Hunt for Kiran (Story)

Any out of character conversations for the Hunt for Kiran plot should be posted here.
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Hunt for Kiran (Story)

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I've started re-writing our RP as a fan fiction (of sorts). I'm working on two versions at the same time; a more explicit adult version, and a less explicit version. Aside from re-writing our RPs, I'm also including flashback chapters which will expand on the character's backstory with Kiran (most of which will be sexual, as that is his main offense).

Feel free to give me reviews and advice in this thread.

Explicit Version
Prologue: Nehen's Story
Chapter 1: Leaving Home (not explicit in any way, but there anyway if you want to follow it on AFF. :P)

Non-Explicit Version
Prologue: Nehen's Story
Chapter 1: Leaving Home
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