Passing Through

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Passing Through

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OOC: One shot thread to write Kai out

IC: The wandering barbarian, former clanbrother of the long forgotten Nicatanu people made his way far from the camp as he chanted to himself a war hymn to wish luck to Zira. For whatever their path layed out for them Kai knew they had the strength and numbers to prevail. Kai, however had his own path to follow. Although he agreed to help them, that was before he was able to peer into the elf woman's fighting spirit and knew instantly that he was not needed, that he was better utilized in finding out why a third rate bodyguard had the strength of a dozen trolls.

The barbarian gently stroked his horses neck, leaned forward and wispered in his mount's ear "Two dwarves and and a naked priest walk into a tavern..."

Kai then finished his joke and threw back his head as his proud, bloisterous laugh filled the dry desert air.

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Re: Passing Through

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OOC: Bumping this thread up to clear the archives. Sorry if this ends up in anyone's mailbox.
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