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Storyline: Trials of the Half-Elven

Olula, a half-dark elf, is banished from her home town by a new Lord. She sets out into the world in the company of new friends to set things right.

Storyline completed!


Derrick | Flora | Joline | Kiran | Krisatris | Nat | Olula | Reem | Thangroth | Trent


Staff: Z
Players: barnwellknight (Y!) (Derrick), Fantasy (Flora), Kiran, Lady Kavryn (Joline), Laharl (Krisatris), Olula, singularityman (Thangroth), soul_of_innuendo (Y!) (Reem), yazzor (Nat), Zatch (Trent)

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Trials of Half-Elven Chapter Index

Prologue: Leaving the Mirror Forest
Chapter 1: Vedun, Kanon
Chapter 2: Judgment of Olula, Derrick, and Krisatris
Chapter 3: Camp on the Road
Chapter 4: First Morning on the Road
Chapter 5: Road to Shinning Hill
Chapter 6: Derrick's Burial
Chapter 7: Arrival in Shinning Hill
Chapter 8: The Tiger Lilly Inn
Chapter 9: Rousings in the Night
Chapter 10: Crossroads at the Tiger Lilly Inn
Chapter 11: After the Storm
Chapter 12: Meeting Father
Chapter 13: Departure of Azala, Mia, Midau, and Bella
Chapter 14: Krisatris's Arrest
Chapter 15: The Castle
Chapter 16: Interviews with Joline: Olula and Flora
Chapter 17: A Night in Shinning Hill Castle
Chapter 18: Interviews with Joline: Thangroth and Trent
Chapter 19: Interview with Joline: Nat
Chapter 20: Krisatris's Return
Chapter 21: Meeting with the King
Chapter 22: Goodbyes


    Reem, a half-elf merchant; Thangroth, a dwarf adventurer; Krisatris, a half-elf werewolf; and Derrick, a young adventurer, are driven into an inn in the village of Vedun, Kanon by a spring rainstorm where they meet the half-dark elf barmaid Olula. While the group makes plans to adventure together while enjoying Olula’s hospitality, the new local lord, Garz Darvis, decides to make an inspection of the villages in his realm and discovers that there is a dark elf (Olula) in his midst! Driven by his prejudice, he threatens to have the barmaid executed, but the adventurers stand up for her defense. Darvis concedes and agrees to only banish Olula, but after Krisatris and Derrick make threats upon his life, he has them flogged.

    After the flogging, Reem disappears, but a young ranger from the Mirror Forest, Trent, who had been passing through town, witnesses the judgment of the lord and feels sympathetic to the victims. He decides to join them as they set out on the road to Shinning Hill where Olula intends to meet King Reona to plead her case.

    The group makes camp for the night after walking the rest of the day toward Shinning Hill, and while Derrick and Krisatris’s wounds are treated, a true dark elf appears. Kiran, a humble dark elven man, is curious about Olula and convinces the group to let him join them so that he can help Olula learn about her shamanist abilities. Olula is reluctant to learn from the dark elf, but her curiosity wins out over caution and she agrees to let him stay.

    The next morning, Thangroth gives Olula some combat lessons while Olula borrows Derrick’s mace. After some practice and breakfast, the group sets out on the road. Trent decides to scout the forest ahead for trouble, but shortly into their trip, they are waylaid by soldiers from behind them. As they approach, Kiran tries to hide by using an invisibility spell, but it seems as if the soldiers are already aware of his presence! Calling the adventurers’ bluff, the captain orders his men to fire on the group, though they are protected by a wind shield from Kiran, who is forced to reveal himself. A fight breaks out and while Thangroth and the injured Derrick fend off the soldiers, Kiran prepares another spell while Trent returns to snipe several soldiers. Unbeknownst to them at the time, they are assisted by another adventurer; an archer named Flora.

    Kiran’s summon finally completes and the dark elf calls upon the spirits of darkness to drain the strength of the soldiers to knock them unconscious. In the aftermath, Derrick has fallen, but there is little time to mourn. Flora reveals herself, and the group makes brief introductions while Kiran suggests that they steal the horses they need and set the rest of the soldiers’ horses free so that they cannot be followed.

