The Invitations Go Out! (The Heavenly Knight)

A spin-off RP set twenty years in the future when the heroes of the Chaos War reunite, but become victims of their old enemies. The children of the heroes must solve the mystery and save their parents. RPed from unknown-2004, ended at the same time as the Chaos War.
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The Invitations Go Out! (The Heavenly Knight)

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Invitation wrote:King Kadomos the VI of Alania requests your presence at a ball to honor the heroes of our time. Please, don your finest and come to the palace by April 5th, New Royal Calendar 547. Your immediate family is welcome to accompany you.

Thank you. We do hope to see you then.
King Kadomos the IV
Parn, former Free Knight of Lodoss
Queen Deedlit
Princess Ailil
"You haven't won yet..." Altaris spoke from one knee as he glanced up at the huge Ogre wielding two huge scimitars. With one full forced dash forward he brought his sword down on it's defensively crossed swords, shattering them and stabbing through it's chest and killing it. "Marfa claims thee... Pheh, that was a good work out..." He severed the head from the beast and headed back to a rural farm town in Valis. He arrived at the mayor's house. A gathering of the townsfolk awaited his arrival. The mayor instantly grew more energetic and smiled proudly as Altaris stood in front of him. "I've killed the Ogre, your crops will no longer be plagued."

"Thank you greatly! We thought we'd never be rid of it. But you simply arrive this morning, hear talk, ask to kill it and do. Truly you are a knight deserving of his title."

"I have no material rank or title. Only the title Marfa has bestowed upon me. I was more that happy to help you. This a lovely community here. Well, I must be going." Altaris smiled.

"Thank you kindly, but please, we can't let you leave empty handed. Please, let us pay you."

"I don't need money. Keep it, please, I insist."

"Then, what about my grand daughter, she already said she'd be willing... if you'd like. We caught marry you two."

Altaris's face turned bright red. The mayor's grand daughter was extremely attractive, but he was never good at this. "Uhhh...I mean no offense, but.... I'm...uhhh...not good with relationships. I'm constantly on the move and can never be in one place. I'm sorry, but I must refuse." The woman smiled brightly, relieved slightly yet she was hiding her upset.

"I see...well it must be awfully lonely."

"Marfa is ever at my side. I am never truly alone. Thank you for your kindness, but I must be off. I do not wish to impose." He smiled warmly, looking at the townsfolk. A small boy stood next to his father, smiling widely. He was the only child there and Altaris smiled at the boy. He must have been all of 10 years old. Altaris must have become the boy's hero because he couldn't stop smiling. Altaris unclasped his cloak and removed his helmet, the boy's eyes widened in awe as he placed the helmet on his head and clasped the cloak around him. "They are yours now. Enjoy them." The boy dashed off, obviously going to show the other children. Altaris was smiling brightly he looked once more at the townsfolk and nodded. "Thank you for your kindness. May Marfa watch over you all!"

Altaris had only just left the farm town when a rider on horse back stopped next to him. "Are you the Heavenly Knight, Altaris Arkanis?"

"I am. Who asks, if I may."

"Certainly, I am but a messenger sent by the court of King Kadomos to deliver you this scroll."

"Ah? Parn is a king now? No doubt Deedlit his Queen. AH!!! Excellent! I reunion! I shall make my way to them now. Thank you good sir, here, some gold for you trouble. I know I’m a pain to find."

"Thank ye Sir. Nay, just follow the stories of a Knight of Marfa doing good for those he crosses and it is actually inevitable that I'd run into you Sir."

"I see. Ha ha ha! Thank you again good sir. I suppose you must be off as well. Who are you searching for next?"

"A...Sir Blaze and Zira Redricks."

"AH! MY MARFA! They finally wed!? I never received news of that! I'll have to bring it up with them. Then again, it has been years... Ah, off with you now." The rider rode off and Altaris started heading towards Parn's kingdom.
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