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Storyline: The New Marmo Republic

Princess Elianna of Valis has been kidnapped, and it is only the start of what could become a new war, and a new Marmo nation. On Marmo, former knight of Marmo Thrash is attempting to amass the forces to take back Marmo for the natives that remain.

The New Marmo Republic Formerly "Kidnapped Princess"


Names in italics are characters that are currently inactive. Struck-through names are characters that entered the plot, though their entrance was considered to have never happened.

Aelis | Alm | Edwin | Elianna | Gaidrich | Grennith | Itoya | Jet | Kisten | Linda | Magnus | Myrela | Sazan | Sevrina | Silemria | Snowe | Sura | Ultarik | Thrash | Vanaia | Xanin | Zira


Staff: Z, Alera Tai'var, yazzor
Players: Alera Tai'var (Itoya, Grennith), Ayen (Sazan), Bundesphar (Gaidrich), Darthvegeta800 (Magnus), EdwinStarym (Edwin), Fantasy (Linda), Little Knight (Silemria, Seygrim), Myrela, Princess Elianna, Priestess Sura (Aelis*), Sevrina, Vanaia, yazzor (Thrash), Zira
Former Players: CrimsonJustice (Ultarik), Dead Midas (Snowe), Kisten (Kisten), Mana Link (Alm, Jet), xeonith (Aelis)

* This character was taken over by the current player.
Z's Character Account


Chapter List

Chapter 1: Forging an Alliance
Chapter 2: The Dark Elf Village
Chapter 3: Myrela’s Village
Chapter 4: Camp of the Black Baron
Chapter 5: The Roid Palace
Chapter 6: The Mercenary’s Inn
Chapter 7: A Late Night Gamble
Chapter 8: Missing Elayne
Chapter 9: The Safehouse
Chapter 10: Failed Negotiations
Chapter 11: Waiting with Itoya
Chapter 12: Defeat
Chapter 13: The Triumvirate
Chapter 14: Assassination Attempt
Chapter 15: Aboard the Freighter Hargen
Chapter 16: Morning at the Highland Inn
Chapter 17: Morning Barrom Brawl
Chapter 18: Thane’s Recovery
Chapter 19: The Triumvirate: Sevrina Wakes
Chapter 20: Finding the Trial In Progress


Under construction

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