    The group rides on another day, and as sunset approaches, they stop outside the village of Meale to bury Derrick. Olula writes a letter to his family in Alania and collects his jewelry to send to them. The next day, the group arrives in Shinning Hill and decides to first get Krisatris’s wounds healed, and then take care of Derrick’s business by finding a courier for his letter. However, at their first stop, the courier tries to chase Olula out of his shop because she is of dark elven blood. Her companions convince the courier to do business with her, and he reluctantly agrees to do so, but overcharges them. They give up and after much searching, they find accommodations at the Tiger Lily Inn. To make things easier on them, Kiran insists on traveling through the city invisible, but when they arrive at the inn, there are several elves there who each have their own issues with him!

    Kiran comes face to face with Mia, a half-dark elf, half-common elf woman who he had raped and tormented several years earlier; Mia’s best friend, Azala, a common elf; Midau a dark elf with a troubled history with Kiran’s own bastard son, Mica; and Thiana, a dark elf bard with whom Kiran had fathered a child two years earlier. Kiran is revealed, and assaulted, then is overwhelmed with the knowledge of children, one of which who intends to kill him. Having long ago changed his ways to become a better person, Kiran regrets his past misdeeds and seeks to make amends anyway that people feel is worthy, but it seems that his his responsibility to Thiana is what comes first. That night, they leave together so that Kiran may return to Marmo and meet his youngest son.

    The next morning, Olula and her companions are left feeling confused and uncertain about the intentions of Kiran. They meet the handsome half-elf bard, Nat, who takes an interest in Flora, Kris, and Olula (but namely the later) while they’re having their breakfast. While they speak with Nat, a group of dark elves enters the inn, led by a tall half-elf man who asks about Kiran and Thiana with the inn staff. The elven mercenary Mia speaks to the half-elf, who happens to be Kiran’s son, Mica, but Olula still feels that Kiran wasn’t such a bad person, so she stands up to Mica to beg for him to spare his life. A brief moment of tension arises between Mica and Azala, and Mica and the girls, but Mia, Midau, and Nat do their best to defuse the situation and Mica goes on his way.

    After this encounter, Nat overhears the mention of Azala’s name and realizes that he is his father. He speaks with Mia, who takes him upstairs to meet Azala, and for the first time. Nat and Azala have an amicable first meeting and go their separate ways.

    Trent and Thangroth awaken late to find Olula and her friends in a melancholic state. Olula decides to go about business finding another courier for Derrick’s letter. With Thangroth for company, Olula leaves the others at the inn and heads into town. At the inn though, soldiers from Darvis’s company come into the inn and recognize Krisatris, though as Flora and Trent had been shooting from the trees for most of the fight, the did not recognize them, though a vague description that matched Trent had been given to them. With some help from the innkeeper and Nat’s silvered tongue, Trent and Flora are passed over by the soldiers, but they arrest Krisatris, who basically sacrificed herself for the others. After Kris is hauled off, Trent, Flora, and Nat go to find Olula and tell her what’s happened.

    Hiding their identities, the group makes straight away for the castle where Nat plans to attempt to talk his way in. While the city guard isn’t aware of their affront to Lord Darvis, his soldiers are apparently searching the city for them. At the castle gates, they cross paths with the Lady Joline Kavryn da’Korv who overhears their conversation with the guards and decides to help. Joline takes them into the castle, gives them rooms for the night and interviews each member of the party separately. Krisatris is freed from jail that night and is given a room in the castle as well. Meanwhile, after being the first person interviewed, Olula goes to see Nat and ends up becoming intimate with the charming bard.

    The next morning, Joline arranges for Olula and her friends to meet with King Reona, and Darvis is sent for as well. After pleading their case and arguing with Lord Darvis, King Reona finds that Darvis’s ruling was unjust, but he also cannot be certain if Olula will eventually show traits of “evil” in the future. To compromise, Joline adopts Olula into the Kavryn house as a means to observe her, but also to further her own righteous agenda.

    After Olula’s banishment was reversed, the group says their goodbyes to Olula and leave her behind in Shinning Hill with Joline, promising to keep in contact.

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