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Storyline: Search for Nat

Just like his father, Nat too has a pregnant lover coming to find him! Amara Amaria sets out to find her beloved Nataniel the bard in the hopes that she can marry him and please her family.

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Names in italics are characters that are currently inactive.

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Staff: Z, Alera Tai'var
Players: Alera Tai'var (Jeren), Fantasy (Amara), Natasi, Priestess Thalia (Gregory*), yazzor (Nat)
Former Players: xeonith (Gregory)

* This character was taken over by the current player.
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Chapter List

Chapter 1: Rest in Adan
Chapter 2: The Stableyards
Chapter 3: The Search Begins
Chapter 4: Searching the East Side
Chapter 5: The Cat’s Tooth Inn


    Amara Amaria, a young mage from a prestigious family, had a fling with the bard Nat and became pregnant. Afraid of her family’s wrath, especially as her own conception was illegitimate, Amara hid her pregnancy until she could wait no longer, then set out to find Nat. She had fallen in love with him, and carried a brief affair with him, until one day he told her that his mother was ill and he had to return home to Moss to care for her. Our story begins finding her in the city of Adan, where Amara plans to rest for the night.

    At her inn of choice—Kigan’s Inn—Amara meets a Marfa priestess, Thalia, who interested in helping her. Not long after they began to talk, Jeren arrives at the inn and as the women overhear his conversation with the innkeeper and learn that he specialises in finding people. They approach him and ask for his help, which he agrees to give. Along with Gregory, Thalia’s guardian, a ‘search party’ forms. The group gathers for the evening in the stables to bond over their horses—with the exception of Jeren, who feels quite out of place.

    The next day, the group decides to search Adan for information and splits up, each taking one of four regions to ask around in. After searching until lunch time, Thalia and Amara cross paths between the north and east sides and decide to find a place to eat lunch. Ironically, when they stop searching, they walk right into the information they’re looking for when they run into Azala, Nat’s father, and his traveling companions at the inn they’ve chosen to eat at. Azala explains that he just saw Nat in Shinning Hill. Meanwhile, while Jeren searches the west side, he comes across another young woman, a mercenary named Natasi, who is seeking Nat as well.

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