Dance of Death (Archive Repost)

Pregnant High Elf Seri has set out to find the father of her child, the common elf Azala. Along the way, she meets more of Azala's other children.
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Dance of Death (Archive Repost)

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Z wrote:To save all our history for posterity, and boost members' post counts, I'm reposting old threads from the yahoo group and old forum. It may be a long and tedious task, but hopefully it'll be done and we can find all our history in one place!


Looking down on the streets below, Albedo spied the mark indifference through the ornate mask he wore. He found it easier not to try to feel anything, whether rage or otherwise. It only complicated things in the end. It was somewhat difficult, since he was feeling anxious, although about a completely different matter.

The current job was just a stay off job from the guild, to try to get a little further back in thier good graces while pursuing his own interests outside the brotherhood. He knew it sounded a bit to flashy, but he had come here to murder his father. An elf fitting his father's description had been seen heading this way, and he had quickly, almost recklessly finished his projects there and came here. The guild had frowned on that, even more so because he hadn't stuck around to listen to them berate him. Even his allies would likely be annoyed, but they had given him this job none the less. Probably was due to the way he had dealt with his former enemies a few years back. Normally, that would warrent an execution from the guild leader. But a slow acting poisen, and constant exposure to it kept the Shining Hill shadow guild head under his thumb to the most part. He was relatively safe as long as the man kept his mouth shut.

The mark himself was a fat man in his late forties. A merchant by trade, originally from Moss, Gavin Ornes had become a bit to greedy as of late. That was to say that he didn't pay the guild its dues for services rendered, and that was a no no. Of course, like all stupid fools of his kind, he thought hiring a few mercenaries would prevent his ultimate demise. While he had wife and children, they meant very little to him, Albedo's own research proved that. They weren't guarded at all, and likely thier death or kidnap would likely cause the fat man to flee somewhere else. That was one option, but that would mean weeks of work, and it would take him away from the interception point of his possible father, and that was a problem.

Fortunately, Gavin left himself open during one event. One of the reasons he had moved to Shuva, to Flaim itself, was due to darker skinned women. He nearly constantly cheated on his wife with his daily constitutionals, and he didn't like company when he was abusing them. He knew the type well enough, and Albedo already picked the staging point to which to launch the strike.

Gavin picked the same cat house quite repeatidly and paid extra to abuse the girls. He always had a room reserved, the fool believed that he was actually being clever by picking a brothel he could trust. It hadn't taken that much effort to get the brothel to hire a Shadow Guild girl, Gavin had shown a keen interest, and had hired her for this night. Little did the fat man know that this night was his last.

Going ahead, the half elf used invisability spirits to get past the door, waiting until it was open before slipping in. The place smelled of sweat and lust, and his ears distinctly picked up the sound of need and desire. The room he was going to, however, was out of his sight. Gavin didn't want any possible entrences but stairs, and he paid to reserve a room to the basement. He was quiet, and the spirits of invisability concealed him from view. Despite a few backwards glances from those who thought they felt wind pass them by, it wasn't much of an effort. Stepping down the stairs, he quickly made it to the room. He had to be a few minutes in front of the merchant, otherwise his plan wouldn't work.

Stepping to the door, he rapped lightly twice, and after a pause, once more. The girl opened the door, and closed it quickly, barely giving him a chance to enter. The hooker was shadow guild 'prime property'. She was beautiful for a human, although that really wasn't her selling point. She had been trained since childhood to be obediant as well as a demon in the sack. Most of her kind were used as courtisans, sometimes to extort nobles, or to service high ranking members of the guild. In this case, she was just the means to a plan. Stepping back, he readied the second part of his plan.

Albedo considered himself sane, at least by assasin standards. He didn't live for the blood, the hunt, or the kill. It was just a job, nothing more. While some of his ilk didn't kill without leaving a mess, and sometimes taking trophies, he preferred to be a bit more subtle in his methods. Taking a small needle and a vial filled with a poisen, he rubbed the needle against the side of the vial, making sure that powder didn't touch his skin. The poisen wouldn't kill him, due to his elven vitality and youth, but for an overweight merchant, it would kill quickly, and painfully. The poisen was a muscle paralyzer. It was generally leathal, although an elf's physiology proved to be resistant. To a human, the experiance was like a massive heart attack, and for this case, it wouldn't appear out of the ordinary. With the needle, he waited calmly. The other part of his plan waited in silence, knowing full well he was in the room. When the knock came at the door, she calmly opened it.

Gavin wasted no time, throwing the woman to the floor with a loud slap. From behind the mask, he winced. He had to wait a bit, and he did feel pity as the poor girl endured rather harsh treatment. When he finally began consemation, Albedo moved foward, and struck, recoiling back like a snake.

He smiled as he watched the desired effect. Gavin slapped his neck, grumbling about an annoying insect, before continuing his debauchery. Unfortunately, well, fortunately for Al, the process was quick. Soon Gavin writhed in pain, gasping for breath. The girl did as she had practiced, having a look of shock on her face, and screaming. Albedo watched as the mercenaries came in, looked about, and tried to help their employer. It was just to late, and they didn't know his blood had been tainted. Albedo watched the life fade from Gavin's eyes with indifference, and waited for the mercs to leave. Following right behind, he knew this would be kept quiet except for rumor among the lower ranks of society. At this point, he didn't care. The guild would leave him alone for a while, and he could get his own errand done.

He had to keep the spirits around him until he was in his room at an inn. Letting them drop, his outfit, various shades of black, would stand out. Taking off the mask and revealing his beautiful face, he quickly changed and got ready for his own alabi. He needed to be seen down stairs, just in case by some freak incident this was seen as something more than a heart attack.

Already the rumor had reached downstairs, and most people seemed to favor the merchant's death. Most thought it was fitting that the bastard died in a cat house, although a few thought it was a bit tragic that his wife and kids would be without a husband. In all cases, Albedo just acted shocked at the news, and feigned ignorance at even knowing who he was. It was all just a dance, and one he was good at.
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