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Any out of character conversations for The Golden Egg plot should be posted here.
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-230 Miles south-southwest of Dragon Scale-

At the conclave of spirits, the salamanders were getting antsy. While the gnomes and sylphs were contemplating the aerodynamicy of the test subject 'Siracow', the undines were washing the test subject to promote healthy hair growth. The salamanders were the only ones not doing anything, not counting the valkyries and wisps who provided light in the lauch area. Other spirits had not bothered to join the conclave, believing that it would be a waste of time. Finally the deadline was approaching. Siracow entered the bowl of the catapult and let the Salamanders light his fur.

"FIRE THE COWAPULT!" Came the cry from the conclave. The resounding cheer continued to echo as Siracow was sent flying off into the night's sky.

-Back in Dragonscale-

The flaming test subject, Siracow flew towards Dragonscale aimed at the negligent character Saga. With great speed and even greater accuracy, Saga was picked off with a grand explosion. The fairies came out of the trees in a grand cheer that could be heard even by the humans of the group.
Moo moo moomoo moo.
- Anonymous Cow

Translation: "You brought this upon yourself."

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