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Storyline: Vampire Hunt

After being attacked by a vampire and surviving, priestess of Marfa N'shara, takes up a crusade against the vampire Aryen./p>

Vampire Hunt Board


Names in italics are characters that are currently inactive.

Aryen | Callin | Eidon | Fenix | Ileta | Iluri | Laies | Nakira | N'shara | Penna | Rone | Xerephex


Staff: Z, Mana Link, Alera Tai'var
Players: Alera Tai'var (Rone), CrimsonJustice (Nakira), justindustries (Penna), Little Knight (Fenix), Mana Link (Laies, Xerephex), Priestess N'shara, Vampire Aryen (Aryen), Vampiress Ileta
Former Players: Callin (Callin), Dorian (Eidon), Ferrilonver (Ursula)

* This character was taken over by the current player.
Z's Character Account


Chapter 1: Dragon Eye
Chapter 2: The First Attack
Chapter 3: To the Marfa Temple
Chapter 4: The Dragon's Fist Inn
Chapter 5: Ileta's Death
Chapter 6: Ileta's Rebirth
Chapter 7: N'shara Wakes
Chapter 8: The Hunt Begins
Chapter 9: A Lead at the Dragon's Fist Inn
Chapter 10: The Search: Ileta's Apartment
Chapter 11: Preparations
Chapter 12: The Vampires' Escape
Chapter 13: Into the Forest
Chapter 14: Sanctuary


Under construction

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