Spells for Clerics (Archive Repost)

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Spells for Clerics (Archive Repost)

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Z wrote:To save all our history for posterity, and boost members' post counts, I'm reposting old threads from the yahoo group and old forum. It may be a long and tedious task, but hopefully it'll be done and we can find all our history in one place!

I noticed the list of spells that Ooke can use are:
Level 1
Minor healing (G.Cleric or E.Cleric)

NA /Minor Blessing (G.Cleric)
NA /Calming or Soothing spirit (G.Cleric)

Minor Curse (E.Cleric)
Anger or Raging fury (E.Cleric)

Level 2
Improved Healing (G.Cleric or E.Cleric)

NA /Soothe Disease (G.Cleric)

Agitate Condition (E.Cleric)

?? Repel Undead (G.Cleric or E.Cleric) ?? Maybe ??

Repel Undead, so the opposite of this is either Summon Undead or Repel Divine
Both seem a bit strong for Lv2 maybe something along the lines of Animate Dead Minor

I don’t expect a low level cleric to kill someone but for every good there should be an evil. It’s not mine to say so you can just as easy say “Nope we’re not changing it.” And I’ll play with what I’ve got.
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Re: Spells for Clerics (Archive Repost)

Post by Z »

Well, the spells are incomplete right now, but we'll add something along those lines.
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