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Storyline: Hunt for Kiran

Two malcontent sons of the dark elf Kiran set out to find him and make him pay for his crimes against their mothers. Meanwhile, Kiran is trying to escape death long enough to meet his youngest son with the dark elf Thiana.


Names in italics are characters that are currently inactive.

Adriel | Kiran | Mica | Parsley | Sythenra | Thiana | Yrsanne | Zo


Staff: Z, Mana Link, Alera Tai'var
Players: Adriel (Adriel, Sythenra*), Alera Tai'var (Yrsanne*), Ceci Elena (Zo), CrimsonJustice (Thiana), Kiran, Mana Link (Mica)
Former Players: fellychan (Parsley), Ferrilonver (Yrsanne), Laharl (Sythenra)

* This character was taken over by the current player.
Z's Character Account


Chapter 1: Leaving Home
Chapter 2: Dangers of the Dark Forest
Chapter 3: Thiana's Search
Chapter 4: The Marfa Temple of Salbad
Chapter 5: Derim and Jaron's Apartment
Chapter 6: The Lorelai Homestead
Chapter 7: To Lodoss
Chapter 8: Shinning Hill
Chapter 9: Tiger Lilly Inn
Chapter 10: Kiran and Thiana: Escape
Chapter 11: The Hunt Begins
Chapter 12: The Hunt: Tiger Lilly Inn
Chapter 13: The Hunt: Shinning Hill's Gates
Chapter 14: Kiran and Thiana: On the Road
Chapter 15: Searching Kanon
Chapter 16: Rest for the Night
Chapter 17: On the Trail


Under construction

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