Introductions: Ryan O'Connor

Set in the modern world, this RP explored what our Chaos War characters would be like as normal humans in the real world.
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Introductions: Ryan O'Connor

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Well...the day come and go at rates that leave me, ultimately undaunted and uncaring. Life has hurtles that have plagued me from birth. Escaping them only meant a rough transformation into a new life all together. Not that that's a bad thing...

Airports...I hate airport. But I love to fly. Kinda redundant isn't it? Call me redundant then. Whatever. I don't care how people see me. I am who I am. I try to follow only my own path in life. That is the most important thing really.

Love? I've known it once before. Got let down too... Uhh, let's avoid that. Can't say I'm healed from it. can't say I really care either. Either way it's just a confusing road. But maybe that's how life is. I suppose you either have to buckle down and take the blows, or move on and cast aside the doubts and whimsical horrors of dismay and upset.

Time? Heh...something I seem to lack in my current time. I have to say, I'd prefer time to suddenly slow down, or expand and stretch longer so that I could do everything I want in one day, before it's end. Far be it from me to be able to though.

I got it. You know what? I'm more like a hard-ass philosopher with a rather bleak outlook on like. I suppose that's why I see life as a mundane transgression through challenge after challenge, that only seem to want to tear you down. But one can't simple sit back on their haunches and give into defeat. No, that would be cowardly...and by the Gods, I am no coward.

Call me Gale. Or asshole. I answer to either one.
Words are cheap, show me your truth through action.

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