a new thread. Glaze over asking around at a couple inns, then have Jeren enter a new inn and inquire about Nat to the staff. Natasi will meet him there.
Fantasy, I'll post a new thread for Thalia, and she'll cross paths with Amara. Then they can start searching together, maybe Amara isn't feeling to well to walk about on her own.
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