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Memento Mori


Post by Memento Mori »

Hi, I was trying to register to the forums but can't find the link to the registration form.

Well, I was looking for the Lodoss' novels translation when I found this forum. I haven't been able to find any translation but found novels 1 to 7 in pdf format and though that someone might be interested in translating them.

I tried translating them using google, but the result wasn't even interpretable.

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Re: Registration

Post by Z »

Hi! I've shut down registrations since the board is mostly dead and we've had nothing but spammers trying to join. We don't have anyone capable of translating from Japanese, and if we did, it would be quite the undertaking. There was a member who was working with the Chinese translations, but he didn't feel confident in his ability as a writer in English. A lot can be lost in the direct translation, so it takes a bit of finesse to make the translation an enjoyable read.
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