Back on the Hunt

Vampire Aryen is on the run from a priestess he dared to feed on, and a holy vampire hunter.
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Re: Back on the Hunt

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As Rone paused, N'shara took the moment to catch her breath. The trek was wearing on her, and her robes didn't help. She had the urge to just stop and rip them off; the hem was soiled with mud and soaked with water from the rainfall the morning before. At least she had a short dress in her pack, but it was still white, and fashioned in the way of the Marfa priestess--but at least it didn't bind up her legs. The priestess glanced down at the toe of her white boots and sighed; they were ruined too. This was no time to worry about that though, soon enough Rone picked up the pace again, jogging ahead of them. The priestess groaned and followed at a walk, hoping the rest would catch up to him. In the meantime, she'd hang back with Penna and the horse while she continued at a slower pace to rest a bit.
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Re: Back on the Hunt

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Stopping Nakira looked ahead, hoping that they could finish this off within a few days. If they could catch up to them before sundown then they were going to be easy prey, but then the chances of anything being this easy were slim for the two they were chasing. Her boots and lower part of her breeches were splattered in mud, as she leaned forward a bit as she moved as she watched the ground and followed any tracks that might show up in this mess. "I hope that their not leading us into a trap, the injured one draws us forward while the uninjured waits in ambush." She said as she kept moving, not wanting them to get caught in that hypothetical scenario she mentioned.
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Re: Back on the Hunt

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"We won't know until we get there," Rone replied. "But either way, we find our prey. And traps haven't stopped me before."
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Re: Back on the Hunt

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Yawning casually, the young vagabond listened lightly to the conversation about traps. Yeah, traps were definately bad, and when you were chasing something intelligent, they were entirely possible. "A wise man once said 'If you know the nature of something, you can predict it'."

Looking back at the people lagging behind, he continued. "Predators generally go after thier prey if its further away from the main group. I know I wouldn't spring any traps at the head of the pack, i'd go after the ones in the back, so that there wouldn't be anything to sound the alarm..."

Passively looking ahead, he gave a light smile. "Although random beheadings at the front of the pack... aren't entirely unknown, I suppose."
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