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Storyline: Quest for Neria

After parting ways with Niklas, Jereidon sets out to find his sister, Neria, in the company of a friendly half-elf ranger, a dwarven priest of Myrii, and a pretty young thief.

Canceled due to players leaving.

Quest for Neria


Struck-through names are characters that entered the plot, though their entrance was considered to have never happened.

Aquila | Beran | Brynn | Jereidon | Katela


Staff: Z
Players: Aquila (Aquila), CrimsonJustice (Jereidon), Katela el'Baran, Tom (Brynn)
Former Players: WanderingMagelok (Beran)

Z's Character Account


Chapter 1: Resuming his Search
Chapter 2: The Slums of Shinning Hill
Chapter 3: Camp on the Road to Alania
Chapter 4: To Wizard Darjis


    After parting ways with Niklas and his company, Jereidon decides to set out on his search for his missing sister anew. While waiting at an inn in Shinning Hill, Katela, a half-elf ranger, and Brynn, a dwarven priest of Myrii cross his path, hear his story, and decide to help him. First though, Brynn has duties of charity in the slums of the city, so Katela and Jereidon accompany him. After delivering some food to the less fortunate, a girl shoves through the trio and makes off with Katela’s money. They chase down the girl, Aquila, to take back what was stolen, but they take pity on her and offer to let her join them and make herself useful.

    Now a quartet, they hit the road, bound for the site of the attack that claimed his parents’ lives and from where his baby sister disappeared from years ago. After a day’s travel, they take a rest along the river and get to know each other better. Then, it is decided that they will go to the home of Jereidon’s master, the wizard Darjis.

    Four days later, they arrive in the village in which Darjis resides.

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