Deathwind Plots

A spin-off RP set twenty years in the future when the heroes of the Chaos War reunite, but become victims of their old enemies. The children of the heroes must solve the mystery and save their parents. RPed from unknown-2004, ended at the same time as the Chaos War.
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Deathwind Plots

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"What are you waiting for?" A woman's voice asked, echoing into the dark room.

"For her to forget," a man responded.

"Mellenroe...We can't play these games. One daughter is already ripe for the harvesting. If we wait too long not even my power will bring her under our control. And your 'wife' is getting old."

"I know. I am aware of it all. The time is close at hand, my sweet."

"It better be," she responded. Mellenroe walked up to her and took her hand. After the time lost with Aiyanna, Mellenroe's heart, thanks to Zodia, had returned from Aiyanna to her. Zodia was sly and tricky, and even her own brother could not resist her.

"I am preparing my leave. But disguise is imperative. I am drawing out the power of the stars to create a disguise not even she can see through."

"Very well. I am expecting success."

"You are smart to expect so."

Zodia rubbed her fists. "Your wife...she has a friend. An old friend from the Chaos wars of Lodoss A female sorceress. Her name is Alera. If at all possible, find a way to lure her here. Or find her."

"What is this woman worth that you would have me step away from our true goal?"

"More than you know, Mellenroe. More than you know."

Mellenroe nodded. "Anything else?"

"Possibly. This woman has children. Children that could prove quite a difficulty to us. Prepare for some possible fighting."

"Very well."
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