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Storyline: Lost Humanity

Knight Almelchaya Al Elazuur is cursed by carrying a demonic sword and seeks a sorcerer to remove the curse. Along the way, he is joined by a number of people, all with their own problems and curses.

Canceled due to lack of activity and disappearing members.

Lost Humanity


Almelchaya | Aroal | Elainne | Mieijha | Myel-Elina | Sara | Scythed | Zylanthian


Staff: Z, Mana Link, Alera Tai'var
Players: Alera Tai'var (Zylanthian), Barbarian Barbie, justinedustries (Mieijha), Mana Link (Almelchaya, Elainne), Myel-Elina (Myel-Elina), OokeStoneskull (Sara)
Former Players: Scythed (Scythed)

Z's Character Account


Chapter 1: Outside Valis
Chapter 2: Camp on the Mossian Border
Chapter 3: Morning on the Mossian Border
Chapter 4: Road to Moss
Chapter 5: Arrival in Dragon Scale
Chapter 6: Healing for Myel-Elina
Chapter 7: A 'Lovers'' Spat
Chapter 8: After the Fight
Chapter 9: Back on the Road
Chapter 10: Camp
Chapter 11: Lost Along the Road


Under Construction...

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