Need Some Help: Video Game and Music Information

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Need Some Help: Video Game and Music Information

Post by Z »

HAY GUYS.... I want to be lazy on something for a change and get someone else to find some information for me. I'm working on a section of the site for information the Lodoss series, and all I have left to do is pages for games and music.

What I need for games is what video games have been released for Lodoss, when, for what systems, and a little summary.

And for music, I need to know what soundtracks have been released, a list of the songs on them with artists. Maybe some more release information.

Can anyone give me a hand?
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Re: Need Some Help: Video Game and Music Information

Post by Ayen »

* Record of Lodoss War (PC Engine) 1992
* Record of Lodoss War 2 (PC Engine) 1994
* Record of Lodoss War (Mega CD) 1994
* Record of Lodoss War (SNES) 1995
* Lodoss War (Game Boy Color) 1998
* Record of Lodoss War: Advent of Cardice (Dreamcast) 2000, which was also released in English.

The game follows the adventures of a hero who has been resurrected by the wizard Wart to destroy Cardice (sometimes transliterated as Kardis or Kardiss), the dark goddess of destruction.

Meh couldn't find anything about the other games besides name. And I'm not good with music soooooo I can't help with that. xD
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