Future Plans (Archive Repost)

Any out of character conversations for the Trials of the Half-Elven plot should be posted here.
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Future Plans (Archive Repost)

Post by Olula »

Z wrote:To save all our history for posterity, and boost members' post counts, I'm reposting old threads from the yahoo group and old forum. It may be a long and tedious task, but hopefully it'll be done and we can find all our history in one place!

I just got an idea last night for a goal in this thread, so I'm just going to run through the plan.

First, shortly after leaving Vedun (possibly the night they camp, or the next day), the group will meet Kiran. After some intial conflict since he's a dark elf, he'll help Olula and Kris learn a little about shamanism and their elven side. The group will head to Shinning Hill after leaving the village, since Kris and Derrick will probably be best of seeing a cleric.

Later on, Olula will realize that there are many half-elves in Lodoss who are lacking family and a social group. She will consider seeking out other half-elves to help them, perhaps making a guild or a coalition of sorts later down the road.

This will also allow more people to play half-elves and could help shape the future of Lodoss. Perhaps this could be the beginning of a half-elven nation?

Those things are FAR in the future. In the meantime, if there are any goals you have for your character, let me know. We can work all our ideas and plans together. Before this Coalition of the Half-Elven is formed, we can have some good ol' monster-slaying, damsel-saving adventures.
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Re: Future Plans (Archive Repost)

Post by singularityman »

Wonderful Idea. I like it. It's NEW and innovative the idea of a half elven guild or nation to boot is very nice.

It sets up all sorts of ideas for gameplay and character interaction. I'm all for it. Let me know how I can help with it.
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Re: Future Plans (Archive Repost)

Post by Laharl »

sounds fine with me
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