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These are the old posts from the original Eiyuu Kishi Den, dubbed “The Chaos War” (no relation to another Lodoss website). This RP originally began in June 2001 in Yahoo! Clubs. In December, the club was deleted by accident, and we started again in Yahoo! Groups and continued there until it was ended in June of 2004.

The Chaos War also had two spin-off RPs, Children of Eiyuu Kishi Den, which was an RP set twenty years in the future focusing on the children of the heroes. Eiyuu Kishi Den in the Modern Life was an alternate reality, what if our Lodoss characters were real people in the modern world? This one never got far though.

Regrettably, I deleted all the old group posts, though I did save them in archives, they are out of order. I will not attempt to make these continuous, it's far too much of a hassle.
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