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Storyline: The Golden Egg

Aiden, Naclia, and Eliamn leave their home, the Mirror Forest, to explore Lodoss. They are soon involved in a plot to kidnap the Golden Dragon Mycen’s egg and must rescue it with the help of new friends.

The Golden Egg Board
(Formerly “Elven Exploration”)


Aiden | Audran | Eliamn | Kitsa | Kima | Lyassa | Naclia | Orion | Rylan | Saga | Talen | Wilhelm


Staff: Z, Alera Tai’var, Mana Link
Players: Aiden Silvermoon II, Alera Tai’var (Orion*), CrimsonJustice (Rylan), Eliamn (Eliamn), Kitsa Stormeyes, Laharl (Lyassa), Mana Link (Wilhelm/Minstral), milltwigsluv (Kima), Naclia, Saga Askani (Saga), singularityman (Audran), Vampire Aryen (Talen)

* This character was taken over by the current player.
Z’s Character Account


Full Chapter List

Chapter 1: The Mirror Forest
Chapter 2: Arrival in Dragon Breath
Chapter 3: Exploring Dragon Breath
Chapter 4: Wyvern Cliffs and Marfa Temple
Chapter 5: Rylan the Centaur Berserker
Chapter 6: The Golden Egg
Chapter 7: The Golden Dragon
Chapter 8: Camp on the Road to Dragon Scale
Chapter 9: Through the Night
Chapter 10: Morning on the Road to Dragon Scale
Chapter 11: Arrival in Dragon Scale
Chapter 12: The Drecloud Manor
Chapter 13: The Duke of Gyenon
Chapter 14: The Weeping Bell Inn
Chapter 15: Searching the Backroads
Chapter 16: Meeting with Roke
Chapter 17: Trouble on the Backroads
Chapter 18: Departure from Dragon Scale
Chapter 19: Reunion in the Forests
Chapter 20: To the Mages’ Guild
Chapter 21: The Inn
Chapter 22: The Mages’ Guild
Chapter 23: Talen and Naclia: Evening at the Inn
Chapter 24: Seeking Her Roots
Chapter 25: Daybreak at the Dormitories


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