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Storyline: Search for the Stormlord

Niklas Melphist, a young swordmaster, searches for a powerful sword his mother and master had forged for herself, but after her death, he inherits the right to the sword.

Canceled due to absence of the game master and loss of interest on the behalf of other players. The sword was considered found without a hitch and characters moved on to different plots.

Search for the Stormlord


Bella | Ghorde | Jereidon | Lianora | Luda | Midau | Niklas


Staff: Z, Little Knight, Mana Link
Players: Bella, Boris (Ghorde), CrimsonJustice (Jereidon), Little Knight (Niklas), Mana Link (Midau), Priestess Lianora
Former Players: Luria (Luda)

Z's Character Account


Chapter 1: Meeting in Roid
Chapter 2: Temple of Myrii
Chapter 3: Lunch with Bella and Midau
Chapter 4: Niklas's Return
Chapter 5: Morning in Roid
Chapter 6: A Second Priestess
Chapter 7: Shinning Hill


    Niklas Melphist, a young swordsman raised by his mother, a swordmistress, left home in the wake of his mother’s death to find his roots and a dwarven steel masterpiece blade that his mother had commissioned many years ago. At an inn in Roid, he crosses paths with Bella, a grassrunner shamaness; Luda, a priestess of Myrii; Ghorde, an old Marmo soldier; Midau, a dark elf, and Jereidon, a mage with a spider familiar. The group agrees to join Niklas on his quest.

    The next day, before they leave, Niklas goes to seek Luda at the temple of Myrii, but she isn’t there. Instead, the priestess Lianora weasels her way into Niklas’s company and joins him on the road. The journey ends up unnoteworthy, and Niklas and his group arrive in Shinning Hill where the party then fractures, leaving everyone to go their own separate ways.

    Niklas and Lianora join the Mercenaries’ Guild the Liberation of Ales plot.

    Jereidon continues to Alania to find his sister in the Quest for Neria plot.

    Midau and Bella bounce around Shinning Hill before joining the Search for Azala plot.

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