Pace of the Plot

Any out of character conversations for the Hunt for Kiran plot should be posted here.
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Pace of the Plot

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Due to Mana Link's persistant absence, I've ended--or at least just paused--a couple plots. Mica is a rather crucial character here, so without him to be posted for, it's hard to progress the plot. There's also the fact that he's such a complex character that he's hard for just anyone to pick up!

For now, I would like to keep this plot moving, though the pace will be slow. We'll see where things progress from here, and hopefully Mana Link will at least have a few good days where he can post for Mica to move us along. For the moment though, I would like to focus on Kiran, Thiana, and Zo while they make their escape. Kiran can build his relationship with Zo, and perhaps he and Thiana can rekindle some romance?

Adriel and company can be put on the backburner for now, and Mica can be temporarily written out as sleeping for the time being.
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