New Character: Diamond (Thangroth x Granite) WIP

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New Character: Diamond (Thangroth x Granite) WIP

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Name: Diamond Broadarm
Name Pronunciation: DY-mohnd BROAD-arm
Age: 23
Birth Year: 532
Gender: Female
Race: Dwarf
Homeland: Alania

Height: 4'3"
Weight: 135lbs
Build: Compact
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Grey
Skin Color: Lightly Tanned

Physical Description: Diamond is a pretty dwarf girl with her father's hair and eyes, her mother's delicate facial features...and beard. She's a little shorter than her mother, but slimmer as well. While she does have the compact build of dwarven women, she is less plump and more lean. Her hourglass figure is well defined, and her bust rather generous, but most of her virtues are overshadowed by the bright red beard she wears proudly. The hair is rather soft--at least compared to males' beards--well maintained, and adorned with braids which have small jeweled pins at the ends. She keeps her red hair pulled back in a ponytail and wrapped in yellow ribbons with a silver and gemstone pin at the base.

Clothing and Armor:

Weapon Description:

Class: Adventurer

ST: 8
EN: 8
AG: 8
IN: 8
LU: 8
PB: 8


History: Diamond was first born to Thangroth and Granite after the pair married and settled down.


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