Westside Dojo

Set in the modern world, this RP explored what our Chaos War characters would be like as normal humans in the real world.
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Westside Dojo

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It was about two hours later that Megan stepped out of the Dojo's shower. Westside Dojo had been relatively quiet so far, with only one student dropping by to deliver a check to pay for his classes. Megan, whom had been decked in her practice gear and flailing her practice polearm at a dummy, graciously accepted it. Since she wasn't in charge of the dojo's finances though, she just put it over her boss' desk and went on practicing.

In her whole two hours, she futilely fought off the frustration that had mounted into her from her meeting with Ryan O'Connor. It just galled her that a rooster-proud undisciplined crybaby like O'Connor had ever got so good at martial art fighting. She was half-hoping the dummy was him just to see how he handled himself. Of course, the dummy didn't strike back. O'Connor would have had - and with that live blade of his, most probably.

Megan wrapped her towel tighter about her lithe form as she stepped out into the women's vestiary. Her eyes fell on her wrapped polearm and she smiled wearily. "I'm sorry Sazanami. I know that was rather unworthy of me to use you as an outlet for my frustrations. I'll try to do better." Sazanami was how Megan had named her rather ordinary wooden naginata. It was only a practice weapon, a 'shiai', but Megan never really intended to go for live blades - it just spoiled the art that was in practicing the naginata. Sazanami did not speak back, nor did Megan really feel it had a mind of it's own, but her perception of it was more as the more disciplined part of her ego than an actual weapon.

Of course, she thought, maybe I'm just spouting excuses for talking to myself or an imaginary friend. Maybe I'm just too cooped up by myself when I'm not working or studying. 'Sazanami' (Cresting Waves) had a name nonetheless. She had built herself an attachment to that very object and it was the namesake of a daring signature move she had tried practicing to perfection. It was too bad that it had never been allowed in tournament play because it was so unorthodox.

As she dressed up and prepared to leave, Megan mused about Ryan's lady companion, the gorgeous Sevrina. She knew Sevrina had a reputation in the UCLA and that she was posing as a model, but besides of her name, occupation and profession, she knew little else except that she had a sister. "Maybe," she muttered, "Maybe I could get to know her better. I saved from from hanging out with Ryan after all." she giggled at the thought of Ryan following Sevrina around, eyes shining with puppy-love. She stowed back Sazanami in the Dojo's head office, locked things up and left. She should be just in time to catch the bus...

But no... it just passed before her nose, bare seconds before she would have arrived to the bus stop. She spit at the speeding vehicle with a glare. "Ah, merde!"
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