April Fools! (For posterity...)

These are the old posts from the original Eiyuu Kishi Den, dubbed “The Chaos War” (no relation to another Lodoss website). This RP ran from June 2001-2004. Regrettably, I deleted all the old group posts, though I did save them in archives, they are out of order. I will not attempt to make these continuous, it's far too much of a hassle.
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April Fools! (For posterity...)

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The humans and dwarves and warriors of all races fought as one on the streets of Raiden. Parn's rapid blows slew the oncoming Yoroi and the other heroes also began to succeed in their efforts. Above ground on the rooftops the rangers were also finding success. Wyverns fell in all direction from the arrows and magic.

However their efforts were not enough.

After lesser warriors fell before Parn's sword Faiza lunged forward and caught Heaven Savior by the blade and forced it aside. Dark steel claws tore through his armor and brought out his heart for Parn to see before life left his body. The shock of the hero's death before their eyes ran through the front line. The dwarf Thangroth and the dark elf Azoth fell together, their blood mixing in the street.

Kaixa and Orgha, the other two Yoroi leaders broke through the lines and brought Hell to the mages. Their claws and teeth tore apart their magician's weaker bodies. Cassandra was the first, though a Centaur Kaixa managed to over power her and sink his teeth into her throat. Alera and Aiyanna fell victim to Orgha's bladed forearms.

Above them Vesper confronted the two dragons and flameweaver. Through fast and furious the dragons were out maneuvered by Vesper's speed. Their wings were torn from their massive bodies, and as they fell Vesper's sword pierced their hearts…

Clouds rolled over the city of Raiden. The Chaos Gate still loomed over the now dead city. The surviving Wyverns swirled in the air, diving down to pick at any survivors for their flesh. The sword Heaven Savior was a lost treasure among ruins. Elves, dwarves and humans were all the same to them. Their bodies mingled in the streets with fallen Wyvern. On the rooftops the mages had been torn apart, the centaur seeress was the first to fall above ground.

Vesper had won. The mortals who dared oppose him were destroyed. Their bodies and souls shattered for all eternity. Vesper stood over the fallen body of Cray, pressing down on his rising chest. "See this Cray? This was your decision."

Cray's hands grabbed at Vesper's boot. He glared up with his bared eyes, his mask had long since broken. "I'll kill you."

The Chaos General pressed his boot further down on the man's chest. "This world is lost Cray. Alecrast to the north, and the lands to the south and west, the worlds' continents and kingdoms have all fallen. This puny island and world is now within our Chaos. You LOSE human." Vesper's boot broke through Cray's ribs. With that final blow the mortal world was swept into the sea of Chaos…
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