Setting & Overview

A spin-off RP set twenty years in the future when the heroes of the Chaos War reunite, but become victims of their old enemies. The children of the heroes must solve the mystery and save their parents. RPed from unknown-2004, ended at the same time as the Chaos War.
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Setting & Overview

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"Twenty years ago, heroes of Lodoss banded together to defeat the Darke and Chaos Generals during the War of Chaos. Some fell, some faded from history. Others continued to fight for the peace of Lodoss. And a few others started families with their fellow warriors. Now the children of heroes may become heroes themselves..."

...was the premise of the game. Children of Eiyuu Kishi Den was set twenty years after the events of the Chaos War and followed many of the children of former heroes when they were left to fend for themselves. The game was never concluded, after the end of the Chaos War plot in the main EKD group, many players lost interest in continuing to follow that story. The game was ended. All the characters and posts have been archived here for memory's sake. You can also find information on the elementalism magic system used by the clans and dragon-kin. However, I didn't save any information on the clans, or dragon kin, or Zatch's shadow magic.
Also: Adriel, Aiden Silvermoon II, Ailil, Anisa Amri, Barbarian Barbie, Bella, Centauress Cissiria, Ciprian Tremas, High Elf Seri, Granite Stoneheart, Katela el'Baran, Kiran, Kitsa Stormeyes, Lady Kavryn, Meridian, Mia, Midwife Lien, Mudan Jasil, Myrela, Naclia, Natasi, Olula, Permanent Tears, Pirate Kreoss, Priestess Elohssa, Priestess Jenesis, Priestess Lianora, Priestess N'shara, Priestess Sairina, Priestess Sura, Priestess Thalia, Princess Elianna, Sevrina, Silvia, Vampiress Ileta, Vanaia, Werewolf Xanin, Y'ezela, Zaole, and Zira.

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