Shuva: The Sphinx Inn: Private Dining Room

Pregnant High Elf Seri has set out to find the father of her child, the common elf Azala. Along the way, she meets more of Azala's other children.
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Seri listened to all the points, but it seemed that despite some complaints, most people agreed that it was their best option. What Sairina had said about Cha Za's help had caught Seri's attention. Was that why they found Y'ezela, Lanir, and Air so suddenly after months of searching? "Very well. Tomorrow, all those willing will search the city for news of Azala and any of his potential children," Seri announced as a barmaid pushed opening the dining room door to bring in their dinner.

OOC: Since this is taking so long, I want to just end this here and wrap up the other two threads outside before everyone goes to bed.
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Re: Shuva: The Sphinx Inn: Private Dining Room

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