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Chaos War Archives

Post by Z »

... are done. Here are the post count bonuses...

Little Knight +518
Guest (anonymous users) +449
Aiyanna Starwind +436
Mia +418
Wolf +383
Sevrina +365
Lady Moryssa +357
Bloodshield +348
Zira +306
CrimsonJustice +304
Naclia +279
Kiran +278
dngtexn +263
Alera Tai'var +261
High Elf Seri +252
Zatch +241
Berry! +229
Vampire Aryen +212
Permanent Tears +170
Random NPC +160
Deedlit +159
Fallenhalfelf +147
singularityman +145
Taringail +136
Lady Kavryn +132
Kitsa Stormeyes +131
Luria +129
Centauress Cissiria (Cassandra) +124
Eliamn +123
Knight of Lodoss +120
Granite Stoneheart +103
Reballion +102
Leaf +97
Ryna +95
Ciprian Tremas +87
EdwinStarym +82
Priestess Sairina (NPC Cha Za priests, Sakura) +72
Zaole +66
Aiden Silvermoon II +58
Priestess Thalia (NPC Marfa priests, Akaria) +48
Katela el'Baran +45
Alric2000 +41
Sorcerer Cecil +38
Ailil +33
Adriel +31
Callin +20
Laharl +18
Duchess Neese +18
Little Leylia (Priestess Jamila) +17
Anisa Amri +17
The Grey Witch +17
Pirotess +9
The Mercenary King +9
Duke Spark + 6
Tekara (most of his posts were in a lost chapter) +3

I'm afraid the archives aren't complete, there are a couple chapters missing, as well as some posts here and there. I really regret my little group cleaning when we ended the plot. DX Oh well, it's mostly there, and I'm done. *dies*
Also: Adriel, Aiden Silvermoon II, Ailil, Anisa Amri, Barbarian Barbie, Bella, Centauress Cissiria, Ciprian Tremas, High Elf Seri, Granite Stoneheart, Katela el'Baran, Kiran, Kitsa Stormeyes, Lady Kavryn, Meridian, Mia, Midwife Lien, Mudan Jasil, Myrela, Naclia, Natasi, Olula, Permanent Tears, Pirate Kreoss, Priestess Elohssa, Priestess Jenesis, Priestess Lianora, Priestess N'shara, Priestess Sairina, Priestess Sura, Priestess Thalia, Princess Elianna, Sevrina, Silvia, Vampiress Ileta, Vanaia, Werewolf Xanin, Y'ezela, Zaole, and Zira.

Yes, I am crazy.


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