N'shara Wakes (Archive Repost)

Vampire Aryen is on the run from a priestess he dared to feed on, and a holy vampire hunter.
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Re: N'shara Wakes (Archive Repost)

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While N'shara spoke, Rone was flipping through a strange looking leather bound tome. Marked with the seal of Falis on its aged cover, it happened to be a very private group of accounts and studies done on beings of darkness. "A seducer... His target will continue to be women whenever possible. He didn't finish his meal on you, so I expect there will be one or two other victims already. They are generally the type to like to unbirth one of his favored women for entertainment and a comrade." He groaned. "He is no maniac. Normally, he will make intelligent, thought-out moves, but his kind are able to be fooled by their own desire for the perfect meals. I can guarantee you did not satisfy him completely. Surely, he has already moved on to another before anyone can get on his trail." The hunter slammed the book shut.

"His trail will be colder than most. This Aryen knows the advantages of a city and will take them to the fullest. Worst of all, there is no outrage for a victim, because it takes time for anyone to find them." Finally, he looked back down at N'shara. "Do not feel weak for your failure to see through his skills, for not all of what you experienced was mundane."

He thought for a second before continuing his questioning. "Did he say anything to you? Perhaps give some sort of information about himself besides his name? Where he came from or where he was going? Family, friends, anything?"

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