Record of Lodoss War Fansite.

Frequently Asked Questions (Site)

What does Eiyuu Kishi Den mean?
Eiyuu Kishi Den (英雄騎士伝) is the transliterated Japanese title of the second Record of Lodoss War Series: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight, which in Japanese, is Lodoss tou Senki: Eiyuu Kishi Den (ロードス島戦記 英雄騎士伝).

Why did you use Eiyuu Kishi Den as the name for this site and RPG?
This whole site started out as an RPG in Yahoo! Clubs. At the time, there were several Lodoss RPGs, all titled something along the lines of "Record of Lodoss War RPG" and I wanted something unique and memorable. The name Eiyuu Kishi Den stuck after I found out that it was the original Japanese title of CotHK.

How long has EKD been around?
Eiyuu Kishi Den was started on June 10th, 2001 in Yahoo! Clubs. Our original website was my personal MSN Community. On the evening of December 18th, 2001, the club and the MSN group were mysteriously deleted. Luckily, all the club posts were saved in my email or in text files, and most of the information on the website was saved. We restarted that evening by creating a new Yahoo! Group and MSN Group.

We have gone through two plot lines; the first plot (Chaos War) ended in the Spring of 2004 when interest declined. Our second setting, Age of Valor, which featured numerous plots set around the same time in various places across Lodoss, started shortly after. We moved to a forum provided by in June of 2005, and this site's construction began in April of 2006. The Age of Valor plots were ended in the Autumn of 2009, though role-playing still continues as "Adventures in Lodoss", which is a more relaxed setting, allowing players to build their own plot and RP how they like.

Where did you get the information on this site?
The information is a compilation of what I've found on other sites and gleaned from the anime and manga. The base of this site's information came from the now deleted Lodoss Fuzion RPG, which was written by Mark Chase, originally translated from the original Sword World RPG books. Mr. Chase took down the Lodoss section on his site,, but I printed out the entire book before hand and I still refer to it for game information. I have been given permission by Mr. Chase to reuse his material.

Some other sites have provided me with information, as well as a booklet that came with the CotHK anime boxed set. I've used information directly from the anime and manga, though unfortunately, I haven't read the novels or original RPG books.

Can I use this information on my site?
You may link to Eiyuu Kishi Den, but you may NOT copy and paste the information I've written onto your own site. For the information I didn't write myself, I sought permission to reuse from it's original source.